Sex Toy Games. Let’s Have Some Fun!

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Let’s be honest; mundane sex is no fun. To prevent that ‘same old’ feeling in the bedroom and to increase intimacy between yourself and your partner, try playing around with sex toy games! Sex toys and games are both fantastic, proven methods of enhancing desire, sensation, and intimacy. When combined together, this adds a deliciously tasty spice to the recipe of your love life.

If you need a little inspiration as to what kinds of games you play with your partner, V for Vibes has you covered. Below we provide to you 10 unique, invigorating sex toy games that are sure to have you smiling, laughing, and moaning, all at the same time. 

10 Sex Toy Games 

  • Hide and Seek

Childhood nostalgia matched with a kinky flair. Play classic hide and seek, but this time set a timer. The seeker must find their lover within the set time frame. 

If they do, then you get to tease your found lover with your favorite sex toy for a few moments of sensational foreplay, in whichever way you so please. However, the key to making this extra exciting is that you must use the sex toy exactly in the place you find your partner. 

The shower, the closet, under the bed- you can’t leave the location. This adds a guaranteed flair to your sex life by forcing foreplay in unique locations throughout your house. 

  • Sex Toy Selfie

For this game, each partner will attempt to take the best sex toy selfie possible. Give yourselves a set time frame to take photos in different rooms, and send your favorite photo to your partner. Whoever takes the most erotic, sexy, and dirty picture with their toy wins, and you’ll have to be honest when your partner has clearly won. This is an excellent game to see who is willing to expose themselves more. 

Will you go all out, snapping a sex toy selfie in full-use on/in your genitals? Or will you be a bit more reserved? If you want to win, we suggest breaking down those barriers and really going for it. You can set ground rules for the loser, such as forcing them to watch you with the sex toy or requiring a long, drawn-out session of oral sex. 

sex toy games with dual wand vibrator Aurora
  • Spin the Wheel

If you want to know how to explore kinks, then find yourself an online program that will pick from a pre-entered list of words. Within this list of words, write out a handful of unique sexual practices or kinks you want to try. If you need some inspiration, visit our list of kinks. 

Spin the wheel, and whichever word it lands on is the subject of your sex! You have no choice but to follow through with the chosen kink, and this is the perfect means to let fate control sexual experimentation and discovery.

  • The Kama Sutra

The Kama Sutra is the absolute best book of sex positions. This is one of those sex toy games that is simple yet a hell of a lot of fun. 

While getting down and dirty, flip through the book to choose a completely random page. Whichever page it lands on, you are required to try out the position for a few minutes of intense pleasure. 

And to make these positions even more erotic, since we’re talking about sex toys and games, try and incorporate your toys within the position. 

  • The Homemade Gloryhole

Sex toy games allow you to experiment with kinks you otherwise might not wish to fulfill. This isn’t a game about competition and more so a game that forces you into new realms of sexual pleasure.

Simply create a homemade Gloryhole, and pleasure your partner from the other side for a unique take on ‘stranger sex. Take turns providing the pleasure, and if they come quickly, then you know they like it! You can even use a dildo to create a threesome experience as you both relish this make-believe scenario. 

  • Take my Order

Sex toy games wouldn’t be complete without a remote controlled vibrator. Bring it along the next time you go out to eat. 

Make a bet with your partner; something like the loser is forced to provide oral sex until climax. When it’s time to place your order, turn the vibrator on. If they can place their order without tapping out, then they win. 

Will you go all out by turning it to the highest vibration speed on the chance of getting caught but winning the game, or will you keep it low with the chance of losing so that the waiter/waitress has no idea of your endeavors? 

black vibrating dildo
  • The Coupon Book

Each partner will create a ‘coupon book’ that includes specific instructions for a sexual act. Have fun using this as a way to experiment with things you have never tried before but that deep down, you want to give a shot; a great answer of how to explore kinks without feeling awkward or weird. You can turn in your coupons at will, and they guarantee that you have to do as the coupon says. 

Take turns with turning in your pleasure-based coupons, and remember, if it’s on the card, then you must do as it says. Do you trust your partner to keep things mellow, or do you expect them to manifest the dirtiest aspects of their imagination? You will soon see!

  • Do or Drink

So, you want to know how to explore kinks or see if your partner is into the same kinks you are? Create different cards with various forms of sex-based truth or dare, making sure that they are kinky in nature. Have fun creating the cards together, as this is a great relationship-building tool. 

Once you’ve built up a nice deck of cards, it’s time to play! Pick from the deck, and you are forced to either perform the dare or answer the truth with sheer honesty. If you don’t, then the only way to get a pass is to take a drink. 

Will you end up naked in bed, or will you end up drunkenly stumbling into the sheets?

sex toy games
  • 7 Minutes in Heaven

You probably remember this from high school, but with a touch of erotica, it can turn into one of the best sex toy games. For this, you’ll need at least a small collection of various sex toys. Bust them out, choose one, and then head into a dark closet for seven minutes. 

During this time in the dark, you have free range to play with your partner, using the sex toy to give them the epitome of sheer, orgasmic pleasure. Do it again with another of your toys until you can no longer take this wondrous form of extended foreplay. 

  • Red Light Green Light

The next time you go for a drive, be sure to bring along your remote control vibrator for this version of sex toy games. As you drive along, anytime you hit a red light gives you the okay to turn up those vibration speeds. See if your lover can last the entirety of the red light. If they can’t, you get the point (the longer the red light, the better!).

As soon as it turns green, you must stop the vibration. If they make it all the way through, then they get the point. Whoever has the most points at the end of the drive is the winner, and the loser must do whatever they say as punishment. 

This is one of the best sex toy games to experiment with a touch of public play and light exhibitionism. If you want more ideas on how to use a remote control vibrator in public, then visit the linked blog! 



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