Surprise Sex! 10 Spontaneous Sex Ideas to Try Tonight.

Feb 15, 2022

Even the most exciting relationship needs a bit of spicing up. If you feel like your sex life could do with an upgrade, you should consider introducing an element of surprise. Surprise sex can make things more entertaining and strengthen the bond between you and your partner. Here are a few sex ideas you can try tonight:


1. Give him a lap dance


Have you ever wondered why strippers can earn so much money for a dance that doesn’t lead to sex? I’m sure there are plenty of answers to the question, but one of the most obvious ones is that private dances are very sensual and make the receiver feel special. There’s something incredibly erotic about having a person perform for you in sexy clothing while you can’t even touch them. 


To give your partner the best surprise sex ever, remember to put a lot of effort into the sensual foreplay. When your partner comes home, make sure to wait for him dressed in lingerie and have him sit on a sofa. It might be intimidating at first, but your partner will appreciate your efforts. Even if you’re not a great dancer, simply stay as close as him as possible and keep eye contact, and he won’t be able to tell you aren’t a pro.

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2. Surprise him in public


If you’re feeling adventurous, your only limit is your imagination. One of the best ways to have surprise sex is to initiate having sex in public. Next time you’re at a party or simply running errands, don’t be afraid to tease your partner a little. For example, you could run your hand down his chest or stroke his leg at the restaurant, or whisper something in his ear when you’re having dinner with your friends. 


You could also do something riskier and give him a blow job while he’s driving. Just remember that safety matters the most, so make sure there are no cars or pedestrians nearby first. If you’re both adventurous, you can have spontaneous sex pretty much everywhere if you don’t mind maneuvering in a tiny toilet. 


3. Invite him to play a game


If you want to intrigue him and turn him on at the same time, inviting him to play a game will be your best bet. For example, you can leave him notes for when he returns from work, asking him to take a piece of his clothing off or answer questions. Alternatively, you can think of small challenges he has to do to have you strip your pieces of clothing one by one. 


He might also get to touch you in more and more places for every completed challenge. It might take a bit of creativity to come up with rules, but you can always find ideas online. You can also give him homework when you’re still at work, such as ordering him to take care of setting the mood or telling him how you want to be touched when you get home. 


 4. Play a character


We all love novelty, and while having sex with a different person in a committed relationship is often not an option, you can always show him a different side to yourself. You can find role-play ideas for couples online or get inspired by your favorite movie character. To get into the character, don’t be afraid to go over the top and dress up for the occasion; whether you prefer sexy lingerie or simply an outfit opposite your style, it doesn’t matter much as long as it makes him take a double-take. 


You can always go a step further and speak with an accent. If you can speak a foreign language, even better. Put on a good show, and he will be both surprised and delighted.


 5. Take charge


Even if you’re on the shy side and being in charge makes you feel nervous, remember that everyone likes feeling desired, and initiating sex once in a while is one way to show it. You don’t have to be obvious if you don’t want to, but gestures such as placing a hand on his thigh or sitting in his lap can be very telling. 


You can also send him suggestive texts such as ‘I’m thinking about you’ or ‘I really miss your touch right now when you’re just a room away’. If you’re self-confident enough, don’t be afraid to order him around. Tell him to take his clothes off while you’re watching his every move. Another great idea is a blindfold surprise sex – tell him to lie down on a bed, then blindfold him and stroke his body to make him beg for more.

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6. Wake him up to initiate sex


There’s no better surprise sex than a sensual blowjob first thing in the morning. I know morning breath isn’t ideal, and you might not feel too fresh, but your partner has likely the same insecurities. As Woody Allen once said, sex is dirty when it’s being done right. Help your partner start his day right. You can always give him a sensual kiss first to build up to it. 


7. Tease him while you clean


Sounds like a cheesy porn scenario? Maybe, but don’t underestimate the power of good teasing. Next time the house needs cleaning, and you’re in the mood for surprise sex, make sure you wear a short skirt and conveniently forget about underwear. 


You already know the rest: lean forward and make sure your partner has a good view of your curves. When he tries to initiate sex, tell him that you still have a lot of housework to do and make him wait for it, and then surprise him when he’d already given up his hope. 


8. Master dirty talk


Talking dirty is a skill that everyone can master – there are plenty of tips you can find online – but the key is to learn how to express your desires and how to communicate them to your partner. You can either surprise him with a dirty text or send him a sexy surprise photo and go from there. Building a sexual tension way in advance will make sex more satisfying than usual. 


9. Try shower sex


One of the best ways to have surprise sex is to initiate it while doing daily tasks with your partner. Invite your partner to have a shower together and offer to wash his body. Take time to give him a sensual massage – the best kind of spontaneous sex has good foreplay – and don’t let him go straight to the intercourse too soon. Doing things a bit differently can add more diversity and excitement to the bedroom. 


10. Surprise your partner with a new toy

How about a sex surprise that can take your sex life to the next level? Just because sex toys are more popular among women doesn’t mean your partner can’t benefit from them too. Have a look online and find a sex toy that you know your partner is willing to try, then offer to help him use it while you’re having sex next time. Visit our website if you need recommendations!

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