Small Sex Toys.

Jul 6, 2021

A small vibrator doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice power and pleasure anymore. With constant innovations in the land of adult toys, and better motors available consistently, small sex toys may be the investment piece you need to spice up your sex life and amp up your pleasure.

It seems like just a few years ago, bullet vibrators were constantly talked down on and hated on because of their lack of power and usefulness. Most only bought these to supplement their on-the-go lifestyles, since they were travel-friendly. Or, customers would buy them because they were new to the world of vibrators. These days, small sex toys and bullet vibrators can be even more powerful than a full-sized dildo. So with all this innovation, what’s holding you back from purchasing one?

Small sex toys are useful, even when you are not traveling. Sure, a mini massager can be easy to pack when you are going on a trip, or if you want to keep something discreet on you during the day to help you with that itch to orgasm, but small adult toys are also very versatile when it comes to clitoral stimulation, and are being used in conjunction with sex. Regardless of the size of your toy, you no longer have to sacrifice your pleasure for portability with a small vibrator

At V For Vibes, we believe that every vibe, regardless of whether it is a small sex toy or a full-sized ejaculating vibrator, should rock your world. Read on for our favorite small sex toys that we carry! 

So what are the best small sex toys that V For Vibes offers? Pretty much all of them, if you ask us. Read on for our guide on picking the best V For Vibes mini massagers for you. 


Minerva Necklace – Our Favorite Wearable, Mini Sex Toy

When it comes to wearable technology, Minerva is a groundbreaking piece that we are incredibly proud to carry. When we thought of Minerva, we knew we wanted a wearable, sleek, and sexy small sex toy that was an incredible piece of statement jewelry. To make sure she compliments every outfit, we designed Minerva in both gold and silver. Her beautiful gemstone top is exquisite, but add the 8 different speeds of this mini massager into the equation and you will be breathless with the waves of pleasure she provides. 

wearable mini sex toy

Diana Remote Controlled Clitoral Mini Massager   

We can’t lie when it comes to Diana. Her clitoral vibrations constantly leave us begging for more. Her ergonomic design and rechargeable battery make her a must-have small sex toy for anyone who loves clitoral stimulation, plus she makes a phenomenal erogenous zone stimulator and multi-use personal massager. Diana can even be used as a wearable mini massager, by putting her against your clitoris in your panties. The remote control means that you or your partner can easily cycle through the 12 vibration modes to tantalize you even out in public, while no one is the wiser. 

small clit sex toy

Proserpina Small Sex Toy and Ben Wa Balls

The wearable ben wa style design of Proserpina means that not only is she a powerful, 10 speed, small vibrator, but she can also be used to practice kegel exercises. Insert Proserpina either vaginally or anally and experience the thrill of wearing a sexy vibrator in public. Just like Diana, Proserpina has a remote control so that your partner can be in control too. The body-safe smooth silicone means she is easy to clean, and nonporous. 

Athena Remote Control Pulsating Mini Massager 

Athena also has a remote. Made to stimulate the G Spot and clitoris, Athena provides an amazing blended orgasm in a small vibrator package. With 5 pulsating speeds and 10 vibration modes, you don’t have to sacrifice power in this small package.

Hera Egg Vibrator 

Hera is similar to Proserpina, but with the added pleasure of being textured. This unique texture means that you experience even more stimulation, and won’t have to worry about how you are going to get off with such a small, portable sex toy. Hera has 10 unique frequencies and helps you find the perfect mode of pleasure. Plus, with remote control, she lets both you and your partner be in control. No one has to feel left out here! 

Fortuna Anal and Vaginal Ben Wa Balls

Fortuna can be used dually, meaning both anally and vaginally, as a ben wa style small vibrator. With 7 vibration modes and not one, but two extremely powerful motors, Fortuna ups the game when it comes to orgasms. Plus, you can utilize Fortuna as a method to do kegel exercises, or wear her out for sexy fun thrills on your next date night. 

Eos Small Bullet Sex Toy

Eos was an innovative launch for us at V For Vibes. We were tired of bullet vibrators letting us down. Not only is Eos budget-friendly, but we have barely been able to keep her in stock since launching because she has 10 settings and an incredibly powerful motor. With a small package and small price, Eos can be used for erogenous zone stimulation, clitoral stimulation, vaginal stimulation, and as a personal mini massager. We even brought out two colors so that you can pick your personal favorite. The rechargeable battery has up to two hours of playtime, so you can take as long as you need to reach that intense orgasm. 

small bullet sex toys and mini massagers

Terra BDSM Pinwheel

Maybe you don’t want a small vibrator, but you want a small sexy add-on for bedroom time. That is where Terra comes in. Terra is an on-the-go Wartenberg wheel that adds intense sex sensations when used on the body. Try to roll Terra on your partner’s abdomen to create sexy stimulation, or around your nipples. Plus, add Terra in with a blindfold and you are sure to orgasm harder than ever before. We love stimulation of every kind! There is a multitude of ways to use a Wartenberg wheel, so the fun never stops.

When creating small sex toys for V For Vibes, we vowed to never sacrifice sensation and stimulation for a small package. You will experience mind-blowing, toe-curling vibes no matter what sex toy from V For Vibes you decide to pick up! Small sex toys are great to keep around, and constantly achieving new innovations. What are you picking up on your next online shopping trip?


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