The Kink Blog: Sleep Sack Kink.

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Welcome to our kink blog, a place where we explore the various quirks of human sexuality through the discovery of kinks and fetishes. Today we are going to focus on the sleep sack kink, a common kink found within the world of BDSM, answering:

  • What is the sleep sack kink?
  • Who can/should practice the sleep sack kink
  • How to practice the sleep sack kink

So stick around to learn more about this submissive-based behavior and all about how you can incorporate one of the most unique, yet under the radar, of sexual kinks into your love life

What is the Sleep Sack Kink?

The sleep sack kink is a common form of BDSM practice. During this practice, the submissive partner will wrap themselves in an object known as the sleep sack. 

The sleep sack is an extremely tight, body encompassing sack or body bag. The sack takes the general shape of the human being within, somewhat similar to becoming mummified. With this, the submissive partner in the sleep sack is restricted entirely of their bodily movements. They cannot move their legs, torso, or arms, and some sleep sacks even restrict their head and neck movements. 

But don’t worry, there’s still a breathing hole!

The highest quality and most adored styles of sleep sacks are made out of leather, but other common materials include latex, neoprene, rubber, and satin. 

The sleep sack kink creates a submissive-based setting that is rather intense and somewhat extreme. By encompassing the submissive within the sack, the dominant partner has complete control over the submissive- so much so that the submissive is left entirely in their power; they cannot escape the sleep sack until granted permission by the dom. 

The sleep sack is often accompanied by ropes and other restraints to really ensure that the submissive faces true body immobilization. 

If/when they want out, that is up to the dominant partner to decide. 

The submissive partner wrapped in the sleep sack has absolutely no control, catering perfectly to the submissive behavior they so enjoy. The sense of helplessness is overwhelming, and that is exactly why this kink appeals to them. As well as this, many find the sack to be rather comfortable, the skin-like tightness around the body highlighting their every curvature, like a latex body massage. 

In fact, the latex or leather itself is often a reason why so many people adore this kink. It is less about the physical sensations of the sleep sack, and more about the fetish of the sleep sack material itself, similar to the wetsuit kink. 

Submissive partners will relish the ability of the dominant to do everything they please to them, including their genitals (such as cock and ball torture), as a lot of sleep sacks are designed with an opening for the penis to extend out of or for access to the vagina

And for the other partner, the dominant can take sheer pleasure in controlling the submissive. They may play with the immobilized submissive with forms of impact play, sensation play, temperature play, and torture. 

sleep sack kink

They may grope the submissive arms, legs, and genitals. They may lightly tickle the partner with a BDSM pinwheel or press firmly for a touch of pain, control their orgasms, and force them to practice oral sex onto the dominant if the head is free by standing over them. 

BDSM pinwheel

They can humiliate them with words and, should the sleep sack cover the entire body, including the head, they can even control the very breaths of which they take (with the utmost safety in mind, of course!) by covering the opening for a few brief seconds. 

Some prefer to lie down within the sleep sack, where others enjoy being held vertically with the help of chains and other restraints to keep them standing. 

Who Can/Should Practice the Sleep Sack Kink

Weird kinks are considered weird because the vanilla world is not comfortable with the type of behavior involved. This uncomfortably often arises from potential dangers within the kink and/or the pain and humiliation synonymous with these forms of pursuing sexuality. 

Because of this, sexual kinks that are slightly more intense, such as the sleep sack kink, should only be practiced by those who are comfortable with a BDSM relationship and who are well aware of the pleasures associated with sadism and masochism

However, suppose you feel as though BDSM will provide you newfound happiness and sexual fulfillment. In that case, we absolutely suggest learning the ins and outs of this euphoric world, as so many people have found their true meaning of happiness by doing so. 

In the end, anyone and everyone can practice the sleep sack kink, but should always do so with caution or with an experienced mistress. As well as this, you may want to experiment with lighter forms of BDSM first, such as practicing with simple ties and other, more delicate restraints before progressing all the way into the sleep sack. 

The person who wishes to be immobilized should enjoy being controlled by another and should be well aware of the mentality required during full body restraint and other forms of sex-based pain. The dominant partner should find joy in being the purveyor of this restraint and pain and should be someone who finds sexual satisfaction in controlling another. 

How to Practice It

Although real, legitimate sleep sacks are serious, you can actually practice the sleep sack kink very safely with an amateur version of this at home! 

To do so, all you need to do is bust out the sleeping bags from your last camping trip! It’s not the same as leather, but this is an excellent starting point before investing in a full-on sleep sack. 

Sleeping backs are loose, easy to get out of, and a lot safer and more practical for beginners looking to experiment with the sleep sack kink. They still, however, work great at creating body restrictions, and you can stay in them for as long as you like- as some people experienced in this kink stay in their sack for multiple days; a great way to get the hang of it and to see if this is something that you enjoy doing. 

To prevent movement further, your partner can wrap the sleeping back in tape to further intensify the body-bag feeling associated with this.

Also, keep in mind, you are never ready to play around with weird kinks like this until you have:

  • Found a completely consenting partner
  • Established ground rules
  • Performed diligent research, such as by reading a kink blog and watching videos
  • Created a safe word
  • Ensure hydration is met- before and during the practice
  • Be mindful of circulation
  • Always ensure that hygiene and cleanliness are met before and after use of the sleep sack

Any and all sexual kinks require this baseline level of rules to be met, which is no different from the sleep sack kink. 

Think about how long you wish to stay inside, what your partner is allowed to do to you while you are restrained, and establish everything else that will go into your practice. With time you will gain experience, but you must always start slow before progressing, as experience only comes with repetition. 

It is only when you are entirely comfortable together or in the hands of a professional dominatrix that you might think to purchase a leather or latex sleep sack intended solely for this purpose. 

Chances are, if you are reading this kink blog, then you are new to the sleep sack kink. We love that you are doing your research, as that is always the best place to start, and we can’t wait to see what you discover from entering the realm of BDSM. Be careful, safe, have fun, and always seek answers to the many questions that are soon to arise before performing any sexual act.  


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