Sex Toys For People With Endometriosis Pain During Sex.

Jul 4, 2021

What sex toys are best to use if you are dealing with pain from endometriosis? 

Having endometriosis can be seriously devastating for those people who are affected by this condition. Endometriosis is a disorder that causes external growth of endometrial tissue that usually lines the interior of the uterus. This condition affects around 20 percent of women and it can be excruciatingly painful for many, especially when it comes to sexual relations. It can affect the ovaries, fallopian tubes, and tissues that line the pelvis. This makes not only sex, but even having a simple monthly period, intensely painful. Some women describe this pain as the feeling of knives stabbing them consistently. When you have endometriosis, sex and sexual relations with your partner or significant other can be incredibly painful and/or uncomfortable. This also means that self-pleasure and masturbation can be the same, as penetration typically is the worst cause of pain throughout those women who are affected by endometriosis. 

Every person deserves to enjoy masturbation and sex, and regardless of whether you have endometriosis or not, this is a fact we cannot and will not back down from. Some of the best moments are an orgasm after a long and stressful day. So if you are one of those who finds themselves dealing with pain from penetration, whether, with toys or intercourse, we have some incredible options to help you experience the pleasure that you deserve. After all, your body may work against you, but you can work with it to try to overcome this and enjoy your sexuality to the fullest. 

Since endometriosis causes differing levels of pain for anyone who has it, these suggestions are based on our research and testimonials from people who are or have experienced this. Every person’s experience and needs may be different. Do not be afraid to try different things until you find what works best for you.

Best Sex Toys For People With Endometriosis Pain During Sex

Eos Bullet Vibrator

Eos is not only small, discreet, and pocket or purse-sized, but also portable and extremely powerful. You do not have to sacrifice power with this little package. Eos offers 10 vibrating stimulation settings for intense orgasms. Eos is great for shallow penetration pleasure, as well as intense clitoral stimulation. Because of the size, you are able to use it for penetrative play without worrying about it being too deep. Eos can be used alone or with your partner, and is sure to help you reach your desired and deserved orgasm. 

sex toys for people with endometriosis pain during sex

Diana Clitoral Vibrator

Many women who are faced with pain from endometriosis may find any form of penetration to be extremely painful and unpleasant. This means that opting for a clitoral vibrator can be the best option, since external stimulation most likely will not hurt the way internal may. Diana is designed to be ergonomic and fit perfectly against the clitoris. With 10 speeds and 10 vibration patterns, Diana is a powerhouse of pleasure and will help you achieve the perfect external clitoral orgasm.

best sex toys for endometriosis

Juno Beaded Glass Dildo

Some women with endometriosis may find that a cooled-down glass or crystal dildo can actually bring pain and inflammation relief to their pelvis! The great thing about Juno is that the exquisite glass dildo can be thrown in the fridge or freezer to chill, and the beaded portion adds extra stimulation. If internal stimulation feels good but is occasionally painful, try this trick for an incredible orgasm. Remember to use lubricant as well! The cooling sensation paired with the beaded portions make Juno a thrilling dildo to use.  

glass dildos for endometriosis pain

Phanxy Cock Ring

While we want to focus on sex toys for women with endometriosis, some may really want the ability to have penetrative sex with their partner, which is totally understandable. A silicone cock ring like the Phanxy can make this possible. If deeper penetration is what causes the most pain, a thicker cock ring such as this one can help limit the depth that your partner can thrust in. Plus, the ultra-affordable price point (and Prime two-day shipping) means that it is not impossible to get. It can also be placed at the base of your favorite dildo or vibrator if pain with depth is the biggest issue you experience. 

Venus Dual Head Warming Vibrator

Endometriosis can make penetration unbearable for some, so focusing on clitoral stimulation is key. A dual-ended warming wand dildo Venus means that you can use the head to stimulate your clitoris, erogenous zones, and mons pubis. The very rumbly vibrations can also relax your muscles, which is a plus, as women with endometriosis often have overactive pelvic muscles. This is due to the pain that they experience. If you feel like experimenting with internal stimulation, Venus gets gradually wider on the wand end, and has ribbed texture to add stimulation. Plus, the warming feature can soothe your muscles.

warming wand dildo for pain-less sex

Urnight Sex Cushion

The affordable price of the Urnight Sex Cushion makes it an absolute steal. Some women who are affected by endometrial pain find that the pain is lessened when their hips are raised. This means that a sex cushion can help you find the perfect position, whether during intercourse or masturbation. It’s also easily available on Amazon, which means it is simple to order, discreet, and quick to arrive. 

Drusilla Clitoral Sucker

Drusilla also focuses on intense clitoral stimulation to deliver mind-blowing orgasms through external stimulation. It also functions dually as a dildo on the other side. The suction ranges from mild to powerful, and has 20 frequencies along with 10 sucking modes. You are sure to find what rocks your socks with this clitoral sucker. It is a plus that it is dual-ended, as you may want to experiment with internal stimulation as well. It is a two-for-one deal! 

No matter what pleasure you are seeking, sexual pleasure with endometriosis is achievable. By learning your body and its preferences, you can reach the orgasm that you have been desiring! Do not allow the pain that you may be experiencing from endometriosis to prevent you from experiencing the pleasure that you deserve.



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