Best Couples Sex Toy Stores and Products for Online Purchases.

Jan 21, 2024

So, you want to unleash the woman in you? You get a suggestion that sex toys are the way to go. The question is, “How do I go about sex toy online shopping?” Don’t worry about it because we got you covered.


Here at V for Vibes, we dedicate ourselves to ensuring you get everything you need to know. You get info from the best choices irrespective of your sexual inclination. Take note we have tried and tested these brands/products. For this piece, we are going to look at companies that are reputable and renowned.


Keep in mind we’ll also include the best products from specific brands. This will help you make an informed decision. At the same time, you choose where you want to buy them. It’s a “win-win” for you, and we get to keep you informed. Here we go….


Best Couples Sex Toys and Popular Online Stores Where People Buy Them

There are a few major stores where people buy everything. You may be someone who does the same. To help you make the right decision we have made a list. It includes the names of the stores and their popular products. We have tested the products and found them to be of high quality. But, how about customer service, queries, and anything between? Read on to learn more.

Shopping. Sex Toys Online Shopping | V For Vibes

Best for Couples: The Puff Suction Toy

One of the best places to get it is Unbound Babes. Why? This online sex toy website is popular for providing pleasing adult toys.


One of their major selling points is the language they use to give you a product description. They also have a great customer service platform. It’s as good as the one you find at V for Vibes. After all, we recommend the best of the best. They also have a plethora of products. These include everything that caters to everyone. For instance, they cater to a broad spectrum of platforms. They include abilities, sexualities/sexual orientations, and genders.


The Puff Suction Toy is a great example of what they have on offer. It’s recommended for anyone looking for solo, couples, or other types of play. It offers powerful suctions and targeted sensation to the clitoris. Use it for a variety of scenarios that suit your needs.

Shopping. Sex Toys Online Shopping | V For Vibes

Best Couples Reward Program: Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator

PinkCherry is popular for its rewards program. This is why sex toy repeat shoppers and enthusiasts love going online shopping here. Of course, the same offers are available at V for Vibes, with more zhuzh.


The idea of a rewards program is to get “a reward” for every time you shop. On PinkCherry, this works via the points earned. You get to redeem points you have saved for up to $100. This amount is not redeemable. But, you use it by reducing the total redeemable amount of your choice. Isn’t that great?


There isn’t a limit on the adult toys you get point when you ship online. Rack up points as long as you buy toys such as anal and suction toys. V for Vibes has a better platform for couples’ toys. So, are looking for better offers on adult toys? If so, the likes of dildos, suction toys, penis rings, clitoral vibrators, wands, and so forth, go there.


One of the most popular adult toys from PinkCherry is the We-Vibe Unite 2.0 Couples Vibrator. We discovered you use it two ways for the best effect. Either use it to masturbate, or, wear it during the couple’s sex. You end up getting clitoral and G-spot stimulation. 

Hestia- U shaped Vibrator Shopping. Sex Toys Online Shopping | V For Vibes

Best Budget Option: 10-Mode Waterproof Vibrator

We all have come across Amazon at one point or another. This may be the reason why most people think Amazon is the best place to buy sex toys. Hands down it’s the best place for budget sex toys. The reason is the store sells a plethora of products. This means they concentrate on the profit margin and not the consumer.


For example, one of their most popular couples’ sex toys is the 10-Mode Waterproof Vibrator. Don’t get us wrong. It’s a high-quality product. If you check the reviews, you’ll understand why you need to get it from a different store.


One, Amazon uses affiliates to sell products. This means everyone is all after making a sale. Even though a product may be great, you don’t get feedback or insight on various issues. Let us clarify.


If you ask how scenario A can work with the gadget, you don’t get an answer. The general reply is “Please refer to the user manual”. This means, one, they didn’t understand the question. Two, they used an auto-response to answer your query.


To avoid this, go to reputable sites. You can use Amazon and the sites above to get recommendations and reviews. When it comes to buying, go to reputable and specialized stores. Do this if you want value for money and you love your body. Let us break it down…


A site like V for Vibes is a female-owned company. They also have the know-how on female-male and female-to-female. It means it has people on call 24/7 willing to answer your questions. These are people experienced in using any sex toy on their site. They also have personal experience with these toys. They can give you tips and pointers on how and when to use them. Large online shopping stores selling such toys give you generic information. Some may even have a call center to answer your questions. You end up with irrelevant, or at worst, incoherent answers to your queries.

Shopping. Sex Toys Online Shopping | V For Vibes

Why Do Sex Toy Online Shopping At Specialty Stores?

The answer is very simple; transparent, educative, affordable, and high-quality products/services. Any specialty store keeps to a specific niche and sex toy stores aren’t different. These are people who offer one type of product. They can’t afford to mess it up.


This is why they are good are providing high-quality products. It’s the same reason their customer service and delivery services fail. Try checking out the products and services at stores like V for Vibes before you go anywhere. Disappointment is an unheard-of term in such specialty sex toy stores.


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