Sex Toy Distributing in 2024: Everything You Need to Know.

Apr 16, 2024

Sexuality was once hushed and taboo but now we talk openly about it. It’s clearly seen in the exponential growth of the adult toy market. Data from analysts show the sex toy market is set to continue growing. Estimates show it will double from about $40 billion in 2023 to about $80 billion by 2030. This is why sex toy distributing is a business you should consider. 


If you’re wondering how to go about it, you av to the rigt place. We compiled pertinent information to hep you start a sex toy distributing business. Read on to know what you need and how to find a company that can help you succeed. 


Find a Niche

You need to start by deciding what you’ll sell and your target audience. This ensures you distribute quality adult toys and market to an audience that’ll by them. Start by finding your target audience. Is it the BDSM community or the LGBTQIA+ community? A targeted group makes sales and marketing easier. 


Next find your products. Determine whether your audience likes dildos, vibrators, or massagers. Also determine the trends or themes you plan to follow. Are they emerging trend products or innovative tech products? Starting a sex toy distributing business is not a walk in the park. However, a company like V For Vibes can help come up with a successful business model. 

Sex Toy Distributing in 2024 - The Ultimate Guide | V For Vibes

Look for a Source of Quality Sex Toys

Just like any product, sex toys have different levels of quality. But first, you need to decide how you will source them. You have three options. They are reselling ready made products, outsourcing to a manufacturer, or creating your own sex toys. Make sure you know the pros and cons of each before making a decision. 


For example, making sex toys gives you more control. On the downside, you need more resources for safety and testing. Outsourcing to a manufacturer lets you tap into the resources and experience of a larger company. The disadvantage is you get less control over your business. Reselling lets you hit the ground running. On the flip side, you are at the mercy of suppliers. 


You need to do some research before you choose to one of these options. For example, take a look at successful sex toy distributing business online. Look at their history and determine the course of action that works for you. 

Sex Toy Distributing in 2024 - The Ultimate Guide | V For Vibes

Privacy and Safety

Safety and privacy are paramount in any sex toy business. Let’s say you’ve decided to manufacture or create custom products. The onus is on you to ensure they are safe to use. Additionally, any education or advice you provide needs to offer the best possible outcome. Use detailed labeling, instructional content, FAQs and disclaimers where possible. 


Get information on the regulations for the regions and countries you plan on doing business. Make sure your products are always up-to-date and compliant. Finally, use discrete packaging when shipping. Customer data should also be used according to privacy guidelines. Partnering with a company like V For Vibes can help you sort all these issues easily. 


Build Your Brand

It’s time now to build your brand. Don’t hesitate to make it personal. For instance, you can use what you stand for as part of your brand. You can add the value you bring to your clients as well as your goals. Such points are great for setting the voice and tone of a brand. They also help you build a resonating connection. 


These elements are crucial for your core messaging. They help you create a full brand identity. They affect your product packaging, fonts, color palette and logo. They will be crucial in the creation of brand visuals like graphics and photography.  

Sex Toy Distributing in 2024 - The Ultimate Guide | V For Vibes

Build Your Store

Now it’s time to hit the ground running. Keep regulations and laws in mind as you build your online sex toy distributing store. Some web providers and payment processors may restrict your sales. This is due to the risque nature of this business. 


Some things to consider when building the store are:

  • Finding a payment processor that works with your terms
  • Including key pages such as Contact, Policies, About, FAQ, and collection pages
  • High-quality product photos including thorough product descriptions
  • Customizable theme

The good news is partnering with a renowned company like V For Vibes can help with the process. 


Pricing Your Products

Setting the right price for a sex toy distributing business is tricky. You need a balance between your costs and affordable prices. So how do you go about it? Start by understanding your costs. Work out your costs from manufacturing to shipping. Add a realistic profit margin. The price needs to reflect the sex toys’ value and remain pocket friendly. 


Study your competition to have an idea of current prices for sex toys. The prices need to be in the same ballpark. Higher prices are only for products with superior quality or unique features. Lastly, try to implement tiered pricing. Make offerings at different price points. For instance, you can have a range from budget adult toys to premium ones. The move caters to different budgets and attracts a wider range of clients.  

Sex Toy Distributing in 2024 - The Ultimate Guide | V For Vibes

Design a Sales and Marketing Plan

This is where you need your sense of humor and creativity. For marketing there are a few things you consider. Start with content and SEO. Craft engaging content on your site to assist customers and build trust. Make use of relevant keywords and place them strategically to increase site traffic. 


Affiliate marketing is another thing to consider. Partner with other advertisers, blogs, and websites. You earn a commission for each sale you make using affiliate marketing. You also increase your traffic and exposure. Influencer marketing is another way to go. Look for sex-positive influences that resonate with your audience and connect with them. You can start by collaborating with micro-influencers. These are available at more affordable rates. 


SMS and email marketing is another effective marketing strategy. Start building an email list before you start sex toy distributing. A good place to start is creating some excitement. Direct people to a “Coming Soon” page. Use it to offer discounts and perks for early sign-ups. Partner with an established sex toy distributing business like V For Vibes. They are experienced in everything pertaining to sex toy businesses.



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