What’s a Swingers Club? And What’s It Really Like?

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Swinging used to be a taboo term. Until recently, when we thought of swingers, we thought of middle-aged people trying to spice up their humdrum lives. But now couples of all ages are trying it out at the many swingers clubs popping up all over the world. They may still be hard to find, but when you do find a swingers club, it is worth a visit if you are interested in the lifestyle. Sure, couples play with each other in the comfort of their own homes, however many people decide to restrict their swinging activity to a swingers club. 

What is a swingers club exactly? 

These clubs are safe spaces where you can go to have sex, either with your partner or someone else, and also to find like-minded individuals who may become your next swinging partner. They can include some or all of the following facilities:

  • A bar area (with a normal or sexy dress code depending on the establishment)
  • Changing rooms with lockers, rooms dedicated to sex with various types of furniture and beds
  • A BDSM room
  • Various kinky apparatus
  • Even a jacuzzi and sauna

So, regardless of whether you want to partake in the action or just watch, there will always be something to keep you entertained. And this is the great thing about swingers clubs; there is no pressure to do anything if you don’t want to. Too often, the thing that stops people from visiting a swingers club is the expectation that someone will come on to them before they’re ready, and they’ll be forced into an awkward situation. You needn’t worry, though, because swingers are some of the nicest and most respectful people you’ll ever meet. They will ask if you want to play politely and if you say no, they will smile at you politely and leave you alone. It’s all together a polite, open-minded, sexy experience that I think everyone should experience once in their lives if you are open to sexual discovery.

I went to a swingers club for the first time, and here’s what happened …

Yes, you heard right. I actually went to a swingers club, and do you know what? It was actually great! I had all kinds of ideas in my head as to what would go down, but I was pleasantly surprised. Read on to find out how to find a swingers club and what actually goes down.

swingers club

How to find a swingers club?

In some places like New York, London, or Berlin, it’s pretty easy to find a swingers club. Generally, the more urban and cosmopolitan the area you live in is, the higher your chances are that you’ll find a club. So, what about the more remote places? Although it may seem impossible to find a swingers club in smaller towns, it’s still possible to find one either in your town or one nearby. Your best bet would be to join a swingers dating site and get chatting to other swingers to find out where the local spots are. If all else fails, search ‘swingers club in [your town],’ and you’re sure to dig something up. Once you find a club near you, you may still need to buy a ticket before you find out the exact address, so be prepared to travel a bit out of your city to remote areas. These clubs don’t want everyone to know about them; they only want to attract people who are actually interested in swinging, so they protect their address to protect you from the riff-raff. Not all establishments do this if you’re in a city where swinging is pretty normalized. However, it’s still frowned upon in some countries, and these are the places that will generally hide their exact address until after you’ve paid for a ticket. This is what happened to myself and my partner. We didn’t have to travel far though – twenty minutes or so outside of the city center.

So, what happens at a swingers club?

What happens at a swingers club?What doesn’t happen at a swingers club?” is the question you should ask! To be fair, when I went, the beginning of the night was quite tame. Being the newbies, we were obviously the first ones there. We sat in the bar in our normal clothes, sipping some cocktails made from good quality alcohol – my margarita was poured into a legit margarita glass, and that put me at ease instantly. 

I could tell the tequila was the good stuff because I soon became a little bubbly. Just in time, too, because, not long after we’d had our first drink, the regulars of the club started arriving in their kinky finery. When a woman sat next to me at the bar in a full-on corset and stockings ensemble, I almost lost my mind. What am I doing here?! What is happeningggg?! 

Lots of thoughts will go through your mind. It is weird seeing people casually sitting around in next to nothing. But then, once I was in my outfit for the night, everything became a bit less weird. There I was, sat in a lacey bra and panties, with a silky robe barely covering me, having a cocktail with my partner who was practically in his underwear. 

After some time, people started making their way downstairs to the sex area. In the club I went to, there was a mix of couples and singles, so there were a lot of opportunities, I’ll put it that way. Downstairs, there was a whole area specifically for couples with different rooms. Each room consisted of a leather-type bed, a towel, condoms, and antibacterial spray. We’d been instructed to clean up after we were finished with the area during our tour earlier on. And I kid you not, for the whole night, the areas were always spotless. This club ran a tight ship, and I was really impressed with the cleanliness. I should also note that there were also signs that you could put out to stop other couples from asking to join you in this couples’ area. They will most probably still watch you, though, which if you’re even remotely interested in visiting one of these places, you probably won’t mind. I gave my boyfriend a blow job with the sign out, and it was so hot knowing other people were watching.

swingers club

Aside from the couples’ area, there was also a BDSM room, complete with a cage, gynecological chair, and leather sawhorse. There were also other private bedrooms that singles could use as well as couples. Down another level, we found ourselves in the jacuzzi and sauna area, and while I relaxed into the hot water as anything, I could easily have thought I was in a health club if it weren’t for the porn on the TV. In the jacuzzi, we actually had some great conversation with a married man. Apart from us all being totally naked in the jacuzzi, it was all very normal. Later, we found ourselves in the middle of lots of couples making out. So I, of course, started making out with my partner. It was hot listening to other people’s moans as I kissed my boyfriend. Just as I thought it couldn’t get any hotter, another couple came onto us; the girl started gently playing with my boyfriend, and her partner did the same to me. It was only when the woman started pulling my boyfriend into the private room, suggesting we all go together, that reality hit, and I freaked out. It was too much for me for the first visit, so I said no. They were polite and a little disappointed but let us leave with no issue.

And that was my first visit to a swingers club. It was a great atmosphere surrounded by like-minded, respectful people. If you’re at all curious about swinging, why not try it out? And leave your inhibitions at the door, trust me.

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