Sensual Sex: How the Sense of Touch Influences your Sexual Experience.

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Of all the 5 senses, touch makes the sexual experience undoubtably special, as it elicits an endless plethora of different types of sensations that create immediate connection and pleasure. 


In this article, you’ll find out how you can utilize the sense of touch to have soft and sensual lovemaking


How Does the Sense of Touch Influence Sex?


Obviously, touch is the central aspect of having sex, as you simply can’t have sex without it. But here are other things you should know about the relationship between touch and sensuality:


 1. Different kinds of touch will lead to unique sexual experiences


No touch feels the same. The way you experience your partner stroking your nipples will be different from having your back massaged. Once you and your partner have figured out the perfect combination, your sex life will significantly improve. Then you can also experiment with touch to create various sexual experiences. For example, you can incorporate pain into a play and explore BDSM or be gentler with each other to have soft and sensual sex.

sex whip

2. Touch increases bond between partners


Touch doesn’t even have to be sexual- any form of intimacy, such as kissing or cuddling, causes your body to release oxytocin that allows you to bond with your partner. Without it, your sexual experience might not be as profound as it could be. Sexual touch is the cherry on top and can help you connect with your partner on an even deeper level. Additionally, according to the five love languages theory, many people’s love language is the physical touch love language. Touching your partner can be a way of letting them know that you care about them and making sure their needs are met.


How to Have Better Sex By Utilizing the Sense of Touch


You can make your and your partner’s experience a lot more pleasurable if you become conscious of how the sense of touch affects sex. Here’s how you can achieve that:


1. Experiment with different types of touch


Touch is a very broad term for all the things you can do to your partner during sex. For example, you can rub his chest, suck on his nipples or tickle him – get creative and play with sensations. Make sure to experiment with different combinations to learn more about your likes and dislikes. The way your partner touches you might already feel good, but you shouldn’t stop there. Get to know your body as well as possible through experimentation to enjoy mind-blowing sex in the future.


2. Incorporate sex toys into the play


Another form of touch is the vibration that can be created with the help of vibrating sex toys. The easiest way to incorporate it into your sex life is to try mutual masturbation and use a vibrator on each other/watch one another play. Vibrators come with different levels of stimulation, so you can start small and build up to more powerful sensations. And did you know that vibrator wands were initially back massagers? You can take advantage of that knowledge and include back massaging in your foreplay to have soft and sensual sex. But don’t forget to get creative: use vibration anywhere on your partner’s skin: the thighs, the bottom of his feet, and palms.

venus wand vibrator

3. Create the right atmosphere with the right bedding


Some people are more sensitive to touch than others, but no one enjoys having sex on a rough texture. To make the experience more pleasant, invest in a blanket that feels soft to the touch or a silky cover that can make it feel more luxurious. You can even lie on the bed and focus on how nice the texture feels against your skin before you begin sensual foreplay – it will help you fully activate the sense of touch and connect with your sensuality.


4. Experiment with all erogenous zones


Now that you know that touch can be powerful, make sure you experiment with it by focusing on the erogenous zones. We all like our necks kissed and genitals are the main source of sexual pleasure but don’t forget about other areas, such as skin behind your partner’s neck, top of his arm, the palm of his hands, inside of his thigh, upper back and so on. Focus on how much you care about your partner and try to convey it with your touch; this will help you have sensual sex and connect with your partner more. 


5. Try temperature play


A big part of the sense of touch is also temperature. To try temperature play, you can either invest in a toy designed to help you explore it, such as a glass dildo, or become partial to shower sex. Switch between warm and cold temperatures to increase and maximize your sensations. The initial shock from using an unfamiliar temperature to stimulate your erogenous zone can turn into heightened arousal and more intense orgasm.

juno glass dildo

6. Combine two opposite types of touch


If you’ve tried temperature play and are craving more, why not combine two contrasting types of touch? For example, you can alternate between biting and gently kissing your partner, or your partner can stroke and pull your hair. 


7. Make foreplay more sensual


Another way to have soft and sensual sex is to start with a back massage. You can purchase an oil designed for an erotic massage that warms up your skin and allows you to become aware of other body parts. When you’re aroused, it’s normal to experience the arousal mostly in your genitals, but a massage can help you transport this feeling to your whole body. Don’t forget to return the favor to your partner – giving each other a massage can be a great bonding experience. 


8. Try tantric sex


If you want to have soft and sensual sex, you have to deepen the connection between you and your partner. Tantric sex allows you to do that and more. It requires you to slow things down and be fully present in the moment. It’s not much about achieving an orgasm but about experiencing various sensations right there right now and getting in touch with your sensuality. A lot of lovers begin their foreplay by tracing their fingertips along their skin. You can start by drawing shapes with your fingers on your partner’s face and slowly move towards his genitals. Another way to be tender with your partner is to give him gentle kisses. Remember to take your time and try to focus on the way your partner’s touch makes you feel. You can also mirror each other’s movements and synchronize your breathing to deepen your connection.


9. Experiment on your own


To make sure your sex life is fulfilling, you should first learn how to touch yourself on your own. Take time to explore what kind of touch elicits the most reactions, and then teach your partner about what you like. Experiment with sex toys to increase this level of climactic sensation. 


10. Explore BDSM


BDSM is a great way to experiment with different kinds of touch when you already know what you and your partner like in bed. You can experiment with biting, scratching, pinching, hair pulling, and orbiting to spice things up. It might not be ideal if you’re going for sensual sex, but exploration can help you develop more trust and strengthen the bond with your partner.  

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