Best Women Sex Toys to Check Out When Shopping Online.

Jan 14, 2024

There’s a plethora of options when it comes to shopping online for women’s sex toys. They range from penetration toys and strap-ons to vibrators. All these work to provide you with the experience you want.


When you’re in the market for a female sex toy, you need to have some tips. These ensure you have a starting point. Having this kind of information also guarantees you compare new and old products. The following article takes a look at the best brands and sex toys available. It’s designed to help you make a wise decision.


Best Strap-Ons and Dildos

A dildo is a penis-shaped adult toy. You insert it into your anus or vagina. The difference between these products is their functionality. Some are double-ended and some come with suction bases to provide stability. Others come with a design that allows use with strap-on harnesses. This allows for hands-free anal or vaginal penetration. Let’s take a look at the highest-reviewed and most popular options in the market.


Lovehoney Ignite Mini Dildo: Best Beginner Dildo

The Ignite Mini Dildo from Lovehoney is a top suction Dildo. It’s a great option for those looking for something to start their dildo exploration journey and can be easily found when shopping online. . The 4.5” body makes it great for beginners who are trying dildos for the first time. The price is also affordable. 


We discovered that Ignite’s suction base is versatile. You get a variety of options for play when you use it. This allows you to discover your needs and preferences. Look for it at V for Vibes when you are shopping online for female sex toys.



  • Affordable
  • Strap-on compatible
  • Compact and portable



  • Suction strength is low for some users
G-spot Vibrator, G-spot Dildo V For Vibes Adult Toys Near Me - BEST Adult Toy Store near YOU | V For Vibes

Njoy Pure Wand: Best for P-Spot and G-Spot Stimulation

One of the best G-spot and P-spot stimulation dildos, the Njoy Pure Wand, is available for shopping online. We tried it out to confirm what dildo experts and customer reviews say about it. Let’s say the hype behind it is true.


This sex toy is a pure metal dildo that comes with an arched body. The design allows you to angle it for internal massage play with ease. You also get a variety of size weighted balls on each end. They are there to provide you with varying pressure to meet your needs.


We understand that curved adult toys are great for sensitive internal nerve stimulation. Such toys are great for prostrate or G-spot stimulation and Njoy Pure is no different. This adult toy uses stainless steel as it’s material of choice. It’s a material that cools and warms up. Such a feature makes it great for temperature play.



  • Different-sized endings
  • Curved body
  • Easy to clean
  • Discreet



  • Costly

Tracey Cox 4-Piece Pegging Kit: Best Strap-On Set

If you are looking for a strap-on set, you need to try this. It’s a 4-piece set that comes with 3 O-rings, a bullet vibe, and 2 dildos. With such accessories, you get compatibility with a variety of toys and dildos.


Women who are looking for a pegging journey with their partner have to try it. One of the highest reviewers stated the harness is machine-washable. Another stated it can fit hips that are 65 inches. Go to V for Vibes when shopping for this and other options.



  • Cost less than $100
  • Comes with many accessories



  • Some people felt the included bullet isn’t as powerful as they’d like
Best strapless strap on Spes V FOR VIBES

Best Bullet Vibrators and Egg Vibrators

An egg vibrator is a sex toy that fits in your palm. It’s also egg-shaped. You use them all over your erogenous zones or for clitoral stimulation. You can use some inside the vagina. So, bullet vibrators are thinner or slimmer. It’s common for them to have a pointed tip designed for targeted sensation.  Their small size makes them one of the most discreet female sex toys you find when shopping for sex toys. Keep in mind some come as jewelry.


Lelo Lyla 2: Best Egg Vibrator

This is a combination of a bullet and egg vibrator. It’s designed to fit inside the vagina. One of its unique features is the remote control. You don’t need to make a selection when using it. Instead, tilt your hand to switch between the speeds and patterns.


Lelo Lyla 2 comes with different speeds and eight patterns. We found that you can use it solo or with a partner. A buyer stated that it’s a great option for anal play with a partner.



  • Silent
  • Used inside and outside the body
  • Travel lock setting
  • Tilt remote control
  • Rechargeable



  • Pricey
Shopping Online - Best Women Sex Toys to Check Out | VForVibes

We-Vibe Tango X: Best Bullet Vibrator

The Tango X from We-Vibe comes with 7 vibration modes. It also has an angled tip for precision and 8 intensity levels. With such features, the types of play, solo or otherwise, become unlimited. A reviewer stated it’s the best travel sex toy.


The reason is that it is strong, easy to adjust, and portable. The good news is you can use it with a strap-on. This means you get a variety of play options.

Check this and other options while shopping at V for Vibes.



  • Strong
  • Travel-lock setting
  • Discreet
  • Rechargeable



  • Some users find the buttons to be hard to push


Best Butt Plugs

Cone-shaped is what comes to mind when you describe a butt plug. They come with wide bases to prevent them from sliding out of your anus. These adult toys ensure safe anal penetration. They can also remain inside the anus. This means your hands are free to perform other pleasurable things.


Beginners are to start with a small option. Try going for the size of a finger or two if you are a beginner. Once you’re comfortable, you can go for something bigger.


B-Vibe Novice: Best Butt Plug

Novice is a great female sex toy for women new to anal play. Why? Its size is about 3 inches, the same size as a pinky. The great news is it’s also a vibrating butt plug. You also get 15 vibration patterns to suit your moods and needs.



  • Waterproof
  • Vibrating butt plug
  • Remote control
  • Rechargeable



  • More expensive than others in its category
Nyx Vibrating Anal Plug


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