The Spring Break Sex Guide. Because who Doesn’t Love a Little Extra Fun?

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I mean, is it really spring break if you don’t have sex?

Not to totally slam on those who prefer to maintain a life that steers away from spontaneous and short-term sexual interactions, but seriously, I think that 90% of us can agree that spring break is completely synonymous with getting off. 

And you know what, it should be, because we are living in a day and age of newfound sexual freedoms and understandings. The once negative stigmas surrounding sex are dissipating more and more with each year, so pack up those sex toys and get ready to plan accordingly. 

Because sure enough, there are bad ways, good ways, and the best ways to have spring break sex. And with time continuously progressing, so arises a few tricks and tips derived from nothing more than experience with this riveting act. 

So stick around and read up on this little spring break sex guide to make sure that the next time March rolls around, you are nothing but completely satisfied and fulfilled with your naughty little vacation. 

Sex Toys and the Airport.

You might want to bring them just in case you strike out one of your nights and are left horny and with no one there to uhh, well, help you out. But better yet, you might just meet another freak in the sheets who absolutely love that you chose to bring your friends along, and just because it might be a one night stand doesn’t mean you can’t let go and get a little naughty with your sex toys and your spring break sex. 

Regardless of such, bringing your sex toys along during your spring break trip is never a bad idea, and even if you never use them at all, at least you have them. Because that’s the thing about spring break sex. You aren’t entirely in your home space or comfort zone, and to make the sex as best as possible, you never want to be left saying “I wish I brought that”.

So then, sex toys and the airport. Can you bring them and what is it like?

Unless you are going to a few select counties of which sex toys are banned, then of course you can bring your sex toys through an airport! 

If you shove them into your checked bag, then just know that someone might see them while checking for other contents. And yes, if you toss them into your carry on then the x-ray technician sure as heck might be able to view the outline of a big, bulging cock from the depths of your purse. 

But don’t worry! You’ll never see these people again, so absolutely do not let the fear hold you back. 

Now, there is one important thing to keep in mind. If you are getting really freaky and wish to bring along some form of restraints, say handcuffs; then just know that these metals can set off the detectors and require a more in-depth search. Avoid this by using silicone-only toys, and if you want to show off your latest BDSM knots to the spring break sex stranger, then fabric silk ties will do much better than metal getting through an airport. 

The moral of the story, you can totally bring your sex toys on the plane and through the airport, just don’t go threatening anyone by aggressively waving around your dildo (kidding not kidding). 


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The Hygiene Checklist.

Spring break is nasty. And we all know it. It’s just part of the way that spring break sex is and will always be. 

And by nasty, I mean that in a few different ways, both fun and literally. But no matter what, you can always come prepared, and you must ensure that you check every box on this spring break sex hygiene checklist before departure.

Condoms, condoms, and more condoms. Females and males alike, please just bring plenty of condoms! Spring break sex is often extremely spontaneous and occurs with a total stranger. Unprotected sex is a big no regardless, but even more so in an extremely sexual environment where multiple partners have probably already been slept with. 

Never rely on the chance of someone else having a condom, and prevent any mishaps by simply throwing a box of fresh ones into your bag. Whether you use one, all, or none of them, the important thing is to just be happy you have them. 

And if anything, you can spread the wealth by giving them to a friend in need to prevent the spread of STDs!

As well as condoms, lubrication is a total spring break sex must-have. One small bottle of lube can seriously save the quality of your sex, so hear me out. 

Most spring break parties happen in warm coastal environments, so there is always a combination of drinking, the sunshine, and the ocean water, which will all leave you completely parched and dehydrated. 

And after a few consistent days and nights of this, your body will seriously become depleted of much-needed H2O. Aside from simply making sure you drink enough water, lubrication might just be your next best friend. 

It can be extremely hard to produce your own natural lubrication when dehydrated and tired, and this should honestly just be an expected occurrence, as I am sure the alcohol to water ratio in most spring breakers is 10:0. Just bring along a bottle of lube along to help yourself and your partner out in the beginning stages of getting it on, and I promise this will make the sex so much more enjoyable and will prevent any awkward hiccups of not being wet enough. 

The last thing on the checklist should be some simple hygiene wipes. Although you should probably shower after spring break sex, if you are in a hurry to get out the door and back to the party, then at least protect yourself by wiping yourself down with vaginal cleansing wipes after you are done. 


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Keep in Mind Where you Travel.

Sex is not viewed the same everywhere. 

Destinations like Daytona Beach, Florida will of course attract a college-aged audience who is probably very open and honest about sex, as well as being horny as all heck. 

But other places are much more strict in terms of sex. For example, some countries don’t even allow you to bring a sex toy into their borders because sex toys have been banned. 

As well as that, other countries maintain extremely strict punishments for being caught in public doing the deed. So if public fornication is your turn on, then some countries are a whole lot safer in terms of the law than others. 

The last thing worth mentioning is the unfortunate fact that some countries’ views on the LGBTQ community are still very restrictive. Popular spring break destinations such as Jamaica aren’t as progressive with accepting the gay, bisexual and transgender community, and it can be a little unsafe for those who are a part of it.

Although it sucks and they should work hard to transform those views, none of that will happen overnight, so instead think to plan your spring break trip to go to a place that is completely accepting of sex, sexuality, and genders by doing a little research before booking a ticket. 


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