Your Guide to Sexy Role Play.

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Sex is infinite. Explore sexy role play tips and ideas we’ve put together for you.

I mean when you think about it, there are endless ways in which you can go about fulfilling your every desire. When there’s a world of sexual exploration to do, why would you ever hold yourself back from discovering new things, especially when these new things teach you more about yourself and provide a momentary pleasure that lasts into the rest of your days? 

The lives we live are the lives we live, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t choose to live another in an instant, or at least pretend to live another! 

That is why sexy role play is so special, so much fun, and so good for relationships. Because it lets you be anything you want to be and do anything you want to do, a form of sexual satisfaction that only comes from pure expression. 

It just comes down to the fact that hey, your fate didn’t end up making you a cop, but that sure as heck doesn’t mean you can’t pretend to be one to fulfill some kinky fantasies! Role play lets you live out any fantasies you may have, it lets you experience what it is like to be in the shoes of another, and it provides you a chance to create a new version of yourself that is of exactly your dirty liking. 

How to Practice Sexy Role Play.

Roleplay has to start with a conversation. There’s a lot of potential for you to speak on what was once hidden fantasies or kinks, and you simply want to go about this carefully and smoothly. This way you are ensuring that your sexuality is being met in a way that can be appreciated and catered to so that no mental damage is done. 

First, talk about role play as a whole and determine together if it is something that you want to try as a couple. If agreed upon, then you can move into the specifics. 

Chat about the scenarios that you wish to try, and work together on creating a vision of how you plan to create said scenarios. Having a plan will help make sure that things go smoothly because trust me now, nothing can ruin a good role-play session like an awkward silence of wondering what to do next!

All it takes is getting a game plan together before jumping straight in, and ensuring that all of your time and energy can then be placed into the play and your partner. 

Just as equally important is communication before some sexy role play, so is communication during sexy role play. If things aren’t working out how you planned or aren’t turning you on the way you thought they would, or even if you simply feel uncomfortable, then it is absolutely okay to speak up on this!

Getting used to role play can take time, and if you know that you can maintain open and honest communication throughout, you are really doing yourself a favor in terms of getting to a point of comfort that leads to orgasm. 

Once you have your session set up and the story outlined, then all you need next is to determine if you need any outfits, props, and where/when you plan to get things going. 


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5 Sexy Role-Play Ideas.

If you need some sexy role-play inspiration, then here a few ideas that you can use or that you can use to create inspiration for your own fantasies!

The Delivery Boy.

This scenario is one that might make you wish to take up a local job delivering pizzas when you are done. That, and it saves you from picking up dinner that night!

Have the male figure leave to pick up food, and when he returns, that is when the role play begins. Instead of your partner, he is just the delivery boy now, and because you forgot to get cash out of the bank, you are going to have to tip him a little bit differently this time. 

Hands? Mouth? All the way?

Well, that one is entirely up to you and just how good of a night you wish to give your delivery boy.

It’s Nice to Meet You.

In terms of sexual relationships, some of the most fun and exciting aspects about them lie in the spontaneity and the ‘new’ or ‘fresh’ feeling that surrounds them. If you are able, no matter how long you have been with your partner, to keep that feeling alive, then your love life will blossom for eternity. 

A wonderful way to create this very feeling is to pretend as though you have never met. Set up a location that you plan to both be at during the same time, like a bar, and go on as if your eyes have never met before. Have fun coming up with your character, and use your character as the basis for surprise or mystery to your partner.

You can literally be anyone you want to be, so think both internally of the things that would turn you on and also externally of the things that your partner might like, and enjoy living out this sexy role play fantasy. 

Porn Stars.

Sure, there oftentimes doesn’t appear to be much of a spiritual connection between porn stars when they are on the shoot, but that doesn’t seem to stop them from having wild and crazy sex that triggers all those special spots just right.

And maybe that’s why it appears to be so enticing and alluring, as sometimes it is nice to strip down the emotional barriers of connection and simply have sex to have sex for all the feel-good it provides your body.

For a wonderful sexy role play idea, simply pretend that you are both two professional porn stars on the shoot. Have sex with one another with no restraint, focusing less on love and more on the complete pounding. 

Finish this one off with an over-the-top cumshot, and you’ll be feeling as though you just shot a video worthy of reward.  

We Aren’t Alone.

Sometimes it’s a lot of fun when you have no other choice but to remain completely quiet, or else you just might get caught by a wandering eye. 

If you need a sexy role play idea, try pretending as though you must remain as quiet as possible or else you will get caught. By forcing a silence you focus only on the intimate and quiet feelings, the slow and deep thrusting that results in soaking wet sheets. 

But hey, screw the sheets, and take this even further by having sex as quietly as possible in a room other than the bedroom to add to the element of being naughty where you aren’t supposed to and the chance of getting caught is raised. 

The Private Driver.

With transportation apps more common than ever, this one is a fantasy that you and your partner can easily fulfill. 

Begin with one of you as the driver and the other as someone who simply needs a ride. But along the way, you just can’t help but touch yourself in the backseat. And the closer you get to your destination, the closer you get to reaching climax

Until the driver finally notices and offers you a little help, so you pull over and prop those seats back so that all of your naughty urges can be met. 

When done, you are simply dropped off and head on your ‘separate’ ways. 


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