A Sexy Goodnight. How to Have Amazing Phone Sex and a Sexy Goodnight.

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Distance might make the heart grow fonder, but it sure as heck does not make you any less horny. When your partner leaves you for an extended period of time, you are only left with two valid options for getting yourself off. 

You can go the solo route, throw on some porn, and pull out your favorite erotic sex toy to satisfy your cravings through a self-love orientated approach. After all, masturbation is extremely important and healthy, especially when in a relationship, and if an alone time like this pops up, you should absolutely capitalize on it.

I mean, some of the best orgasms are the ones we give ourselves, are they not?

But then, after a while, you will surely miss your partner, and the pure sensuality that they provide to your senses, and the idea of having some form of phone sex just might pop into your head. 

Phone sex is somewhat rare, and couples should always take an opportunity to try it out when an opportunity arises. With modern technology, we are left with a few awesome methods of which do nothing but make this an extremely pleasurable situation, including texting, phone calls, and video calls. 

Each is special for its own reason, so let’s get into the best ways to have one heck of a sexy goodnight through the different methods!


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Sexting is a fun way for couples to build sexual tension and arousal when not with one another. The great part about sexting is that it can be done any time and anywhere, as it is quiet and discreet, and the prolonged personality of sexting conversations ends up creating a unique form of edging for incredible climaxes

With sexting, you have plenty of time to think about exactly what it is you want to say, so take your time with your messages and be creative. The more “book” like and fantasy-driven you make the writing, the more alluring the lust for the real thing becomes. 

When sexting, it’s true, you are texting. But you don’t want your writing to look like normal texts. Abbreviations like ‘ILY’ need to be tossed away, as that just isn’t sexy and instead write out entire thoughtful sentences. 

There is not another situation that exists where you can say all the dirty thoughts you have to say while taking the time to think about how you want to get your message across, so use sexting as a way to showcase your dirty side in a manner that allows you to approach it without a rushed mind. 

Although you might know your loved one better than anybody, sexting still feels good because there is no face to face interaction. This response helps to break down a lot of barriers and allows you to feel more comfortable showcasing your inner thoughts, so sexting might help you learn more about what desires you may hold deep inside yourself. 

Don’t be shy, as remember, the more x-rated your texts the hotter things get, and you want to create scenarios of imagination in your partner’s head that help them to reach orgasm should they be away, reading your messages as a beautiful sex toy dildo reminds them of you.


sexy good night,Sexting, Phone Sex, Video Sex Call, hot good night messagessexy goodnight meme, erotic good night, sexy good night message, hot good night

Phone Sex

Phone sex is a lot more direct than sexting, which can be both a good and a bad thing. For starters, the direct nature of the conversation will make you think on your toes. If you are planning on having sex over the phone, then absolutely take the time to script out some of the things you have to say. 

It’s not cliche and it’s not embarrassing, after all your partner will have no idea, and it simply keeps your mind on track for the love language. Nobody likes to choke on their words, and finesse with language can be quite the turn on to some, so just go ahead and write down a few of the more elegant phrases and erotic topics so that there is never an awkward pause of thinking. 

The thing about phone sex is that there is no physical touch, so any arousal must be derived from the spoken word. Because of this, it is essential to think a little dirtier and naughtier than you maybe would in an in-person setting. Again, the phone acts as a barrier to feel more comfortable shedding down a few layers, so use this to your advantage. 

You know your partner and their turn-ons best, as well as your own, so make sure to use those to build a lot of the conversation around those things that turn them on the most, even if it feels a little taboo or weird!

Your voice is going to be the star of the show, so it’s never a bad idea to try and practice the tone of which you are going to maintain while on the phone.


sexy good night,Sexting, Phone Sex, Video Sex Call, hot good night messagessexy goodnight meme, erotic good night, sexy good night message, hot good night

 Your ‘sexy’ voice, so to speak. 

Phones inevitably change the way our voice sounds, and it might be worth perfecting it on video before things really get going, ending it with a sexy and enticing sexy goodnight wish to your partner a nice sleep after they climax.

Simply be yourself, but also be confident in your sexuality, and phone sex can be one heck of a turn on that allows for an interesting touch on partner masturbation as well as a tease for when their skin is once again in front of you. 

Video Call Sex

If you are one for live-action visuals, and you simply cannot get enough of your partner’s body, then video call sex while they are away might be your go-to way of fulfilling your desires. 

Video call sex can be extremely hot and dirty, and that is why it’s so much fun because it is just one touch away from the real thing. That, and watching your partner expose themselves on the camera to you is always going to be a turn on. 

Start slowly with your video call to build confidence, especially if it is your first time. 

You don’t need to ring them up already in the nude! 

Instead, take the time during the call to tease and slowly bring yourself closer to exposure. The anticipation will drive your partner crazy in the best of ways, and it will help you feel more comfortable showing skin on camera. 

Using this time as a striptease, in general, will create a very enticing and alluring atmosphere, and the desire of wanting more will turn into the need to do something about it. 

And by doing something about it, we mean taking it to the next level. 

The better you are with the camera the better the views, so keep this in mind, as you are each technically creating a ‘show’ for one another. Try practicing a few of the angles beforehand so that you know what looks the best and how to best show off your body. 

Live videoing yourself using a toy will drive one another crazy. Masturbation is often left for only ourselves, so by showcasing it live to your partner on video, this form of trust creates newfound forms of intimacy. And usually, the more intimate things are, the better the sex. Even if it is on the phone. 

Simply remain confident through the entire video call, and remember, you are both in this together and you have done all of this in person, so there should be no reason to feel shy or reserved. Of course, it is different, but have fun exploring this side of each other and you will surely come to like facetime sex quite a lot. 

Communication is key, and before something like this, you might want to talk to your partner to make sure it is something that they feel comfortable with. You really do need to be prepared to take your clothes off in front of a camera, so never make this a surprise. They want to look good for you as much as you do for them, so give both of yourselves plenty of time in advance to prepare and get ready to enjoy the unique orgasms that are about to come. 


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