Shower Sex Guide.

Nov 25, 2020

What is it about having sex in the shower that just seems so steamy and thrilling? We don’t know, but it can also be hazardous. It’s a phenomenal idea, but if you want to make that dream into a reality, it’s important to get the basics down and avoid in the moment trial and error as much as you can. We’ve put together your best tips to avoid any bad bits and get to the steamy part of shower sex. Read on for more.

Adding variety to your sex life really isn’t that hard. Between the endless combinations of sex positions and the ability to change the location of your lovemaking anytime you so please, all it takes is a little effort to change things up and add an enticing flair to your romantic relationships. 

Even in our own homes, there are so many ways that this can be achieved, so don’t let the excuses win over, as today we’re going to talk about shower sex; and just how/why this soaking wet form of intimacy should be an integral aspect of your sex life. 

Shower sex is simply exciting, and there’s a hell of a lot of reasonings as to why sex in the shower is one of the best ways to effortlessly add a little flavor to the spice of your love, so let’s wait no longer and get right into the dirty details. 

What is Shower Sex?

Shower sex is a term to describe any sexual act of which occurs in the shower. Although the name may be self-explanatory, it is important to note the broad characteristic of this definition. 

You see, shower sex doesn’t have to be only penetrative penile to vaginal intercourse, and there are so many ways that you can utilize shower sex to promote a healthy sex life, whether you are with or without a partner, and regardless of your sexual orientation and gender. 

So aside from only penetrative vaginal sex, shower sex can embody any other form of sexual interaction, such as anal sex, oral sex, foreplay, and solo masturbation

shower sex

Why Should I Have Shower Sex?

Although shower sex might not be the ‘best’ sex you’ve ever had, as you are limited on possible sex positions and time (unless you don’t mind raisin fingers and cold water), it is still a fantastic way to add a bit of change and excitement to your sex life. 

Shower sex will bring you back to those beginning days of your relationship when things were red hot and always invigorating, a reminder of the passion shared for one another, and a reminder that forgetting to act upon this passion is a silly thing to do. 

The change of location creates an alluring aura surrounding the kinkiness of shower sex, and this just might be the jumpstart to your realization that it’s so easy to have a little dirty fun, as all it takes is a simple change of environment to mix things up. 

Aside from the benefits, it will provide to your sex life and intimacy as a whole, many love the erotic, soaking wet, and slippery nature of this experience, as well as the general cleanliness surrounding it. 

The Best Sex Positions for Shower Sex

Shower sex requires a particular set of sex positions, as you simply can’t work your way through the Kama Sutra due to the confinement of the shower, a lack of a comfortable surface to lay down on, and the possible dangers of the slippery floor. 

There are, however, a few go-to shower sex positions that you can always rely on, and that compliment the overall mood and erotic aesthetic of shower sex extremely well. 

In general, the best shower sex positions are those that are standing and/or on the knees. So yup, you guessed it; it just might be time to master your doggy style techniques as you’ll be relying on them quite a lot here.

That being said, although the positions below do work exceptionally well, do note that what works ‘best’ for you will always be personal to your likings, your flexibility and comfortability in tight spaces, and your particular desires in terms of physical stimulation. 

Doggy Style

Doggy style is the staple of shower sex. Because part of the aim of shower sex is to promote kinky behavior and wild, erotic sex, doggy style is the best position to embody this. 

Were not too worried about intimacy here, and with doggy style, both partners involved can enjoy the pure pounding of this enticing shower sex position. And plus, must we mention that perfect view?

The standard doggy style on all fours is excellent. If you choose to add a BDSM-inspired flair of suffocation play to this, have the female face her head underneath the running water. 

For a change of angles, have the partner who is being penetrated lift one leg up to rest on the edge of the bathtub when on all fours. 

And don’t forget about standing doggy style, either, as this is one of the most comfortable and feel-good shower sex positions, and can easily be complemented by a little clitoral stimulation from either partner. 

doggy style position

Riding Cowgirl 

Have the penetrating partner lie on the bottom of the tub with their legs extending towards the showerhead. The mounting partner will then take a position on top, and both can enjoy the unique experience of water falling down their skin as they ride, like making love under a waterfall. 

If you want to make this experience even more unique, the female can wear a white tee shirt in the water for subtle exposure complimented with a teasing nature. 

And remember, riding cowgirl almost always feels better when performed with a kneeling position while remaining on the feet, and not by bringing yourself all the way down to the knees. 


cowgirl for sex in the shower

The Ballet Dancer

Why not try out the ballet dancer for another standing sex position that works great for shower sex? 

