Ultimate Guide to Finding the Best Sex Toy Stores near Me.

Jan 5, 2024

When you search for the best sex toys near me, you get a list of options. Every adult toy store states that it’s the best. So, how do you know if they are stating a fact or a marketing gimmick? That’s why you are here.


We have checked out a number of highly- rated sex toy stores. We looked at everything from their inventory to their website design. This is how we were able to compile a list of characteristics of the best sex toys. Read on to learn about them.


Well Organized and Easy on the Eyes

We all like to shop at a location that’s appealing. A well-organized adult toy store shows professionalism. It’s also easy to navigate and easy on the eyes.


You want to get your sex toy of choice as quickly as possible. Navigating a sex toy store should be a breeze. You need to filter through products in a simple and easy manner. For example, the best sex toy stores near you are those with a sidebar. It should contain a variety of intuitive and useful filters. They include flexibility, user ratings, power source, noise levels, and intensity. 


Another intuitive feature is whether the products are disability-friendly. For easy reading, the interface needs big fonts for easy reading. A good place to start is V for Vibes. You’ll love how everything is organized and easy to navigate.

Sex Toy Store Near Me - Best Discreet Adult Toy Store | VForVibes

Exceptional Experience and Customer Service

In this case, there are two ways to go about it. For brick and mortar adult stores, examine how the staff treats you. For online stores, check out how they respond to your queries. Are they polite and do they respond in a timely manner? Do they provide assistance that gets you what you want? Do they have experience with the sex toys you want to buy?


One of the best places to know about customer service is their “help” page. Find out if it’s extensive. It needs to answer most, if not all, your questions.


The store also needs to offer fast turnaround delivery times. V for Vibes is a great option because it has same day delivery services. The bets sex toy stores near you need to offer discreet billing services. Check if you can contact their customer support. Access can be through various options like phone, chat, and email.

Sex Toy Store Near Me - Best Discreet Adult Toy Store | VForVibes

Stocks Non-porous and Body-safe Materials

Material safety is the most important feature of any sex toy. After all, the product is going to be in or on your body. You don’t want to get allergies and other infections from adult toys do you?


Avoid sex toy stores near you with toxic jelly sex toys. It may be impossible to find that doesn’t stock a few of these. If they do, make sure they are properly labeled and come with some kind of warning. For brick and mortar stores, it’s wise to sniff the product. Look for smells that numb your lips or offends your nose. If this is present, think about what the product can do to your orifices.


People looking for cheap sex toys are likely to be a victim of porous and unsafe sex toys. This doesn’t mean all cheap adult toys are unsafe. It means you need to be careful when buying them. If you are on a budget, go to stores such as V for Vibes. They have a reputation for stocking cheap and body-safe sex toys.


Try and shop at stores that only sell sex toys. Stores that sell any product might not know how to select body-safe adult toys. All they care about is selling. This is why general online stores selling adult toys have issues. They include voided warranties and shady materials. Furthermore, you won’t know if the sex toy is new or used. 

Rose Vibrating Anal Beads - The Anal Rose Caelestis | V For Vibes

Inclusive Education

Sexuality education is a characteristic of high quality sex toy stores. This helps people from different sexuality groups to understand the options available. It also ensures they know what to expect and what not to do.


It’s a fact that adult toy marketing is centered on non-disabled, hetero, cis, and thin white people. It’s true that the majority of people who use these toys fit those categories. It’s also true that many others don’t. A reputable sex toy store covers people in all categories. 


It may not be easy finding one that covers all categories. The solution if find one that caters for at least one or more of the following:

  • Images of people of color
  • Uses gender-inclusive language
  • Amplifies the voices of Trans people, sex workers, and more
  • Has information or books on dating after trauma, polyamory, and more


Includes Quality Indie Products

A sex toy store that includes quality Indie brands is a quality store. Despite what people think, not all Indie brands and products are garbage. Just because these brands are not supported by a parent company, doesn’t mean their quality is low.


A good example is Bloomi. Founded by a sexologist, it offers a marketplace for sexual wellness/intimacy products. All their products are subjected to a “Bloomi Standard”, which is their quality control. Bloomi has banned a long list of toxic ingredients. They also use experts who screen thousands of adult toy products. These experts approve less than 2% of the products they have screened. We recommend V for Vibes because it stocks high quality Indie brands.


Coupons, Discounts, and Offers

No one minds getting a percentage off from their shopping list. The list of sex toy stores near me needs to have stores with such offers. Coupons come in the form of codes. These can be advertised on the store or on other online stores.


Discounts also make you feel appreciated. For example, a sex toy store may offer a certain percentage off if you buy two or more products. Offers such as “get this time for a one time offer of x%” are also a good sign. The more the offers, discounts, and coupons, the more the store cares about its clientele.

Sex Toy Store Near Me - Best Discreet Adult Toy Store | VForVibes


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