Skinny Dipping Sex- Your Next Role Play Idea?

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Skinny dipping in itself is such an erotic, risque activity that creates an experience worth remembering forever, and it is quite the worthy activity for all of our sex bucket lists. But beyond just the activity, skinny dipping as well presents the perfect set-up for role play by utilizing various forms of skinny dipping sex as the baseline of this idea. 

Want a little inspiration for your next role play endeavor? Get ready to take some notes, as skinny dipping is the perfect construct to center around your next role play idea. We will outline some of our favorite ways to utilize this clothless activity for skinny dipping sex synonymous with fulfillment, smiles, and quite the riveting time, so read on and be inspired. 

Before Engaging in Skinny Dipping Role Play:

You want to ensure that a few things are in line before engaging in your skinny dipping role play. First off, make sure both yourself and your partner are on the same exact page. Role-playing takes planning, so you want to set up a definitive date and time that you plan on bringing these ideas to life. Make sure that they feel comfortable with everything, and then move forward. 

Next, you want to ensure that you have a safe place to skinny dip. Want to know where to skinny dip without being caught? Visit the linked article, and if you have a pool, then consider yourself a lucky one, as every one of these skinny dipping sex role play ideas may be carried out safely in the comforts of your own backyard should you own a pool. 

Once you have the date and time set up, you’ve created a plan, you’re on the same page, and you have determined the safest location for your skinny dipping, then get ready to have some fun! 

Below you’ll find some simple skinny ripping role play constructs that act as the perfect means to add quite the exciting allure to your intimacy, so if you want to take your experiential intimacy to the next level, then have at it. 

Why Hello, Stranger

For this skinny dipping role play idea, you will act like two strangers who have never met before. Start the role play by ‘meeting’ one another for the first time at a bar, restaurant, cafe, etc. 

Engage in small talk by embodying your characters’ personality, and continue on as the flame of romance further brightens. Show a sexual interest in your ‘new’ partner, and ask them if they’d like to go grab a drink somewhere more private, such as back at your place. 

Upon their agreement, take them to wherever it is that you can go skinny dipping safely. After some more time talking, drinking, and laughing as two new strangers with a spark, then introduce the idea of skinny dipping to them. You can do this simply through conversation; you can bring it up while playing a game such as truth or dare, or you can randomly stand up and begin undressing to surprise them with sheer spontaneity. 

This role playing construct is like bringing your favorite romantic movie to life- manifesting that dream of meeting someone for the first time and sharing the night of your lives together by doing something totally crazy, totally out of the ordinary, and totally risky- all with a total stranger.

skinny dipping sex

You’ve Been Caught…

This skinny dipping role play idea will play on the risk involved with skinny dipping by having you get ‘caught’ in action. Head out to your location, and have the chosen partner go ahead and jump into the water, clothes left on the shore. 

Give them a few moments to get comfortable and in character, and then it’s time for the other partner to play. The other partner will take the role of either a passerby or a police officer who will catch the other in the act of skinny dipping and who is angry at their lewd actions. 

Take on this angry role by expressing how irresponsible skinny dipping is, how disrespected you feel by catching a naked stranger, and how lucky they are that you don’t call the cops (assuming you aren’t taking the role of an actual cop). Now, what can your partner do to make you feel better about their actions? 

Maybe they will try to seduce you into the water as well, exiting the water with their arms subtly hiding their genitals, enticing you in by slowly revealing their wet skin? Or perhaps they will try to apologize by offering you something, but you must first jump into the water to find out what it is. Skinny dipping sex, anyone??

The Pool Boy/Girl

We all know the elusive idea of getting down and dirty with your pool boy or girl. And with skinny dipping sex role play, you can truly bring this enticing construct to life with your loved one- a way to have a little fun while still remaining true to monogamy! 

Have one partner take on the role of the pool boy/girl. The pool boy/girl will enter through the gate, and eyes will widen at the sight they see. The other partner will then leave their bathing suit on the edge of the pool, hopping right on in, ‘forgetting’ that this is the day their pool gets cleaned. 

How will the pool boy/girl respond to these actions with the husband or wife skinny dipping? Will they run back to the car to come back another time, or will they continue on with cleaning the pool? Oh yeah, you sure guessed that right. Have them continue with their routine as they skim the pool, trying their best not to look at the skin of the other shimmering under the sun and water. 

After some time, engage in flirty conversation, teasing the pool/boy or girl and reminding them of how silly you feel for forgetting they were coming there today. Have your goal be to get the pool boy/girl to go skinny dipping with you. Joke around by ensuring them that your husband or wife is gone on a trip, or that they won’t be home from work any time soon, and after a while, make your pool boy’s day with skinny dipping sex they are guaranteed never to forget. 

skinny dipping sex

The Big Occasion

For this skinny dipping sex role play, the idea is to create the construct of a big occasion that requires you to dress up in role play costumes. Think of things such as your high school prom, your college graduation, or your wedding. 

Go out, and find yourselves a nice looking but cheap dress/suit that you can totally ruin without care, such as from a thrift store. 

Once you’re all dressed up, it’s time for the skinny dipping role play. Pretend that the special occasion has come to an end but that your night hasn’t. Insist that you want to do something spontaneous to keep the energy going, and bring up the idea of skinny dipping to your partner. When they agree, it’s time to have some nostalgic fun. 

Head out to your skinny dipping spot, and jump in, clothes and makeup still entirely on. It’s a rare thing to go swimming with our clothes on, and this situation is absolutely joyous and entertaining. But of course, the clothes will have to come off, so once you’re in the water together, kissing and bobbing around, begin to strip the layers off, one by one. 

This is the crazy end to the wedding night you wish you had, the prom of your wildest dreams. It is such a beautiful way to re-create some of your fondest memories with your partner, but with the erotic twist of skinny dipping sex there to totally enhance the excitement of the situation. Life is all about having fun, and when you can really let go like this, fun isn’t hard to have. 

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