What is a Smoking Fetish?

Dec 16, 2021

Cigarettes when it’s cold, cigarettes when you are stressed, cigarettes after steamy sex; there is something different about the kick from cigarettes that makes smokers want to do it most of the time. Smoking fetish is quite popular, but it is not often discussed due to health concerns. Maybe it is the sexualization of smoking due to its closeness to the lips or the feeling of empowerment that comes with smoking; it is no surprise that people derive pleasure from smoking.

Also known as capnolagnia, capno means smoke while lagnia means lust. It is when someone gets sexual gratification from watching someone smoke or from smoking themselves. To the smoking fetishist, smoking has a sexual connotation. For example, a cigarette can be seen as erotic, with a woman’s full lips representing her vulva. 

Why do people have a smoking fetish?

Like any fetish, it is hard to know precisely what makes someone get aroused by smoking. But it could be any of the following:

  • Look: It can be as simple as loving how the act of smoking appears.
  • Confidence: Some people link smoking to feeling powerful and sexually self-confident.
  • Childhood Development: A smoking fetish could be connected to childhood and experiences while growing up.
  • Forbidden: Because smoking is generally stigmatized, some people find it arousing in doing something forbidden. Smoking often gives the impression of rebellion, just like a teenager sneaking out at night to be with a boy or girl when their parents have warned them not to.
  • Power Play: In BDSM, there is always a power dynamic. Making someone act as an ashtray can be erotic.
  • Media: We’ve all seen the “pass me a cigarette” countless times after sex in movies and TV shows. Smoking has been connected to sex for years.
smoking fetish

Different forms of the smoking fetish.

There is something incredibly hot about smoking, and the best part; it comes in different flavors. There are many forms of this fetish that people explore every day. Glamor smoking and dark side smoking are the most common forms of the smoking fetish. The glamor aspect depicts how smoking enhances a woman’s sexual appeal while the dark side connects smoking to sadism/masochism, female bondage, and domination. These elements may be related to the fantasy of the bad girl next door who smokes and maybe a tigress in bed. Other forms of this fetish include:

  • Forced Smoking: A large number of submissives enjoy forced smoking. The attraction is being compelled and feeling controlled to do something naughty “against your will” by a Dom. This helpless naughtiness is what makes some people enjoy the fetish.
  • Human Ashtray: Erotic dehumanization is the major turn-on for being a human ashtray. This means you like to be used in a filthy way. Your lips, mouth, and other parts of your body are objects for your master’s pleasure. Wanting to be an ashtray also means that you’ve accepted that you are only good enough as your Dom’s waste products.
  • Scarification: Let’s face it! Cigarettes are a sexy means of inflicting pain. This makes many people enjoy the smoking fetish.

How to fulfill your smoking fetish

One way to fulfill your smoking fetish sex fantasy is to be with a smoking partner. That can indulge you and satisfy all your sexual desires. If your partner is not open to it, the second way is to hire a fetish escort. Escorts have experience, and they know the right way to give you hot smoking fetish sex. They dress like goddesses while smoking and just looking at their lips, and the smoke that comes out from them can make you squirm in pleasure. So either find a partner who smokes and is ready to explore things with you or get an escort. Never force smoking upon your partner. 

How to cater to your partner’s smoking fetish

Just when you thought you’ve got your man pegged, he drops a bomb: He is into the smoking fetish. You don’t see yourself as a prude, but the woman on top is as wild as you usually get. Does that mean you’ll have to call it quits?

It can be challenging to satisfy your partner’s fetish, especially if you are not into smoking. It’s not like there is a school where you are taught about this sort of thing. So when your partner’s idea of a turn-on is seeing you smoke, here are ways to deal with it.

  • Keep an Open Mind: Fetishes are pretty common, so he is not weird. If the fetish does not freak you out, then have a go at it.
  • Find common ground. If you are not into smoking at all, then discuss with your partner ways you can create a common ground for your sexual activities. Talk about what you both enjoy so you can look for ways to enjoy sex together in a way that mutually benefits both of you. Perhaps, for example, you might not smoke cigarettes, but you consume cannabis. Considering there’s quite the positive relationship between cannabis and sex, this can be a perfect middle ground. 
  • Appreciate your partner: Thank your partner for having the courage to share their smoking fetish with you. Imagine how daunting it must have been to open up about such an intimate thing. Don’t be judgmental. Talk about it freely, and you will feel better about it. 
  • Find out what is in it for you: Just because your partner is into some sexy smoking fetish, that doesn’t mean you should indulge him. Ask yourself, “What is in it for me?”. You might not find his obsession with a smoking fetish blowjob a turn-on, but maybe you love the idea of pleasing him. If you want to find a way to make things enjoyable for both of you, that’s fine. It’s a win-win. Don’t do something against your will or where it is dangerous; consider your safety first.

How to have smoking fetish sex with your partner

Smoking fetish is an erotic activity. If you’d love to explore, create a masturbation ritual that involves smoking. Put on a show with your partner. Visualize inhaling the smoke and puffing it out on different parts of your partner’s erogenous zones. Blow smoke into each other’s mouth, and you can light up a post-climax joint for relaxing aftercare.

sex toy kits

What about a smoking fetish blowjob? You smoke and give blow jobs: combining the two gives you and your partner an idea of heaven. Start by getting your partner erect. Then light up any smoking implement of your choice and blow it over his penis. Suck gently and repeat. Keep a drink close since wet blowjobs make it more pleasurable, and smoking will make your mouth dry. 

You can switch up by stroking him and looking into his eyes as you use your other hand to take delicious drags. Right after he climaxes, light up again and puff some smoke, relaxed and giving him some dirty and satisfied glances. The smoking fetish blowjob has never felt better!

That’s not all! You can try some smoking strip tease too. Any sexual thing you do while smoking will be erotic. Doing a striptease while puffing away is a sure way to make things fun and different.

Every sexual practice has some level of risk, and exploring your sexy smoking fetish is no different. You must smoke less harmful things, and you reduce how frequently you smoke. Is your partner into smoking fetish too? Lucky you! It’s time to get your smoking game on!


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