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Should you buy an adult toy as gift?

Vibrators and dildos can offer so much fun for their users. Because of this, they can make an amazing gift, and a wonderfully fun new toy for bedroom adventures together. It’s very possible that your partner has wanted one for quite a while, but is way too nervous or apprehensive to ask you about it! This is where intimate gifts can come into play in your favor.

However, buying a vibrator or dildo isn’t exactly always straightforward, because there are a multitude of choices. There are so many types and so much to keep in mind when it comes to buying a toy, especially for someone else.

The first thing to know is that there is a very large difference between vibrators and dildos. Vibrators, as their name suggests, vibrate; they’re typically rechargeable and have multiple settings. Dildos are completely manual, with no vibration or other functions. Some dildos come with a suction cup at one end so that you can stick them to a smooth surface like a wall. Most vibrators do not have a suction cup, but their full of other fun features!

A great way to find out more about these toys is to look at sex blogs, ask friends, and look for online reviews. Other people have such an unbiased opinion, that if you aren’t embarrassed to ask, you can really find a great option (or two!). You can also tell your partner and shop together! This is a great bonding tool, and can really help you discover new likes together. It makes the gift giving experience even more fun and exciting, since you chose something together and know it may be perfect.

Before hopping online or going to your nearest sex toy shop, there are some very important things you should keep in mind.


Prices for these toys can vary widely, so setting a budget for yourself on how much you want to spend is an important first step. Higher quality, body safe materials can cost, so be sure to keep an open mind.


These toys are designed to be extremely pleasurable and have a lot of functions that can be combined, or used individually to make it the best experience for both you and your partner. Some even have heating functions!

The vibrator you choose can have many options – some are designed to stimulate the G Spot, some are supposed to assist clitoral pleasure, and some do both! Rabbit style toys such as the V for Vibes Agrippina are designed to be penetrative and provide incredible clitoral stimulation. They have ears to vibrate. You can also purchase two separate toys, one for penetration and one for exterior stimulation, so you can explore what you and your partner like most and not be committed to one toy.

There are also the more classic style vibrators for directly stimulating the anus or vagina.

Different vibrators also feel different as well. There’s buzzy, moving, fast; all sorts of fun ways to explore during play.

Definitely explore and do research in advance!

Drop any Expectations

Remember that you are buying this for your partner, so don’t just buy something because it looks fancy or cool; everything should serve its purpose. A bullet or a rabbit  is right for some people, but super uncomfortable for others. You won’t know just by guessing or assuming based on your preference, and it really isn’t about you! You shouldn’t  feel obligated to buy a huge, penis looking vibrator; bigger isn’t always best. As they say, great things come in small packages.

Don’t be hesitant to ask your partner what they’d like in a toy and to try it in a variety of ways; bedroom time is fun time!

It seems ridiculous to have to say this, but female masturbation is still frowned upon. So many women believe it’s shameful and embarrassing. How can anyone else find your pleasure if you aren’t willing to find it yourself? Encourage your partner and remind them to be confident in their sexuality.

Masturbation can really allow people to learn more about themselves so that they can help their partner give the same pleasure. Give your partner the opportunity to play with themselves – you can even offer to watch; some women really enjoy this. This will also let your partner play with the new toy without hesitation.

Just remember that when you buy a toy for your partner as a gift, you’re buying it for her. It should be unselfish and have no obligation for her to share it with you or allow you to use it on them. It’s just an extra bonus if they do!

Looking for great toy ideas? Check out V For Vibes for some incredible, body safe options.


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