A Healthy Relationship Includes Good Communication Fairness and Trust.

Oct 1, 2021

A healthy relationship includes good communication, fairness, and trust, and we firmly believe that this statement couldn’t hold more truth and value. A relationship is a shared experience between two individuals, and as human beings, we all maintain unique idiosyncrasies that are ever-changing with time. Change isn’t a bad thing, but to ensure that the health of our individuality also promotes the health of our relationships, we must learn how to build trust in a relationship, how to communicate better in a relationship, and how to promote fairness in a relationship. 

When catered to with suitable approaches, these three aspects can lead to a world of happiness and invigorating sexuality. We are here to help showcase the validity of this statement and ensure that your love life is nothing short of sheer perfection. 

Trust in a Relationship

It can be argued that trust in a relationship is everything. If a healthy relationship includes good communication, fairness, and trust, you first must trust your partner to communicate in a manner that is open and honest and trust them to do things that promote fairness in a relationship on a consistent and shared basis. 

If trust in a relationship is lacking, this leads to overall toxicity that has a negative ‘domino’ like effect on nearly every other aspect of your love life. Considering there are many different types of trust, it’s seriously a big deal. 

A baseline level of trust can first be established in terms of trusting your partner to remain consistent with your established values. If you are in a monogamous relationship, you must trust your partner to remain monogamous. If you are in an open relationship or a triad relationship situation, you must trust your partner to communicate their endeavors that occur outside of your relationship. 

Unless your partner has done something to prove that you cannot trust them otherwise, such as an act of dishonesty or cheating, then up to this point, you should have no reason to assume the worst. If nothing in the past has been done, then expressing mistrust will make your partner feel neglected and mistreated. They will ask themselves, “what have I done that makes them not trust me?” and this will reflect poorly on their personal values

If you find yourself not trusting your partner when they go out with friends, take a step back and ask why. Is it a result of a past relationship of yours going south? If so, remember that this is a new relationship with a new person who, at this point, has done absolutely nothing to where you should assume the same will occur twice. This can make them feel like nothing they do to prove their trust in a relationship is enough and that you think poorly of them and their ability to make good decisions. I know past trauma is difficult to grow apart from and leads to fear, but you have to be stronger than the trauma and work to establish this trust by communicating precisely these fears to your partner so that they can reassure you of their honesty. 

You must also trust that their/your expressions of love are meaningful and legitimate. If they express how beautiful they find you to be, try not to neglect this statement by reflecting your own ideas of your body image, and instead, work to embrace their compliments. Avoid the ‘no I’m nots,’ and transition to a simple ‘thank you, that means so much to me’. The same holds true for expressions of love, such as telling them you love them more than anything in the world. Where is the romanticism of these statements if the other person cannot accept them trustingly?

A last aspect of trust to focus on is trust in sexuality. Can you trust your partner to experiment with new things that you want to try, such as kink that has always sparked an interest? Can you trust them to maintain a healthy sex life for the years to come? Can you trust yourself to ensure that they are sexually satisfied through the duration of your love life and that you can find the balance of possibly varying your sex drives?

It’s a lot, but by remaining cognizant of the importance of trust and the ill-effects derived from a lack of trust, you can slowly and surely work to establish this value. In the end, can you love someone and not trust them? Sure, but it won’t be the healthiest of situations at all. 

Visit our article “How to Build Trust in a Relationship” for more advice and strategies to work on building this essential puzzle piece to a healthy relationship. 

a healthy relationship includes good communication fairness and trust

How to Communicate Better in a Relationship

Ample amounts of effective communication will help with quite literally every aspect of your romantic love life. If a healthy relationship includes good communication, fairness, and trust, you need communication to build the other two factors. 

Communication allows you to build trust with your partner. It will enable you to open up the doors into what your mind is thinking to express specific fears or doubts that you may have to then overcome them. 

Being able to talk openly and honestly to your partner is how issues are not only addressed but also how they are fixed! 

Communication is also the keystone element to being happy with sharing a life with someone. If you feel like you can’t express your emotions, if you don’t find interest in communicating with your partner for whatever reason, or if you cannot communicate your sexuality to them, then how can you move past any of these instances?

For example, engaging in consistent sex talk by learning how to talk about sex will help you two find balance and equilibrium in your sex lives, work to increase sex drive through the ability to communicate passion, and help with sexual exploration. 

If you can’t communicate, then there is a level of comfort that is missing. If this is the case, work to build your communication and learn how to communicate better by starting with the fact that you don’t feel as though you can communicate well! Be mature, calm, collected, and enjoy any experience of healthy communication that occurs. 

On the same end of the spectrum, practice effective listening skills, and remember that communication also lies in the art of learning how to read body language, as not all communication is verbal, so that both you and your partner share the same amount of trust in your ability to communicate into listening, empathetic ears accordingly. 

a healthy relationship includes good communication fairness and trust

Fairness in a Relationship

Being fair in a relationship is how everyone involved is healthy and happy in their current state of romantic affairs. A relationship that leans to one side of the party doing more for the other shares no balance of effort and will leave one partner with an emotional and/or physical void. 

Fairness in a relationship first begins with trust. You must remain equally fair in your ability to trust one another, or again, one partner may feel neglected and seemingly discriminating upon. What is fair about not being trusted when there is no reason for mistrust in the first place?

Practice shared amounts of fairness in trust- if your partner openly allows you to go out with friends or to have a friend of different sex, then shouldn’t you provide the same? Absolutely! 

There is also fairness in life in general. If one partner is consistently putting in the effort for the little things, such as keeping the house tidy, watching the kids, etc., then it is only fair that the other partner tries their best to do the same. If there is a misbalance, then communicate where you can find balance. 

If you work a handful of hours more than them, then communicate how you feel it is fair that they have a tad more responsibility at home. By communicating properly surrounding fairness in a relationship, you can work to build strategies that make both of you feel fair in the efforts you showcase surrounding both life and love. 

Fairness in sexuality is also a huge deal. Does one partner feel as though the sex is aimed at the pleasure of the other? You might never know unless you communicate this by asking questions, and if this is the case, what can you do to further satisfy your partner so that you are equally fulfilled?

Ask these questions so that you can answer them with definitive action. There should never be an orgasm gap between couples, and if you need a little help with our climax-inducing sex toys, then you should absolutely capitalize on them!

Being fair creates a calming trust around your relationship. When both partners know that their love and trust are shared equally and fairly, you can rest easy knowing that you have what it takes to weather the test of time together and create a life embodied by pure happiness. 

A healthy relationship includes good communication, fairness, and trust, and as you can see, each one of these aspects entirely directs the other, and learning how to promote these characteristics will do nothing but bring you closer on the physical and spirituals realms of sex and love. 


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