Spanking in Relationships: A Comprehensive Examination of Discipline Contracts and Non-Disciplinary Spanking.

Oct 23, 2023

Spanking, often considered a controversial topic, finds its place in spanking videos various adult relationships as a form of punishment, discipline, or even a source of pleasure. Couples have diverse approaches when it comes to the use of spanking as a means of managing behavior and maintaining order. This article delves into the intricacies of how it is employed in relationships, exploring discipline contracts and non-disciplinary spanking as two distinct aspects of this practice.

Discipline Contracts: Setting Expectations

For some couples who utilize spanking as a primary form of punishment, discipline contracts play a pivotal role. These contracts are formal or informal agreements between partners, outlining their expectations, rules, definitions of misbehavior, frequency of maintenance, consequences for rule violations, and the types of expected punishment. Discipline contracts, often referred to as spanking contracts, provide a structured framework for maintaining order within the relationship.

However, it is essential to note that not all couples choose to adopt such contracts. Discipline contracts are a matter of personal preference and may not be suitable for every relationship. Couples who use these contracts typically do so to create a clear understanding of behavioral expectations and consequences, helping to establish trust and accountability.

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Bratting: The Discouraged Behavior

One common misbehavior considered punishable within discipline relationships is “bratting.” Bratting involves consciously or unconsciously misbehaving in order to gain attention or provoke a spanking. It is widely recognized and discouraged within the context of discipline relationships. Partners who engage in bratting often seek the structured punishment and dynamic that comes with it.

Non-Disciplinary Spanking: Pleasure and Intimacy

It’s important to distinguish non-disciplinary spanking from the use of it as a form of punishment. Non-disciplinary spanking serves different purposes and is not primarily focused on behavioral correction. These kinks can be enjoyed by sexual spankers and may even be integrated into discipline relationships when desired by one or both partners.

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There are several types of non-disciplinary spankings:

  1. Good-Girl/Good-Boy Spanking: These types serve as rewards and are designed to reinforce positive behavior. They are most appealing to individuals who find spanking desirable or erotic. In such cases, it becomes a form of positive reinforcement, encouraging compliance with expectations.
  2. Stress-Release Spanking: Stress-release types are typically requested by the submissive partner as a means of relieving stress, tension, or anxiety. These kinks are not linked to any specific rule infractions but are rather a form of cathartic release.
  3. Erotic and Sensual Spanking: Erotic spanking is often used for sexual arousal and serves as foreplay. It involves a combination of physical pleasure and psychological stimulation, contributing to a heightened sense of intimacy and desire between partners.


Spanking in relationships is a multifaceted practice, with discipline contracts and non-disciplinary spanking representing two distinct approaches. Discipline contracts provide structure, rules, and consequences for behavior, allowing couples to maintain order and accountability. On the other hand, non-disciplinary spankings are focused on pleasure, intimacy, and the satisfaction of both partners.

Ultimately, the use of spanking in relationships is a matter of consent and personal preference. What is essential in any relationship is open and honest communication, ensuring that both partners are comfortable with the dynamics, boundaries, and practices they choose to engage in.




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