Sex Toys and Lingerie: Must-Have Items?

Oct 12, 2021

It’s really quite easy to enhance any of your sexual encounters and to take your sexual experiences from mundane to sensational. It just takes a little extra work in erotic creativity and the willingness to explore new realms of sensual possibilities, both mental and physical alike. Sex toys and lingerie are two of the most relied on, simple, yet wildly effective ways of which you can promote carnal fulfillment behind closed doors. They will have both yourself and your partner spinning wildly in the whirlwind of endless pleasures soon to sweep you off your feet. 

We talked about how to be irresistible to men and how sex toys and lingerie help to make this happen, and after reading this article, it will be easy to see why they are absolute must-have items. And yes, of course, this applies to all genders and all other forms of sexual identity, not just female-male interactions! 

So no matter who you are and who you like, here are a few reasons as to why you might want to think to incorporate a little sex toy fun and a bit of sexy dress up the next time you plan to dress down. 


Let’s start with the lingerie because, honestly, lingerie usually comes before sex toys. By utilizing this simple aspect of sexual attire, you’re going to enhance every aspect of your experience so that the sex is something you both remember, forever solidified in the stands of memories made. 

Visual Satisfaction

Lingerie boosts the visual satisfaction of the entire experience. Sex is a physical experience, and most of the pleasure we seek through sex is physical, but there’s a massive influence on the mental side of sex as well! We all have desires, kinky imaginations, and wishful thinkings that we only wish could manifest into our very own realities, and lingerie is a keystone element to catering to this precise mental fulfillment. 

You’ll be the star of the show, and you’ll look damn good doing it, too. Your partner’s eyes will gape open with sheer astonishment at how beautiful you look, the lingerie bringing out the every alluring curve and beautiful piece of skin on your body, and to them, this is something out of a damn dream! 

By dressing the part, you create an experience that is helmed by a visual satisfaction that perfectly embodies the benefits of ensuring that the mental side of sex is entirely and utterly gratified, and your partner is guaranteed to relish the way you look in your sexy outfit. 

heated thrusting dildo

Lingerie and Confidence

Aside from giving your partner something to stare at and enjoy, lingerie should also be about yourself, as well, and it is an incredible means to boost sexual confidence in the bedroom. 

Who doesn’t love dressing up a bit to look their absolute best? When you feel yourself, you feel yourself, and this increases your sexual confidence in a way that allows you to fully embody your body-positive, sex-positive attitude that lends to better sex and an increase in sex drive

You’ll look hot as hell, and that will make you feel hot as hell, and your confidence will translate into a bountiful experience of intercourse that is sure to have you shivering with pleasure as you lead the charge to your climax, confidence as the driving force behind fulfilling sex. 

Experiential Intimacy

Intimacy is more than just sex and physical attraction. There are actually quite a few different types of intimacy out there, and lingerie helps ensure that the box of experiential intimacy is surely checked off. 

How so, you may ask? When you take the time to dress up in lingerie, it shows that you are taking the entire experience of your sexual interaction seriously and that you want to take the time and put in the effort to make it as fun and sensational as possible. It really is as simple as going the extra mile, and by doing so, the experience further solidifies itself as something both you and your partner will experience together in a means that isn’t just a quick, biological interaction fueled by intrinsic carnal desire. Instead, it is an experience that you are purposefully attempting to make the absolute best and most intimate that it can be. 

Through this experiential intimacy, you will simultaneously promote sexual intimacy as well, as lingerie shows that you are confident in your relationship to play around with new and exciting sexual idiosyncrasies and that you are willing to expand on your sexual horizons together.

Sex Toys

Sex toys and lingerie, when paired together, are a total wet dream for everyone involved. And here’s why!


Umm, duhhh! With so many women missing out on climax, there seems to be a gap in male to female pleasure, and we ladies at V for Vibes seriously want to close that gap for good! Sex toys make sex simply feel a hell of a lot better. 

Not only will the use of sex toys benefit you, you empowered, gorgeous woman, and that’s what matters the most. But as well as this, your partner should actually feel good about the fact that the helping hand of a rabbit vibrator or an enticing wand vibrator helped you to reach orgasm and that he/she was also a part of your refreshing, satisfying experience. 

black rabbit vibrator

Kinks and Fetishes

Sex toys allow you to explore kinks and fetishes that were once possibly off-limits. And when you are able to freely explore such aspects of personalization within your sex, you promote a sexual discovery that lends for the most riveting of experiences in (or out!) of the bedroom. 

Things like being able to enjoy a ‘make believe’ threesome with your ejaculating dildo as the replacement of another human beings phallus, being able to create an imaginary DIY Gloryhole, or practicing a little public butt plug play are just a few small examples of how sex toys help satisfy sexual kinks and fetishes

A kink exists because deep down, it is something that your sexuality really does desire, and by bringing it to life, you get to experience never before known realms of sexual fulfillment. So, oh yeah, we very much do think a sex toy is a MHI (must-have item!) in conjunction with your gorgeous lingerie. 

Personal Sexual Discovery

You have to know your body in order to fully love and understand yourself and your sexuality. How are you supposed to know what feels good if you aren’t able to explore this in a careful and safe environment? That environment usually existing when in the presence of no one but yourself and your favorite wand vibrator. 

With sex toys, masturbation takes on entirely new meanings and allows you to explore every inch of your body in a way that seriously promotes your personal sexual discovery. Things you don’t like, things that you absolutely love, a specific way to so wonderfully massage your clitoris that sends electric pulses of pleasure shivering down your spine. 

Only with this discovery can you help direct a partner to make you feel good in the ways you actually need to feel good, not just in the ways they think will make you feel good. So please, take the time to learn and love yourself for more pleasure and fulfillment the next time your sex is shared with another. 

ejaculating dildo

Masurbation is Beatuiful

Masturbation is beautiful, and sex toys and lingerie are such influential aspects of the epitome of masturbation practices. And yes, I did say lingerie here, too! Seriously, dressing up a bit, even if only for yourself, will take the masturbation to new highs of bliss as you look and feel your best for no one but YOU. 

But aside from looking great, what about feeling great? Once again, that’s where sex toys come into play, as sex toys help to promote the many benefits derived from the self-care of self-pleasure. Masturbation and sex drive are all too intertwined. Practicing healthy masturbation habits can actually boost your libido as you become more comfortable in your own sexual skin and more sensually self-aware, making sex something that is synonymous with pleasure. 

That, and there’s actually proven health benefits of masturbation, so if an apple a day keeps the doctor away, what the heck could an orgasm a day do?!

With sex toys, you may also think to practice mutual masturbation with your partner once you are extremely comfortable with the practice on your own, and this is such an erotically enticing way to add a little twist and change to your sexual interactions to fully say goodbye to the mundane for good. 

When you really start to think about it, there’s not much that sex toys cant do. But you’ll never know until you try, right?!


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