Sex Toy Gifts for the Holidays.

Nov 30, 2021

Do you hate boring sex toy gifts? We do too! The holiday season is almost here, and it’s a season filled with sensual cheer- at least it can be if you make it that way. 

Although it’s a time to be jolly, it does come with the anxiety of finding the perfect Christmas gift for your partner. We know you’ll love to surprise them with gifts that invoke sweet emotions and provoke squeals of joyous delight when the wrapping paper comes off. And what’s the best way to utilize this moment if not engaging in sexual acts that help you de-stress and add spice to your sex life?

If you want to get naughty with your partner this holiday, then you should surprise them with the best sex toy gifts. Adult sex gifts are certainly a fun way to make your partner happy. Whether you need something for a vibrator freak or a newbie to the game, there are many sex gifts out there, and you’ll indeed find one that will suit your partner’s specific taste. 

Are you ready to add some kink into your sex life this holiday? Getting sex toy gifts is a perfect way to communicate that. If you feel this is a great idea you will love to try, scroll down to get some inspiration.

Things to Keep in Mind When Shopping

We are always rooting for hotter, more sensual foreplay, more toe-curling, and breathless orgasms. So if you are getting your partner one of the best sex toy gifts, it must be fun, thoughtful, and useful. It has to be something they’ll love, and you need to have that in mind. Plus, if you are giving it to your partner, you’ll get to enjoy it as well. Now that you’ve decided that a sex gift would be ideal for this holiday, what comes next? How can you be sure they will be happy with the gift? Well, we’ve got your back! Here are things you should keep in mind if you want your sex toy gift to be a hit.

  • Stimulation: Sex toys come in different shapes, sizes, types, and functions. How does your partner like to be touched in bed? Does she enjoy penetration, or does she prefer being pleasured orally or manually? Get a sex toy you know will meet her needs based on what she likes. Remember, it’s not wrong to ask if you are not sure.

Size: Don’t just assume that big is better when it comes to the best sex toy gifts. Unless you are sure that she prefers huge toys, it is better to buy medium-sized ones. This is also a good idea if she has never used a sex toy before or she has limited experience. We are sure you don’t want to get something intimidating that they might never use.

suction cup dildo
  • Aesthetics: The most important thing when choosing adult sex gifts is the function, but looks also matter too. Modern sex toys come in a wide range of colors, sizes, shapes, and designs. Does your partner like their toys to be lifelike, or would they prefer something else? What’s their favorite color? You will also want to ask yourself if your partner would prefer incognito sex toy gifts. The market is now filled with clever toys that look like everyday objects, such as lipstick, mascara, etc. It is perfect for those who want to always have one on the go without worrying if someone will see it.

Why Sex Toys are Great Gift Ideas

Sex toys are gifts that keep giving. If you have objections in your head, like whether your partner would be offended, or you feel like they will prefer the sex toy to you, or you think you don’t need it- you should kill those thoughts now. Adult sex gifts are amazing. They are gifts of endless pleasure and can provide your partner with multiple orgasms. Do you need more reasons why you should get one? You have them here.

  • Sex toys are gifts of better orgasms. They stimulate higher levels of desire, wetness, and arousal with no stress.
  • Unlike most self-care gifts that will be exhausted after Christmas, sex toys can be used repeatedly without seeing the bin.
  • If you need something that won’t break the bank, you can get high-quality sex toy gifts that are affordable, lovely, body-safe, and sweet to touch.
  • We’ve told you about better orgasms; sex toys are gifts of better sex. Ultimately, you get to learn more about what your partner enjoys and what brings them the most pleasure.

Prioritizing your happiness and pleasure is a fantastic way to enjoy the most beautiful time of the year. See some of the best sex toy gifts you can give your partner from our shop.

Best Anal Toy Gifts

Does your partner enjoy experimenting with the backdoor region? Then you can’t go wrong with our anal sex toys. You get to experience intense orgasms that fill your body with endorphins. You can purchase our:


  • Butt Plugs: If your partner is new to anal toys, V for Vibes offers Juno glass anal plug and dildo, which is a perfect choice for newbies. Hand-crafted with expertly curved glass, it is best for clitoral, G-spot, and anal stimulation. She is designed with beautiful swirls for premium stimulation and long-lasting vibes.
  • Anal Beads: This is the perfect toy to build your sexual tolerance. We offer the Eros, the black anal bead vibrator, and it boasts 10 different vibration modes. It can be used for anal or vaginal stimulation. Uniquely shaped and lightweight, here you’ve got a sex toy gift that can be a perfect travel companion for your partner.
anal bead vibrator

Best Vibrators

Every woman loves satisfying sex, and a vibrating toy is one of the sex gifts you can give her for Christmas. Add any of these incredible vibrators to her collection, and you’ll make her more than happy:

  • Maia – Rose Flower Sex Toy: Beauty, elegance, and intense sexual pleasure are some of Maia’s features. This stunning air pulse vibrator ticks all the right boxes. With this rose vibrator in your woman’s hand, she gets to enjoy riveting sensations, clitoral delight, and the sensual bliss she deserves. It is easy to use, making her a great choice of sex toy beginners, and being compact and lightweight, you can take pleasure anywhere. Maia is ready to grow with you and be the reliable climax companion for your journeys.
  • Rhea – The Rechargeable Multispeed Vibrator: Designed to perfection to ensure all your needs are met, this multispeed vibrator will make your woman feel like the queen that she is. The stunning design excites all of your erotic senses. Aside from its beauty, Rhea is ready to deliver the best pulsation at 10 different speeds. The multispeed settings allow you to set the pace of your sexual pleasure, and you can be sure she will deliver liberating and mind-blowing orgasms that you’ve never experienced before.

Best Rabbit Vibrators

A rabbit vibrator is a must-have for any woman’s sex toy gifts collection. It’s guaranteed to provide your partner with sensations never felt before. 

We recommend Agrippina, the waterproof rabbit vibrator. With this sex toy in your hand, you have the power to unlock the doors of multiple, soul-shivering orgasms. Gorgeous and luxurious, it can create a euphoric feeling that matches adrenaline-based relaxation. There’s more! Being USB rechargeable, it doesn’t need batteries and can stay powered for multiple different sessions. It massages every bit of the vaginal walls while sending electrifying pleasure throughout the body. Fulfill all your naughtiest dreams and fantasies with our lovely rabbit vibrator.

Pair these sex gifts with some Christmas-specific positions, and you are going to have an incredible holiday season!

bunny vibrator


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