Sexting and Sex Toys, the 2022 Guide.

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 If you’re in a long-distance relationship, you are probably already aware that you need to bring your a-level sexting game in order to keep the fire alive. But, a lesser-known hack for long-distance relationships is sex toys. Using them together can add a new dimension to your usual routine, and it can help you feel closer, too. 

Sexting in 2021 and Beyond

Sexting is a fun way to connect with your partner when you’re not together. Longing and anticipation are cornerstones of desire, so sometimes, the time you spend apart can add to the heat of your sex life. But longing can turn into frustration if you don’t have a place to direct it. Here’s where sexting comes in handy. Take all those lusty thoughts you’ve had about your partner and share them with them! Of course, you should always ask first so that you don’t accidentally interrupt them at an inopportune time at work. But talking about what you wish you were doing together sparks the imagination, which is often even hotter than reality.

The Perfect Sex Toys to Pair With Your Sexts

Once your partner is on-board with sexting, you could incorporate some sex toys. Sex toys are fun, and they offer different sensations than you’re used to. And the most technologically advanced sex toys can even make long-distance sex more interactive and more intimate at the same time. 

Bridge the physical distance through teledildonics 

Teledildonics uses haptic technology, which allows you to transmit sensations over the Internet using a specific app paired with a sex toy. A rousing way to stay connected is to get a vibrator that your partner can control with an app. Then, while you’re sexting, your partner will have complete control over the sensations you feel, adding in an extra layer of connectedness.

Some vibrators are wearable, meaning you could go out for a night of secret, illicit fun that no one has to know about except you. Long-distance prostate vibrators are available, too, for those who have P-spots that desire stimulation. Some sex toys have “playlists” that you can save, with smart technology that remembers the rhythms and intensities you chose. So, if your partner particularly enjoys one of your sessions, you can file it away and do it again next time. Couples’ sex toy sets that are interactive can make it feel like you’re in the same room together. As with everything else tech-related, make sure you buy from a company you trust so that your information doesn’t get misused. 

If you would prefer something simple, look for a hands-free vibrator or stroker. Hands-free sex toys can help you focus on two things at once. After all, it can be hard to sext if you’re using both your hands for something else. These are sometimes cheaper than going the teledildonic route, which is an additional incentive. People with certain disabilities that affect their grip will also love these toys. 

Finding Someone to Sext

Even if you’re not in a long-distance relationship, you can still break out the sex toys and find someone to sex with. Sexting with the added enhancement of sex toys can make for a distinctive experience, and it shouldn’t be reserved solely for people with partners. So, if you want to give it a try, just find a site that can connect you with a sexting buddy. But don’t forget to check their privacy policy—some sites are more discreet than others. You want to be sure that your information stays under wraps and that your conversation won’t come back to surprise you later. And most importantly, find a sexting site that verifies the age of all of its users so that you know you are chatting with a willing adult.

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