How to Give a Sexual Exploration Massage.

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Who doesn’t love a massage? Right?! 


Massages are great for making your body relax and get rid of tension in your muscles that have been put there by the stress of adulting in the 2020’s. And what goes hand in hand with relaxation? Sex, of course! 


Tension and sex do not go well together, so one of the best ways to get yourself in the mood for sex is to include a message in your sensual foreplay. And you can customize your massage for whatever you have planned during sex. 


Want to do anal? Include some light anal play in your massage. Are you going to be doing a BDSM scene? Crack out the Wartenberg Wheel for some stimulating sensations. Whatever you have planned, this is how to give a great sexual massage…

BDSM Pinwheel

1. Prepare


The trick to a great massage is a calm, relaxing environment and great massage oil. Why do you think a spa is so atmospheric with calming music and tealights everywhere? They want to create a relaxing vibe. The same goes for a massage in foreplay


You want your partner to be as relaxed as possible, so dim the lights, light some sensual-smelling candles—try sandalwood, oud, jasmine, ylang-ylang, or pure vanilla—and put some blankets or towels down on the bed or couch. 


Massage oil is key to giving a good massage as it helps with friction. Try a massage without it and then one with it, and tell us which option you’d pick. Trust us; you need the oil. There are plenty of massage oils on the market now, so take your pick!


2. Get your Partner Naked


Massages are best done naked so that you’re not fiddling with bra straps or jeans midway through the massage. You could even make the undressing part of your foreplay. Sensually and slowly peel their clothes off, kissing them in between. This alone will turn your partner on. 


Once they are fully naked, slowly begin to direct them to where you’re going to be massaging them.


3. Start with a normal massage


It goes without saying you shouldn’t just go straight to the good stuff. You need to build up the relaxation and their pleasure, so start with all of the normal places like their back, shoulders, legs, etc. To ramp up the sensations, why not use a massage wand? Alternating between your hands and the vibrating of the wand will be sure to tantalize their nerve endings. After a while, and when you can see your partner has fully relaxed, you can move on to more sexy things.

venus wand massager

4. Spice Up the Massage


Once you can see that your partner is calm and relaxed, now is the time to start spicing the massage up:


For a woman: Start with her lying on her stomach and run your hands down to her butt and massage the cheeks. Now slip your hand underneath her and gently caress her vulva, sliding a finger into her vagina if you want to. If your partner is into butt play, gently tease their anus. 


Listen to your partner’s reaction (they should definitely be reacting by now) and adapt your technique to how they respond. Next, ask her to turn over onto her back. Go back to massaging her ‘vanilla’ style, focusing on her head, neck, and shoulders. Go down to her legs and feet and then go back up to her top half. Caress her jaw and kiss her sensually, trailing your fingers down her neck to one of her breasts. 


Without touching her nipple initially, trail your fingers around her breast in concentric circles, getting closer and closer to her nipple. Gently graze the nipple with one finger and start moving it back and forth and then in circles. If she wasn’t reacting before, she definitely would be now.


Repeat the same thing with her other breast, and gradually start stimulating her breasts simultaneously. If you want to lick and suck at her nipples, now is the time to do so. Or you could save that for later, of course. What you do next is up to you. From this point, you could finger your partner or even move on to sensual cunnilingus.


For a man: Start with them on their back as above. Move your hands down to their butt and massage their cheeks. If they’re into butt play, slip a finger inside their anus and stimulate them there. Slip your fingers further down and caress their perineum. 


This is often a forgotten part of a man’s anatomy, and it can really add another layer of pleasure for them. 


Next, if you have breasts, take off your top and bra (if you’re still wearing any clothes) and straddle his thighs. Place your wrists on either side of his upper arms and lean down to sensually graze your breasts over his back. He will definitely moan at this. 


You could even add a kiss on his neck, too, if you’re feeling extra generous. 


Next, get him to flip over onto his back and continue with some normal massage before moving down to his penis and groin area. Gently caress his balls, blow on his penis, and tease his perineum again. You could either move on to a blow job or a hand job from here. Or you could take things a step further and straddle him.

sexual exploration massage

Our Sexual Exploration Massage Accessory Wish List…


  • Nature’s Green Hemp Candle: Light this candle, and the room will be filled with sensual sandalwood, alluring amber, and relaxing cedar.
  • Aurora Dual-Head Dildo and Massaging Wand: This vibrator is two toys in one! It features a bulbous head that functions as a massage wand for either partner. Flip it around, and you have a vibrating dildo that you can tease your vagina-having partner with.
  • Terra – The Ultimate Wartenberg Wheel: If you’re into BDSM, you need to have a Wartenberg Wheel. Introduce a little bite to your sensual massage with this little beauty. 


The Climax…

Massage is a great way to make someone feel relaxed and ready to have sex. But just because it’s leading to sex doesn’t mean that the message should be totally sexual. Start off vanilla and give their body a good treat before going to their more sensitive areas. Set up the environment nicely, light some candles, and you’ll be well on your way to giving the best sexual massage ever. What happens next is up to you.



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