The Benefits of Reading a Sex Toy Blog.

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What are the benefits of reading a sex toy blog? Well, my oh my, you are soon to find out! 

Reading a sex toy blog is the absolute most effective means to expand upon your sexuality. We’re here to showcase why V for Vibes is a purveyor of women empowerment not only through our lovely, sensational toys designed specifically for women (and to help women break that orgasm gap), but also with our ongoing sex education

We work hard on our sex toy blog, and we do it for you, and here’s what you will uncover by staying updated on our latest postings and by following us on social media. 

You’ll Feel Connected.

By reading a sex toy blog, you are guaranteed to feel more connected to the many other beautiful, strong, and empowered women in the world via your sexuality. You will learn that it is time to take sexuality and personal pleasure into your own hands, and you will also learn that your own forms of sexuality are quite common and shared amongst others should you ever feel ‘weird’ or ‘discouraged’. 

The community will make you feel at home, and we can only hope that our sex toy blog is home to your future sexual fulfillment

You will Increase your Sex Drive

Has your sex life been faltering as of late? If so, don’t be alarmed! 

Low libido is all too common, and we have some definitive tools to help you jumpstart your sex drive into new realms of desire. If you want to know how to increase your sex drive, we got you covered! 

You might enjoy our article on the best herbs to increase sex drive or how to increase libido with masturbation. We covered sex drive and diet, the best foods for sex, as well as the best exercises for better sex. 

I mean, what else could you ask for in terms of endless resources to help boost intimacy?! Learn how to increase sex drive by reading the already published resources and by staying up to date on other libido-related articles. 

sex toy blog

You will Learn about Kinks and Fetishes.

The world of kinks and fetishes span far and wide, a seemingly endless array of sexual idiosyncrasies. First off, by reading a sex toy blog, you will learn that kinks and fetishes you might have are shared among thousands or millions of other women, helping you to feel comfortable and non-ashamed of these subjects (because you never should be in the first place!). 

This, and you will, of course, learn about how to pursue specific kinks that you might have, and seriously, nothing is off limits! 

We’ve talked about a hell of a lot of kinks and fetishes, including:

And more! Not only will you learn that your kinks are shared amongst others and how to pursue them, but you will also learn about kinks that you have never discovered before, helping you to further undergo a journey of sexual exploration. To top it off, we even explore how sex toys help satisfy sexual kinks and fetishes.

See something that catches your eye? Give it a try!

How to Use Anal Sex Toys

Anal sex, especially for those who are not experienced, is a big deal! Its been brushed off of so many shoulders due to certain taboos or insecurities surrounding the subject, and with this, were here to change the anal game and provide to you otherworldly sensations with yourself or with your partner. 

If you want to know how to use anal sex toys, then bam, our sex toy blog has it covered! As well as how to use anal sex toys, you will also learn about the different kinds of anal toys, including the varying sensations that each provides and which one is the best for you. 

Don’t wait; anal sex is butt (wink wink) a read away!

jewel butt plug

You will Learn about Sex Toys.

There are SO many sex toys. I mean, just look at this list of the different kinds of dildos. It’s long and in-depth and only covers one of many types of sex toys to exist! With this, it’s incredibly difficult to nail down the best ones for yourself and for your varying desires for sexual pleasure. 

I mean, come on, ejaculating dildos, remote-controlled sex toys, anal toys, BDSM toys… Must I go on?

The only place to start in terms of reaping the endless sexual benefits of sex toys is by reading a sex toy blog, and we are on a non-stop mission to continue spreading the positive information behind each and every one of these lovely powerhouses of sincere sensation.

ejaculating vibrator

You Will Learn How to Squirt

Oh, the elusive squirting. Female ejaculation is a topic that many tend to steer away from and never think to accomplish, and to this, we say: why the heck not?!

Female ejaculation is a miracle of sexuality and one of the most invigorating and stimulating of sexual practices to currently exist, both for yourself and for your partner, and both physically and mentally!

We have all the resources you need to learn how to squirt, including this starting point. After that, it’s time to take it up a notch to learn how to make yourself squirt, and then, of course, how to accomplish this alluring feat with a partner

You Will Learn How to Sext

If you arent pulling out your phone to send a dirty message to your partner after reading our sex toy blog, then what are you waiting for?

Sexting is a pinnacle of long-distance fun, and if it is not at least a somewhat common practice in your love life, then it should be! With that being said, however, sexting can feel a little intimidating.

By keeping up with our articles, you will receive all the information you need regarding sexting, like:

Say what? Oh yeah, we did just make sexting that easy, and if that isn’t a benefit of reading a sex toy blog, then we don’t know what is! 

How to Take the Hottest Nude Photos

Speaking of sexting, what about sexting a naughty picture to your loved one to brighten their day and to have them rushing home to rip your clothes off? We nailed down exactly how you can take the hottest nude photos of your life, and if you are bored, then why not snag your favorite sex toy and give it a go?

Whether for yourself only or for your partner, taking a sexy nude as hot as this will give you some serious, much-deserved confidence surrounding yourself, your body, and your sexuality. 

nude photos

You’ll Learn How to Spice up Your Love Life.

Aside from things like sexting, we have an endless variety of resources to help you spice up the flavor of your love life to newfound highs and for orgasms never before known. 

It takes definitive effort to prevent the mundane, and we’ve got all the inspiration you could ever need and more. Take sex games, for example. Such a simple way to have a joyous, sexy night with your partner, but all too commonly ignored! We love sex games, and think that you should play them tonight.

Sex bingo, anyone?

The best sex board games?

The steamiest sex games around will have you laughing and enjoying your journey to climax, and is the best way to keep things from going stale in your intimate environment. 

Let’s Play in Public!

We had too much fun writing about how to use a remote control vibrator in public. A little bit of exhibitionism and voyeurism, a touch of kinky, naughty flair. If this sparks a touch of desire within you, then let’s turn that flame into a raging fire of sexy sensation as you cruise about your public day!!

You will quickly see why you need a remote control vibrator, and you’ll probably have one ordered before reading this sex toy blog, as this toy alone will provide hours of sensational fun to both yourself and your partner. 

And speaking of the public, if you are going to play outside, we’ve compiled a list of the best places to masturbate in public to make this practice (mind you, it is illegal!) as safe and fluent as possible.

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