Sexy Date Ideas to Build Intimacy.

Sep 5, 2021

“We’re so busy!”.

We get it. Life really does know how to get in the way of a wondrous date night! Our schedules are filled with work, meetings, the gym, and social commitments. Before you know it, another month has passed, and you’ve skipped out on date night again! These things happen, but in order to have a fulfilled relationship, you must set out the time for a sexy date night. 

Building intimacy with your loved one, regardless of how long you have been together, is fundamental. Clearing your schedule for some spicy fun will strengthen your relationship and provide the opportunity for some passion and sexual fulfillment. Remember what it was like at the beginning of your relationship? Or the first time you met your friend with benefits? Igniting that spark is a great way to stay connected emotionally and sexually. 

As yourself, when was the last time you had a sexy date night? If it’s been more than a month, it’s time to get planning. Date night doesn’t mean a three-course meal, a string quartet, and a dozen red roses (if that’s your thing, go right ahead!). Instead, setting time aside for one another can be exciting, sexy, and downright dirty! 

Of course, romance isn’t dead; we still love to dig out those mega high heels, red lipstick and spritz our favorite perfume for date night. However, why not use this time as a way to build on intimacy? Date night doesn’t have to be a movie and a cocktail (hold the tail!); it can be an incredible opportunity of self-discovery and a way to experience some raunchy activities. So what do we mean by sex date? Planning a date to have sex isn’t really what we mean. Of course, we hope it ends that way, but there are many other ways to experience intimacy whilst spending good old quality time together. 

Choosing activities that align with your shared values is a great way to celebrate your relationship. We’ve come up with several scenarios that will guarantee intimacy and a prolonged sex life

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Sexy Date Night Ideas


Roleplay is the way! 

Why not turn your evening date night with some kinky role play? Spending some time away from your usual selves is a great way to play pretend as adults. The opportunity to dress up, re-enact a wild fantasy or experience some escapism is a great way to spice things up in your sex life. Learning how to experiment with one another is a fabulous way to build intimacy and trust. There are no rules; you can play pretend as much as you want.

Have you always fantasized about a secretary/boss relationship in the office? All you have to do is set the scene! With some added props and some improv, you can experience your alter-egos whilst boosting endorphins and your sex drive

You probably know your other half pretty well, right? Why not forget you even know them? We don’t mean completely! Pretending to be strangers is a really sexy way to imagine yourselves meeting for the first time. Not only is there a chance for you to strip your clothes off later in the evening, but you can also strip yourselves of being uptight. Being completely vulnerable with each other is a great way to improve intimacy and create a spark that may have dimmed a little. 

Remind yourselves of why you want to have a date night. It’s probably because you quite like each other! So invest the time and effort into making an effort- it will really pay off.

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Frisky Al Fresco! 

Why not take things to the next level and arrange a sexy date outside? The beach, somewhere secluded….even in the back of your car! Bringing the bedroom outdoors can be an exhilarating experience and a chance for you to work on your playful and cheeky side. 

Try not to get caught in the process! Sex outside feels free, breezy, and naughty, which can make for the perfect sex date. Use this as an opportunity to create sexy memories with your other half that you can talk about and share over time, and think of using a remote control vibrator in public for some sensational hands-free fun. 

Allowing yourself to be open, vulnerable, and intimate with your other half will enhance your connection with each other. To keep the spark, it’s important to be adventurous by thinking outside the box. Generic date ideas are great, but spicing things up feels even better. 

The ultimate goal is to have a long and fulfilled relationship, whether that’s emotionally, physically, or mentally. Spending time with each other and setting time aside for a sexy date will really open your eyes to the importance of intimacy. It allows you to be fully present and available to experience one another’s company, contributing to a stronger relationship. 

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Do it for each other. 

Full-blown penetrative sex aside, a sexy date can be so much more. Dressing up for each other can be a great way to rekindle your initial spark and can be a visual reminder of just how hot you find each other. 

Dressing up for each other shouldn’t just be a thing when it comes to weddings and events. For the ladies, dig out that old little black dress or those killer heels. For the guys, spending time preparing some romantic gestures or applying your best cologne can be really worthwhile. Taking the time to apply makeup or your sexy clothes reminds you that you are doing it for your relationship, for each other. 

Humans are biologically wired for connection. Being intimate with a loved one brightens our mood but also promotes physical longevity. Groups of neurotransmitters such as oxytocin, dopamine, and sertraline are released in the body, which makes us feel amazing. 

When we connect with the person that we love, we release all of these happy hormones which make us feel better, more alive, and more in-tune with our surroundings. 

Sexual and emotional intimacy is super important in your relationship, and there are many things that you can do to promote this. Arranging a sexy date with your partner is the epitome of physical intimacy. This physical intimacy is generally more important than emotional, mental, and spiritual intimacy. Pleasuring your partner is a worthy expression of physical intimacy, just like massage, kissing, touching, and holding hands. All of these factors are super important areas to experiment with when you’re on your sex date. The magical ingredient to creating a deep connection lies in the efforts that you both put in. 

It’s not always about the big, grand gestures. It can be as simple as an overnight getaway for some kinky sex or a drive to a secluded area for some naughty fun. The most important thing is that time is put aside to enjoy these activities. Through willingness, trust and vulnerability, you have the ingredients to create something magical in your relationship. Go on, pen something in that diary! 


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