The Kinky Art of Sitting on His Face and How to do it Best.

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Want to know how to turn a guy on or provide to him newfound pleasures in the bedroom? It’s really quite simple. Just sit on his face!

Not only will you benefit, as placing your thighs firm against his head will allow you to move your body along his mouth exactly as you please, but there’s pretty much a guaranteed chance that your dominant control will send pulsations of desire straight through his body and right up into his erect penis that, by the way, you can easily play with while in this riding position

Whereas females might find more sensation derived from actual touch and can use modern advancements of sex like their favorite sex toy to initiate this pleasure, men sometimes need a riveting situation to fuel their wishful desires, and sitting on his face is one of the best ways to do this. So let’s get into how you can make sitting on his face a situation that leaves you both curled up in the bed after a soul-shivering orgasm


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Begin with the Tease.

Anticipation is foreplays best friend, and it is exactly this anticipation through foreplay that leaves a man aching for more. Not only will sitting on his face act as a form of foreplay, but to really build up desire, first tease him with the idea of sitting on his face. 

While you are kissing and touching, begin by manifesting the idea in words. Whisper in his (or her!) ear that you want to sit on his face and bring your torso above his groin as you mount him, thus beginning your dominance of the situation. 

Continue kissing while you gently thrust on the lower portion of his stomach, inching your way closer and closer up to his chest, but making sure to take ample time in doing so. 

Once you reach the upper portion of his body, straighten your spine and hover your vagina slightly over his face, not allowing him to touch it yet. If you are one for it, try touching yourself while hovering above his mouth to really build up a fire of desires within him. 

Be Aggressive.

Once you feel as though you have made him wait long enough, another way to ensure an even more heightened sense of kink through sitting on his face is to capitalize on your dominance of this situation. 

Unless you are involved in a BDSM relationship, then you probably don’t focus too much on your dominant and submissive roles. When you’re sitting on his face, however, this is the perfect time of which you can do so, as in this situation you are in total control and you should absolutely show it!

There are a few ways in which you can showcase the perfect level of aggressiveness to your man. 

Try reaching around your arched back and grabbing at his throat as you finally place your weight firm against his face. Not only will you control his breathing by suffocating him with your vagina, but now also with your hands. Just remember to give him a few moments to breathe, but don’t be afraid to remind him that at this moment you control the very breaths of which he takes. 

For more dominant tips, as you periodically lift yourself off of his mouth, shove a few fingers down his throat or give his cheeks a little love smack. You know your relationship best and can choose the intensity accordingly, but have a little fun in this role. 

Sitting on his face is an empowering situation for a lot of women, and it should be! Because although your man is plenty pleasured by being the provider of sensation, this form of oral sex should maintain one major focus.

And that focus is making YOU feel good. 

Be confident and be in control, as you know exactly how you wish to receive oral, and by sitting on his face you can be aggressive in making sure it is perfect to your liking. 


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What direction Should I Sit?

When you are sitting on his face, you can choose to do so when facing both directions.

If his head is on the pillows and close to the bed frame, sitting with your chest forward is a great way to hold on to the top of the bed to help steady yourself and control your thrusting movement. You can show off your chest every once in a while and you can enjoy watching his facial expressions as you lift your weight off of him. 

Facing the other way around, however, maintains some other special benefits to think about. Some men love anal oral play, and some women also very much enjoy the feeling, and sitting with your chest facing his feet will place more of your butt onto his lips. 

Whereas sitting forward provides more pleasure to the clitoris, sitting backward allows for tongue penetration of the vaginal canal and also of the anus for a different variety of sensations. Why not do a little bit of both?

Should I Play With Him?

When you are sitting on his face, then you have extremely easy access to his throbbing penis. With this, you are left with the choice of playing with it. Whether you choose to do so is entirely up to you!

Although sitting on his face should really be all about your pleasure, after a while it might be a lot of fun to ‘reward’ him for his work, even when you aren’t quite finished up. 

As you ride his face, don’t lean all the way into a 69 and give him a blowjob, as that is an oral position in and of itself designed for equal pleasures, but instead offer a little bit of teasing with your hands. Lubricate his penis with some spit and lightly jerk him off. Maybe, if you are feeling extra generous, lean in every once in a while to give it a teasing kiss. Nothing more, nothing less. 

If you enjoy playing with sex toys and have a male masturbater, such as a fleshlight or pocket pussy, you can also use this on your partner while you ride him wildly. But be careful, however, as this situation full of mental and physical pleasures is all too easy to make him ejaculate on the spot!


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Speaking of Sex Toys.

For face sitting that will have your legs uncontrollably shaking, don’t forget about your favorite sex toys

Have him focus on pleasuring the nerve endings inside your vaginal canal with his tongue while your favorite vibrator takes care of your clitoris. Lean yourself back and arch your spine to open your body up for easy thrusting and easy access to take a free hand and place your toy firm against the upper portion of your vagina.

If you enjoy anal play, then this is a wonderful situation for a butt plug to increase the pleasures of facesitting oral as you ride him, and because he will be far too busy to suck on your nipples, perhaps a pair of nipple clamps can take care of those?

Sitting on his face opens up the doors to a heck of a lot of pleasure, so don’t be afraid to use sex toys in conjunction with this act to capitalize on this situation to provide both of you a sexual experience that you will surely want to repeat again. 


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