Sexting Tips for Beginners.

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We’ve talked a lot about sexting, like how to make sexting messages for him fun, curating a guide to sexting, and even providing you dirty talking examples to use while sexting. And although these are all essential pieces to completing the sexting puzzle, if you are a total newbie to phone-based sexual practice, then you still might have questions about how to really get started with sexting. 

Sexting tips for beginners don’t have to be difficult or scary, and with a few pieces of easy-to-follow advice, you will feel comfortable with doing so in no time! So stick around to learn more about this exciting, electrifying form of foreplay and virtual sex. 

Sexting Tips for Beginners

Below you will find some of the easiest to implement pieces of advice and strategies of sexting tips for beginners. Follow along, and you’ll go from beginner to pro in absolutely no time!

  • The Progression of Sexting

Sexting, when done full-throttle, is wild, dirty, and a hell of a lot of fun. But chances are, if you’ve never sexted with your partner before, you will be a little intimidated. The key to gaining comfortability is to simply progress slow and steady!

When beginning your sexting journey, no one size fits all, and subtle sexting is just as effective and euphoric as extreme sexting. To start slow, begin by sending compliments with hints of sexuality. Compliment your partner on how beautiful and sexy they looked today, tell them how much you miss them, express your internal desire to hold them in your arms the second they are home. 

By first focusing on your love and intimacy, both partners will feel that tickle of bubbly excitement begin to form within. After a few days or weeks of these cute, romantic forms of sexting, the journey into more progression will become natural and effortless. 

sexting tips for beginners
  • Talk About Sexting

One of the best ways to lower the intimidation level of sexting for beginners is to be mature about the practice and to talk to your partner!

By being open and honest in your approach, you knock down any barrier of sexting fear that might lay in front of you. Ask your partner if sexting is something they have done before (and please, toss the jealousy aside, we’re all human!), as knowing that they have done this in their past will help you to feel comfortable in knowing they are accepting of this practice.

Bring up the idea of sexting to them the next time they have a solo outing planned, such as a work trip, so that deep down, you may both expect sexting to occur when both of you are away. 

Talking is also an excellent means to learn specific styles of conversation that they enjoy, such as: do they like being as kinky as possible, or would they rather keep it romantic, sweet, and sexy?

  • Place Yourself in Their Shoes.

When looking into sexting tips for beginners, you might not really know what types of things to say or what styles of conversation to ensue. A great way to negate this is by placing yourself in your partner’s shoes. You know them well, so use your knowledge as a driving force to your sexting. 

If you were them, what kinds of messages do you think they would like to receive? Remember, they are the ones receiving the messages, and you are sending them to promote their distant pleasure

For example, is your man specifically fond of your oral skills? If so, use this to your advantage! Translate your ability to provide the epitome of oral sex into words and sentences, telling the story of precisely how you plan to suck them dry the second they get home. 

By focusing on their sexual likes and preferences and by placing yourself in their shoes, you can direct the conversation according to exactly their deepest desires, a great way to get them engaged and excited about what is soon to come. 

  • Be in Charge

Nothing is more awkward than stagnant sexting. When it comes to sexting for tips beginners, awkwardness is all too common, as more often than not, the partner that initiates the sexting (most likely in this case, you) is somewhat expected to keep the conversation rolling. With that in mind, be in charge! 

If you want to sext, then show you want to sext. Never allow the conversation to dwindle, and be somewhat aggressive in your approach if that’s what it takes. Command the ship, and you will sail to whatever island of pleasure you so wish. 

Being in charge allows you to focus on what they want to hear, and it also allows you to direct the conversation so that your own sexting desires are met. It makes your partner feel so good about the fact that you are so adamant about them and your shared sexuality that you simply cannot wait to continue your intimacy, even if it is behind a cell phone!

sexting tips for beginners
  • The Best Place to Sext

In the end, there’s never really a bad place to sext. Even if your partner is sitting right beside you, you can still send them a sweet, sexy, and dirty text about how you are pulsing for them inside of you!

With that being said, the best place to sext is, of course, when you are apart from each other, as it builds trust and promotes desire for prolonged foreplay. 

Any time they are away, whether on a trip, at the office, or even something simple such as at the grocery store, is a perfect time to initiate sexting. For even more fun, try doing it when you are in public together so that you can have a kinky conversation in conjunction with your normal conversation, such as over a dinner (the waiter doesn’t have to know your plans, but your man can!). 

Doing so while at a family gathering is such a stimulating means to add a tasty spice to your love life, and who doesn’t love watching their partner look up from their phone with a lustful, alluring glare in their eyes?

  • Sexting Nude Pictures

Many sexting tips for beginners question whether sexting nude photos is a suggested practice or not. The truth is that if you are in a sexually open relationship, then of course it is! It might seem scary sending a nude picture for the first time if you’re a beginner, but trust us- you will make their day!

A great way to initiate sexting is to send them a teasing photo, not fully nude. This sparks a fire in them that you can continue to ignite and is such an excellent means to progress right into the dirty talk. Ask them if they want to see more or how badly they want to rip your clothes off, and in no time, your messages could be an excerpt right out of a steamy romance novel.

Nude photos also provide them visual cues of which they can use to masturbate to (as long as you are comfortable with that), and doesn’t that seem better than them watching pornography anyways? Besides, sexting isn’t as fun when it leads to achy genitals wishing for more, and nude photos can turn sexting from foreplay all the way into the real deal. 

This seriously builds your relationship, makes you stronger as a couple, and creates newfound highs to your desire for each other. 

  • Sexting Conversations.

Sexting tips for beginners are great, but in the end, you need sexting conversations to get started and to keep things boiling with desire. 

If you are a beginner at sexting, then sometimes planning out your sexting conversations ahead of time will do you some serious fun. Not only is planning them out enjoyable, as you can do so with a nice glass of wine and even your favorite sex toy while you pass the time until they are home; but it also makes the sexting run smoothly. 

Use your favorite Literotica or kinky movies as inspiration for your conversations. Use what you know about your partner and your sex to curate your plan of dirty talk. Read kink blogs so that you can use sexting as a means to discover more about your partner. 

Because you aren’t face to face, more often than not, this creates a comfortability that allows them to express things they may not otherwise say to you (it’s okay to be shy!). 

By planning everything out ahead of time, you are guaranteeing yourself that you will maintain control during all sexting conversations and that both yourself and your partner will have the absolute best time possible!

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