The Must-Have Toys For Sex Workers.

Mar 5, 2024

Sex toys are often considered a luxury, but for sex workers, they are more like a necessity. They not only help them to do their jobs, but to ensure that they have a great time while doing them!


But which toys are truly must-haves? We chatted to one of Slixa’s escorts in Manchester to delve into her go-to goodies. Here are some of the top necessities she couldn’t live without. 

A Classic Bullet

Whether you’re a sex-toy novice or a seasoned pro, chances are you’ve owned a bullet at some point in your life. They’re one of the most popular sex toy choices, and for good reason! 


When it comes to sex toys, few can match the versatility of a classic bullet vibrator. It’s small, discreet, and portable, making it the perfect partner for on-the-go pleasure seekers.

The Must-Have Toys For Sex Workers. | V For Vibes

Why They’re Popular With Sex Workers

Sex workers, particularly escorts, are required to travel for work. From city-to-city commutes to flights across the world for bookings, two days are never the same. 


This means that bulky, heavy toys often don’t fit the bill. And that’s where the bullet comes in handy! 


An escort can slip a bullet like the Proserpina into her bag without the worry of it weighing her down. Or worse, being faced with awkward questions at customs.


So, if you’re looking for a low-key first toy or you’re constantly moving from one location to another, bullets get the sex worker’s seal of approval!

A Remote-Control Sex Toy

The use of remote-control sex toys has taken the sex industry by storm. From experimenting with their controls to taking them for a spin in public, ever more people are exploring their endless possibilities by the day. 


And what’s more, sex workers have recognised this growing trend, and have even gotten on board themselves! Their use makes for an exciting and liberating experience where your partner is in total control of your pleasure.


The Manchester escort we spoke to stated that an increasing amount of gentlemen are asking them to be incorporated into their services:


‘My clients are showing me videos of women using these toys out and about and asking if I can do the same. And not gonna lie, I really enjoy it! It’s exciting putting on a straight face whilst I’m having the orgasm of my life!’


For couples looking to spice up their sex life, these types of toys are a great option. They are a rising star in the toy industry, and from the sounds of things, they are only getting more popular!

Remote clit vibrator The Must-Have Toys For Sex Workers. | V For Vibes

A Cock Ring

And finally, we have the ultimate all-rounder (no pun intended)- a cock ring. Specifically, a vibrating one delivers an extra dose of fun to both you and your partner, making this toy the perfect playmate.


If you’ve never used a cockring before, they may come across slightly intimidating, but they are incredibly straight-forward! Simply slip one onto the shaft, turn it on, and let the fun begin


Trust us, if you incorporate one of these into your next sexual encounter, you will be impressing your partner in no time. 


Why They’re Popular With Sex Workers

According to our Manchester escort interviewee, packing a cock-ring sets her apart from the competition. It shows a level of forward-thinking that keeps her punters coming back for more:


‘As soon as I pull out my cock ring, I see their eyes instantly light up. I mean, who wouldn’t want double the pleasure?’


Also, it delivers vibrational sensations to the escort without her needing to lift a finger! We all know that for some women, penetration alone isn’t enough, and clitoral stimulation is needed to really get them going. 


If this is the case for an escort, the days of faking it are over, and she can enjoy an authentic and arousing experience.


So, have we inspired you to try some of these out for yourself? We thought so. Head on over to our ‘shop’ section and browse some of these tantalising options! 


Treat yourself. Trust us, you won’t regret it.

The Must-Have Toys For Sex Workers. | V For Vibes


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