Can you Really be a Sex Toy Tester?

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It’s the question everyone is asking: is there really such a thing as a sex toy tester? 


If getting paid to test and review sex toys sounds like an elusive dream, then you’re in for quite the lovely surprise, as this dream may very much manifest into reality. 


It’s true, you can be a sex toy tester, and you can make money testing sex toys. But the path in doing so might differ slightly from what you imagined. 


Here’s everything there is to know on how to become a sex toy tester. Are you excited yet? 


Step By Step: How to Become a Sex Toy Tester


From understanding what being a sex toy tester really is to learning how to implement the proper strategies needed to make money, this guide will help point you in the right direction. 


What is a Sex Toy Tester?


I imagine you are probably thinking that a sex tester is someone who creates a relationship with a company that designs/manufactures adult products, thus testing their new products before release to ensure they are effective in their delivery of sexual stimulation. 


And yes, this is one version of testing sex toys, as companies do need this style of personal review/testing before releasing their products to the world. We can call this a more ‘legitimate’ style of testing sex toys, as you are being paid directly by a company (either as an employee or subcontractor) for your services. 


So what’s the other option?


I actually like this way of testing sex toys much more, as it grants you high levels of creative freedom while you maintain control of your entire operation/business model. You’ve most likely heard the term ‘affiliate marketing, and this is precisely the business model you will utilize in your profitable sex toy endeavors. 


It’s actually quite simple. You sign up for a sex toy affiliate program, which will provide you with unique links to the company’s website, landing, and product pages. After creating various forms of content (we’ll get into the more soon), you will incorporate said links into these content funnels. Whenever someone clicks your link and purchases a product, you receive your agreed-upon commission (as outlined/agreed upon in the affiliate contract). 


For example, suppose you created a YouTube video where you review a toy (after ‘testing’ it, of course- this content doesn’t have to be explicit) and include the link in the description. In that case, you will receive this commission for any viewers that click the link after watching your video and convert a sale. 

curvy glass dildo

Testing Sex Toys for Major Companies


If you like the idea of working for a major company as a sex toy tester better than the whole affiliate gig, I get it! If this is what you seek, then here are a few tips on making it happen.


Create a Professional Resume


As with any job, you’ll need a professional resume that highlights your past experience and strengths, even if these have nothing to do with the sex industry. 


However, if you do have any professional experience (sales rep, marketing, etc.) in the adult toy industry, this does come as a huge plus, and where you will need to steal the show is in your cover letter. 


Clearly outline the reasons as to why you will make the ideal adult toy product tester in relation to your skills. But don’t be dirty!! 


If you think telling your potential employee you have tons of experience using sex toys in your free time is a good idea, you are wrong. Sure, it’s okay to be a bit lighthearted and show your personality, but keep your strengths on the professional side, such as highlighting your understanding of the female anatomy (perhaps through schooling) or your incredible attention to detail.


Identify Potential Sex Toy Companies


After the tedious resume junk is done, you’ll have to locate companies that you could see yourself working with. When searching, find companies that align with your ideals, such as a woman-owned sex toy brand that uses only body-safe material and promotes female empowerment, not some fella’ sitting behind a computer screen selling sex toys on amazon.


Searching the web for ‘sex toy tester’ positions might showcase a job listing or two, but chances are, you’ll have to create this position by reaching out yourself. Email your identified companies with your resume and your desire to become a sex toy tester for their brand, and hope for a response! If you want to be diligent, follow up with them after a few weeks of no response, and use multiple forms of reaching out, such as an email, an Instagram DM, or even a classic phone call!

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Get to Testing!


If you are working directly for a company, then they will outline your responsibilities in reviewing the sex toys for you. So all that is left to do is sign some paperwork and get to the fun stuff! 


So yes, in the end, there is opportunity in this style of work, but it is elusive. And you might not land a job at all… But with the second approach to being a sex toy tester, anyone can do it, and you can start today. 


Affiliate Marketing & Testing Sex Toys


Sell a product with your content, receive a commission. This I like. 


Create Base Content


Many affiliate programs require you to send your website/blog/channel before acceptance. You won’t need a lot of initial content without affiliate links, but you’ll probably need some to get you started! 


To begin, identify the types of content you wish to create, and start creating! Write a blog post about sexuality and sex toys, create sex toy review videos, infographics for social media. You get the idea. 


This is a great starting point regardless, as you will dip your feet into this style of content creation, allowing you to better create a content plan for your future. Once you are signed up, you can always add your live links to your old content and re-publish. 

Locate a Sex Toy Affiliate Program


Step two is to locate a sex toy affiliate program with an excellent commission and great products, and sign up! If you’re interested in selling the empowering toys available on V for Vibes, visit our sex toy affiliate page for more scoop!


Create a Content Plan


Now that you have signed up for an affiliate program, you have a better idea of the products they offer. You can create content with no initial investment, but if your focus is to review the toys, you’ll have to order a few. 


Start with’ broad’ content if you want to generate a few sales before purchasing a product. 


Instead of a “Review of _____”, do something like “How Sex Toys Lead to Better Sex”. 


You’ll still be able to link within this content to your affiliate page without the need to order, test, and review a product. However, I do suggest focusing on specific product reviews, as people very much enjoy a first-hand take on product efficacy, and this will generally generate the highest number of sales. 


Come up with your content plan by identifying your major areas of content and products, create/organize this content plan, and implement it! The significant areas of focus should include:


  • Website/Blog: Create written content to drive search traffic to your site and sell products. Your sex blog might include testing sex toys and reviewing them (a personal experience), creating ‘how-to’ content, sex education, erotic stories, and more. 
  • YouTube Channel: Talk about sex or review your favorite aspects of a sex toy to create video-based content for your audience to enjoy. 
  • Social Media: Create click-funnels on Pinterest, Reddit, or Instagram & Twitter. An infographic post directing viewers to your blog/video, a 1-minute sex toy review on your story with a link, etc. 
  • Email Marketing: Building an email list is critical to your success as a sex toy tester. 
  • Adult Content: If you are interested in creating (or already do create) adult content, such as on OnlyFans, then you can complement your current income by testing sex toys. A literal live show using and reviewing the toy will have your followers rushing to their cart, but do note that if your audience is primarily male, you might have a tough time selling a rabbit vibrator. 
ejaculating dildo



Consistency in being a sex toy tester is key. You have to create your personal brand while ensuring that your audience can trust and listen to you, and this takes time. Be patient, but also be consistent.


Follow your content plan, create new content weekly, engage with and grow your following, and soon enough, you’ll find yourself as a trusted resource for sex toy reviews. The money might just follow… 

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