The female partner will bring herself to face her man while in a standing position. 

She will then lift one leg higher than the other to create the perfect angle of penetration. The penetrating partner will then move forward, and if he is much taller, may require a slight bend of the knees to meet the right height. 

Using one arm to hold the lifted leg of his partner and the other to stabilize her back and promote balance, he can then lift himself up at the knees from beneath her for lustful and sensual penetration. Both partners can subtly move their torsos for calm, stable, and full sex that feels absolutely incredible when immersed in the steam of a hot shower. 

Take a Seat

If you are fortunate enough to have a place where you can sit down in the shower, then absolutely think to utilize it! 

Toss the shampoo bottles aside to create room for you to sit, and enjoy the various positions that remaining seated allows for. 

Mount him in a forward-facing direction, wrapping your legs tightly around him for a wild ride, or choose to face the opposite direction instead. Facing the other way allows him to wrap his hands around your body to play with your nipples or clitoris, and these seated sex positions allow for both partners to contribute to the thrusting for the epitome of sensation. 

Tips for Shower Sex

To further promote incredible shower sex, heed these tips for when you plan to be ironically clean while getting dirty. 

Safety First!

There are surprisingly a lot of logistics that go in to getting ready for a sexy shower sex session. Sex in the shower can get tricky if you’re not prepared. Since you’ll probably be standing on a wet, slippery surface. As long as you are prepared, it can be a lot less dangerous. You also want to think about water temperature, and make sure you’re both comfortable.

Get a mat – prevent slipping.

You may not think about it, but the bathtub or shower surface can be super slippery. If you’re supporting any weight, of yours or another person, you do run the risk of slipping in the shower. One of the best ways to prevent this is to put a gripper mat down. You can order one of these for a fairly affordable price on Amazon or at Homegoods. Shower mats are designed to help older people get around with less risk of slip and fall, which makes them perfect for you if you’re looking for fun times in the shower with your partner. 

Planning ahead might really help you out when it comes to shower sex. 

Throwing in a non-slip shower mat before is a smart move to help make shower sex a bit less dangerous, and no one wants to spend their sexy time worrying about keeping their balance anyways!

Get wall treads

Shower sex is usually done standing up, so having something on the wall to support yourself is important. Just like your feet on the floor, you can slip and lose support if the bathroom walls are wet and you have nothing to hold on to. You can actually stick some anti-slip tape to the walls for your back, hands, or butt. 

Use the right kind of lube

Water-based lube is nice for toys and etc, but in the shower you’ll already have water pouring on you, so this doesn’t really lead to a well-lubricated experience. Any lubricant you attempt to use is going to wash off, and water alone might not be enough to keep you wet. Water actually washes away your natural lubricant. When you’re in the shower, lube is easily washed away when you are done. Because it’s so easy to wash off, why not use a ton of it?! When in the shower, capitalize on lubrication by using plenty of non-oil-based lubes, and a lot of it! Silicone-based lubes are much better when you’re in the shower, as they have more staying power.


Sometimes practicing a little foreplay before getting into the shower is the right way to go about shower sex. Think about it this way; foreplay might take a while, and by the time you are both turned on, you just might be out of hot water! 

Use the time where you undress to have some fun together, kiss fiercely as you strip down to your skin, and become turned on before getting into the shower. 

Sensory Exploration

 Soap, essential oils, candles- you name it. Have fun using your senses to promote an intriguing aura surrounding shower sex, especially aromas, as this can create a romantic essence to your shower sex that highly promotes the sensuality of the situation. 

Go ahead, make it soapy!

Sex toys in the shower

You can still play with toys in the shower as an adult – in a way that is a lot more fun than the rubber duckies you played with as a child. Whether you want to make things more fun and enjoyable, or just want to try something new, sex toys can really spice things up in all settings. You do want to be sure you are using ones that are waterproof though! Most toys will tell you whether they are or not. If you’re worried about your vibrator, pick up a glass or silicone dildo, so that you know you’re good to go.

Just because you are in the shower doesn’t mean there aren’t plenty of sex toys you can use for some extra fun. 

You don’t want anything with a battery or a motor, so your favorite silicone or glass dildo/butt plug is the best choice for a toy. The shower environment helps to promote conformability with anal sex due to the clean nature, so if you want to practice some anal training, there’s not a better place to do so!

Again, using lube is ultra important. These toys are great but need some slip to make it comfortable for yourself and your partner. You don’t want to feel friction during this! 

These tips and tricks should help make your shower sex experience smooth and easy. Remember, the key is to communicate and take precautions!

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