Sexy Gifts for Her: Your All-Inclusive Guide.

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It’s never too early to think of a Christmas gift to get for your partner. There’s a lot you might want to express; that you care about her, that you want to spend the rest of your life with her, that you appreciate her efforts, and so on. But how about a gift that says, ‘I want you?’. You can’t go wrong with letting her know she’s desired, and one of the sexy gifts for her from this list should do the trick. 

Oh, and the best thing is that you can benefit from the gift too, if you know what I mean. Don’t wait and start planning today. 

New Sex Toy

Christmas is about sharing love with your friends and family, but there’s one form of love you should pay attention to this season: pleasure. 

There’s no better way to treat your partner than adding a new sex toy to her collection – a definition of thoughtful and practical. If she’s already an avid sex toys user, try upgrading to new models on the market or look for something that can give her masturbation sessions a little twist. 

For example, if she’s into butt play, consider getting her a butt plug with a tail. If she’s on the other end of the spectrum and the world of self-pleasure is still foreign to her, help her explore it by starting from the classics. Do her clitoris a favor and get a rabbit vibrator. It’s the best sex gift as it comes with a few different speeds and modes, which will help her learn more about her body and hopefully have a very orgasmic Christmas. And don’t forget to throw a cleaning spray and scented lubes in a gift bag too.

anal plug set

Erotic Massage

Holidays can be stressful, especially for women. Their role is often to take care of everything; getting their loved ones presents, sorting out decorations, cleaning the house, cooking dinner… Sometimes Christmas is only peaceful on postcards, and the only pleasure a woman gets is when it’s finally over. 

But here’s how you can help your partner survive this season and even relax a bit in the process: an erotic massage. You don’t have to be an expert, but watching a few tutorials will guarantee she’s satisfied. The right atmosphere is also half of the success: don’t be afraid to go overboard with candles and dim lighting. Start slow and massage your partner’s body with your thumb in a circular motion. Make sure to give her whole body attention and avoid moving onto the erogenous zones straight away. And remember to use a special body oil that will soothe her skin and ignite her senses. 

Erotic Novel 

Do you know that female orgasm mainly happens in the brain? While men respond better to visual stimulation, women can experience arousal from reading about something erotic and even reach orgasm without touching themselves. If you want to turn her on and make her crave physical intimacy, an erotic novel is the best way to achieve that. As badly written as 50 Shades of Grey is, it fulfills its role well (once you get past the cringe stage, that is) and can open the door to new possibilities such as power play and BDSM. Just make sure to learn about them from a more reliable source. An erotic novel should be a fantasy, not a guide. When your partner starts reading the novel, give her space. She’ll come to you. 

Sexy Outfits

Sexy gifts for her can be beneficial for both. Picture this: your partner enters the bedroom wearing lingerie she got from you. Your body responds to it immediately, and you can see that things are about to get hot and heavy. But the best part of it? She’s glowing because of how sexy and powerful she feels. 

Kill two birds with one stone and get your partner a sexy outfit. It might not be as practical as a pair of warm socks, but it sure can heat things up. You can buy her pretty lingerie that can be worn for special occasions or a costume that will make your roleplaying sessions a lot more exciting. Think of what she likes in bed and what she wears daily, and choose an outfit based on her preferences. Or you can always get two. No woman would be upset about that.

sexy gifts for her

Lap Dance  

The next on the list of sexy gifts for her is a lap dance. Who says lap dance is only dedicated to men? The great thing about lap dances is that they leave your partner feeling special and wanting more. Even if your partner thinks she’s not into that, it’s the element of surprise that counts. 

Sit her down and play sensual music, then begin with slow hip movement. You don’t have to be Magic Mike but make sure not to grind on her too vigorously and keep eye contact to make it more intimate. And don’t forget to tease her; let her feel your breath on her neck, and don’t allow her to kiss you until you’re done.  

Night at a Hotel

Even the most adventurous sex life is bound to get stale if you just do it at home. No matter what kind of sex you’re into, a bit of romanticism won’t hurt, and she’ll definitely appreciate the effort. Sexy gifts for her don’t have to come in a box:

  1. Book a hotel room and add something a little extra to make the atmosphere more inviting.
  2. Prepare a bottle of wine and light a scented candle.
  3. Don’t forget the Christmas lights – now that says festive and sexy.
  4. Make sure you have enough time set aside to enjoy each other’s company without interruptions.
  5. Consider turning off the electronics; make it special by focusing all your attention on her. 

Improve your Technique

This is pretty self-explanatory. The best kind of sex gift is good sex. Reflect on your technique and read sensual cunnilingus tutorials even if you think you’ve already mastered all the tricks. Next time you have sex, try extra hard and focus on her until she’s satisfied. 

Kama Sutra Cards

Gifts don’t have to be about grand romantic gestures. They can also be playful. One of the best kinky gifts for her is Kama Sutra cards that can spice up your lovemaking session. Just as the name suggests, they’re cards with sex positions on them. You can either invite your partner to join the game or leave some of them scattered around the house to hint at what’s to come later. 

If both you and your partner are adventurous in bed, it will be a great sex gift. You can always go a step further and make the cards yourself. She’ll appreciate the time and effort you spent on the present, and you’ll get to introduce sex positions you’ve always wanted to try. If you’re into DIY, there are many other options you can go for. For example, you could make her a collar, bake naughty cupcakes or give her a jar filled with cards that say what you love about her and what you’d like to do to her. 

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