Should You Buy Sex Toys from Amazon?

May 18, 2022

Should you buy sex toys from Amazon? Yeahhhhh…. NO!!


If you are not living on the moon, you definitely already bought something from Amazon. We order almost everything from Amazon, right? So it’s natural that many people look for vibrators and sex products on Amazon because it’s fast and discreet. However, are Amazon sex toys safe?


The appeal of getting a sex toy from Amazon can be tempting. You see promotional slogans like “Free shipping on orders over $25 and next day delivery”. There are tons of reviews to help you decide, and you don’t have to leave your bedroom to do it. It is mostly cheaper too. These sales tactics easily catch your eye, and you bring out your credit card, happy and eager.  


If you’ve always asked, “are Amazon sex toys safe and worth the risk?” Well, here are reasons why you should avoid sex toys from Amazon.


Why You Should Not Buy Sex Toys from Amazon


You Might Not Get What You Want


I’m sure you might have read about different things going on with Amazon, not just with sex toys but with tons of products in their marketplace. There are many counterfeit and lower quality versions of products being sold there. Why should you buy sex toys from Amazon if you won’t get exactly what you ordered? 


Third-party sellers put up anything on amazon just to make quick bucks. For sex toys, you might end up getting a counterfeit version of a product, or you might get something that is of lower quality. There are many manufacturers there who claim to sell female-specific products without knowing how they work.


Unsafe Materials


The low prices are tempting but trust me, most of these sex toys are made of unknown and dangerous materials that will harm you. Safe sex toys are made of high-quality materials like medical-grade silicone, while counterfeits are made from cheaper and lower-grade materials. 


You might think you are saving money by buying on Amazon, only to get a sex toy that makes you feel sick. Amazon does not specialize in sex toys. That’s why you run the risk of getting counterfeit items. Counterfeit sex toys are more common than you think, and for something you’ll be using on your intimate parts, you definitely want to avoid fakes.


Want to avoid this? Every sex toy in our shop is made of the highest quality, medical-grade silicone and ABS. Girl, we take your health SERIOUSLY. 


ejaculating sex toy

They are often Mislabeled


Sex toys on Amazon are usually mislabeled, whether intentionally or by accident. This means you can end up with a porous sex toy that claimed to be a nonporous or toxic toy that you thought was body safe. You can’t be sure of what’s in a sex toy unless it has been tested in a laboratory. So it is better to order from trusted brands.


Fake Reviews


I’m sure you’ve seen sex toys with great reviews on Amazon. But should you buy sex toys from Amazon? Amazon is swimming with fake reviews that sing the praises of fake products and make them seem more appealing and effective than they are. Sellers hire people to write reviews for their products. So, rave reviews do not mean it’s a high-quality sex toy. The reviewers might not have even tried it. That means even a counterfeit product can have good reviews. Don’t allow the 5-star rating to fool you – it might be a complete rip-off. 


If the Deal Looks Too Good to be True, It Usually Is


You cannot be sure of what you’re going to receive when you pay for a deal that looks too good. It may be a pleasure-filled, intense, and rumbling vibrator or a fake sex toy that will make you numb in split seconds. It might be a silicone toy or one made of cheap toxic rubber. It’s always better to be safe than sorry.


You can’t Return the Product


Amazon’s lists of “Items that Can be Returned” include some personal care orders. And this includes sex toys too. This is a problem. If you get a fake sex toy, you can’t return it.  


Also, because any random person can claim to be a brand on Amazon, the real frustration starts when you experience a problem. Maybe you didn’t get what was displayed. Your toy won’t turn on. It smells weird. It died after first use. 


Legitimate brands will fix these problems when you reach out. Most Amazon sellers probably won’t – especially if the sex toy was ridiculously cheap or shipped from overseas. Not only are you being ripped off the cash you spent, but you also don’t have a functional toy and no way to get a better one without spending more money.


Our Consensus on Buying Sex Toys From Amazon


Should you buy sex toys from Amazon? No, because it’s a gamble. Amazon has many unreliable sex toys with fake reviews and dangerous claims. Even if you find a great sex toy there, who knows exactly what will show up at your front door? One of the most significant issues with buying sex toys from Amazon is uncertainty.


Where to Buy Sex Toys


The best place to get a high-quality sex toy online is through reliable, independent women-owned sex toy companies or directly from the brand. This ensures you are getting an authentic and high-quality product you can trust. 


There are many women-owned sex toys company making waves now. It’s an exciting time for sex tech, and we love to see it. As more women enter the industry, we see innovative toys emerge that address issues that have been brushed under the rug for centuries. From crystal dildos to vibrators that double as a necklace, these sex toys created by women are sleek, functional, and non-intimidating. 

vibrator necklace

Why should you buy sex toys from Amazon when you can get them from the best sex toy brands? When you are looking for a brand new vibe to add to your collection, paying slightly more for quality sex toys from women-owned brands is 110% worth it. When you get sex toys from a company or retailer specializing in sex toys and adult accessories, you can be sure it’s legit. It’s like buying skincare. You could get that name-brand hydrating serum on that random website that popped up in your Google search… but won’t you feel better if you got the products from Dermstore or Sephora? The same thing applies to sex toys.


Buying from one of the best sex toy brands is great if you need help picking the right sex toy. While nothing feels like asking a sales associate for professional help, most online sex toy shops have easy to peruse categories like “vibrators, dual stimulation toys,” “toys for beginners,” and more.


Quick disclaimer: Most reputable sex toy stores offer discreet shipping so that you can shop without hassle. No one wants to order a dildo that screams “OPEN ME NOW, YOU JUST ORDERED THE SEX MASTER” on the box, and these companies are aware of that.


Now should you buy sex toys from Amazon? This article answers that with a clear “no”.


When in doubt, stay away from Amazon – unless you have a few bucks to dash out! You might think you are getting a cheap sex toy with fast shipping. But in reality, you might be setting yourself up for zero pleasure, bacterial infection, and your money and time wasted.


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