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Solo Masturbation Sex Positions To Keep You Warm this Winter.

As we settle into the long, cold winter months, there are many ways we can keep ourselves occupied. Some take to the slopes or cuddle up on the couch for a Netflix marathon, we at V for Vibes can think of some other fun ways to spend your winter days that will warm you up. The weather outside may be frightful, but this solo masturbation is soooo delightful. Which solo masturbation sex position will you try first?

The Power Play.

This playful position puts you in control while allowing you the freedom to explore and try new things. To start, kneel on your bed with your thighs spread apart. Lean back against a wall or your headboard and get comfortable. This powerful position allows you to have access to all your erogenous zones. Using the Vesta you can enjoy either clitoral or vaginal stimulation, depending on your desire. This position not only helps you get to know your own body, but also allows for extra blood flow to your pelvis. Turn up the heat and your sensitivity with the Power Play move.

The Warm Embrace.

After a long day on the slopes, nothing warms you up quite like a nice hot shower, well almost nothing. The Warm Embrace can take your self-discovery to new and exciting heights. Things start to get steamy when the hot water starts flowing. Add your favorite essential oil or body wash, letting the water rush over you. Once you are nice and relaxed, put one foot on the edge of the shower (or tub). Explore yourself with the Victoria or for even more sensation, play around with your removable shower head. The steam, hot water and standing position means you can move with the waves of pleasure while your body relaxes, leading into a stronger climax. Revel in the pleasure and turn up the heat for your next snow day.

The Twisted Traditional.

These dark winter days can make you want to crawl into bed and stay there. When it comes to solo play, nothing is as reliable as laying on your back in your comfy bed. Take this position to another level with the Persephone from V for Vibes. This clitoral suction and G spot vibrator allow you to hit all of your spots at the same time. As you start to feel the warmth build between your legs, drop your head over the edge of the bed. The dual stimulation orgasm along with blood rushing to you head allows you to feel a new type of pleasure from the comfort of your bed.

Sensational Surprise.

After a long day of winter activities there is no better way to unwind than some stretching. Lay on your stomach with your back arched and your bum in the air and feel the stretch while preparing to feel the pleasure. Reach between your legs and slide in the Cybele from V for Vibes. This triple stimulation vibrator with a remote allows for new and exciting sensations. Introducing a new feeling can take your orgasm to a whole new place.

Although the nights are longer, and the weather is chilly. Indulge in some solo masturbation and self-care. Embrace your alone time this winter!


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