How to Have Skype Sex.

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Our sexual selves really are lucky to live in our modern era. 

I mean think about it all. Our phones have allowed us to create connections that lead to relationships. We can communicate with our loved ones even when they are in faraway places. We can send them naughty pictures as a tease before they come home and then oh, of course, how can we forget…

You can have skype sex!

Sure, you can overthink it and say that it really isn’t ‘sex’ because there is no physical touching involved, but that’s no fun. In the end, skype sex (or any other type of video call sex) is an incredible way to build upon your connection with your partner in a means that allows for entire fulfillment, hopefully in the form of an incredible orgasm, even when they are not with you. 

Plus, with some simple additions to your video sex, like a leg-shaking sex toy, you can really feel like you are getting the full experience.

There are so many positives about skype sex, and if you’ve ever wondered how to perform this form of sexual art in all the best of ways, or if you simply want to improve on the pure erotica of camera prowess, then we’re going to provide you with a few tips to really get the heart pumping, the blood flowing, and that will leave the sheets a little bit soaked. 


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Use a Computer or a Phone Tripod For A Video Chat Sex

This might seem like a silly tip, but you wouldn’t believe how much of a difference this makes in the overall quality and ‘performance’ of your video chat sex. 

When you choose to use only your phone, this lends for a pretty cruddy experience. First of all, one of your hands will be entirely occupied. When you do not have the hands of your partner to please you, then you absolutely need to make the best of both of your own, and by tying one up to holding a camera it is going to make it far more difficult to really get into a sexual zone that will allow you to climax

And for your partner on the other end, things can be shaky and out of the screen, like an amateur production instead of shot by the pros. 

To really up your game, all you have to do instead is use a computer that you can sit on a stand-still surface (maybe not the bed, as this can shake and the angles can get weird) or use a tripod for your phone. 

Now you are hands-free and ready to show yourself off while having a little naughty fun. 

Skype Sex and Sex Toys!

Toys, toys, and more toys. 

Erotic sex toys are not only going to allow you to put on one hell of a performance for the partner on the other side of the screen who will be left with jaws open wide and drooling, but they will also create a more enjoyable experience for yourself as a whole!

Fingers are great, but maybe think to save the intimacy for a complete solo sesh. If you really want to get off, incorporating a big, veiny and realistic dildo is an amazing way to add a naughty little touch to your phone sex. 

Your partner will feel the slight jealousy, the wish that it was them inside of you instead.

This lust is great for your relationship, as it reminds them of how lucky they are to be your own. That, and you can too of course enjoy the feeling of leading them on with ‘someone else’s’ penis

For your own pleasure in mind, a vibrator will take you straight to where you want to be. Away from reality and floating through orgasmic oblivion. 

A rabbit vibrator is your go-to, as they allow for insertion and vibration on the nerves of the inside of your vaginal cavity and G-Spot, and the rabbit ear attachments are meant to pleasure your clitoris to feelings of sensuality never before known.

When you feel good you will enter a hypnotic state that your partner will love, as nothing will look forced, for your body responses are natural and real. When they watch your legs shake and your eyes roll back into your head from afar, the effect will surely follow into their very own climax.

For a really fun game, you may want to think about incorporating a remote control toy during your skype sex. 

Unfortunately, unless your skype sex was extremely intentional and your partner was in the other room, they will not be able to control the speeds of vibration. But, that doesn’t mean that you cannot capitalize on the awesome characteristics of remote control vibrators in other ways. 

Give your partner complete control over the speed choices. As you pleasure yourself, allow them to tell you when to speed it up or down. You can still be a submissive even when far away, and any good sub will listen to exactly the speed that their partner wants. 

This game allows you two to feel like you are together, as your vagina will quite literally feel the changes that their choices make.


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Practice Before the Show

It is absolutely not silly and absolutely not lame to practice skype sex before it really goes down!

Being in front of a camera nude can feel really weird, even if the only person watching you is someone that you have had plenty of sexual encounters with before. It’s not about them, and you must understand that well, and it is really about feeling confident yourself, as it’s kind of like masturbating into a mirror

Try practicing in front of the camera for a few different reasons. The first is of course to build your own comfort levels. The more you see yourself letting go in a sexual setting like this, the more you get used to a camera watching you cum, the better you will do when the time arises that real eyes are watching. 

This will also allow you to understand what angles of the camera look the best for what positions, and even if you don’t realize it this makes the entire skype sex sexier. You will never have to pause and figure out any technical stuff that is a one-stop ticket to a turn-off. 

Plus, it feels awkward trying to balance a camera in the nude when all you want to do is get off.

Try different positions of your body with different toys, and angle yourself until you feel the visuals on the other end of the screen are those that you want your partner to see. 

You will simultaneously allow for yourself to enter a much more relaxed state knowing that you have practiced this all before, and your show will have no hiccups, the angles making it look as hot as can be. 

Talk About Video Chat Sex

Before having Skype sex with your partner, you may want to consider talking about it first!

It’s true, you might find yourself spontaneously talking dirty over the phone without planning. But to actually have a form of video sex where the camera and actual masturbation is involved, there’s a good chance this is going to be something that you want to talk about doing first. 

Your partner may not be up for it, and that’s okay. The best thing to do is simply explain your views and why skype sex is something that you want to try, and hope that they are willing enough to shed a little apprehension and give it a go. If they’re not, you must be understanding, as skype sex isn’t for everyone.

This will also allow you to talk about the different things that each other might like so that you can ready yourself accordingly. If your partner likes dirty talk, for example, then this gives you time to plan a few naughty little sentences accordingly before jumping into things. 

By talking and knowing exactly when and how you plan to have your video chat sex, you can both feel confident (in case you need to practice) and you can of course come prepared. Toys ready to go, a new bottle of lube ready to be used up. Nice and showered and clean.

In the end, communication is the key to any healthy sexual relationship, and this holds entirely true for skype sex, so have a serious talk, and the benefits will become clear!


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