Sex Therapy Exercises.

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Most of the time, the decrease in sexual desire can be related to a psychological cause. The decline in libido is characterized by an unexplained and prolonged disappearance of sexual desire and sometimes even by a negative and systematic feeling about sexual activities. 

But worry not, low sex drive can be cured with sex therapy exercises, offering one of the best assets to promoting a healthy sex drive!

Sex therapy exercises are effective for individuals of any age, gender, or sexual orientation, and we’re here to showcase just how you can use them to, alas, feel the lust of sexual desire again. 

What is Sex Therapy?

Couples therapy is sometimes confused with sex therapy, which are two different things. 

Sex therapy, unlike couples therapy, only examines the sexual bond in a couple to re-establish intimate contact between the couple. Sexual health being a factor of well-being, the resolution of the sexual problems of individuals aims to make their relationship more fulfilling. 

Carried out by a sex therapist, it is practiced in an office or with sex therapy exercises to do at home. 

The sexologist’s diploma does not come from the medical course, but is obtained through an inter-university system. As a result, she treats people with sexual disorders psychologically, not medication. It is, in general, little known to the public.

sex therapy for couples exercises

What Do Sex Therapy Exercises Consist of?

During the first consultations, the specialist gathers all the essential information to establish the most accurate diagnosis possible, considers the patient’s goals, works with them, and helps them to address the discovered issues. 

Individual work from the couple, outside of consultations, is vital. The sex therapist gives couples sex therapy exercises to do at home together and also sometimes alone. For these sex therapy exercises to really work, they must be executed… Kind of like doing homework in high school (I know, how nostalgic!).

The person who comes to consult must have a genuine desire to change the current situation because it is in their hands, although with the help and advice of the therapist, who, step by step, will improve things to achieve their goal, to make this happen. 

Educational work is essential. A large part of sexual problems is due to insufficient or wrong sex education. It is crucial to chase all received ideas from your mind and to have a broader vision of sexuality. 

When the therapy is finished, the person will have acquired certain reflexes and mechanisms that will allow them to work on their sexuality on their own and adapt to possible changes in the life cycle.

How Sex Therapy Can Increase Libido

When the loss of libido has a psychological cause, it can be treated by Sex therapy exercises.

And even if the root cause of desire disorder is physical, treatment should always be accompanied by therapy that also works on the emotional, psychological, and relationship aspects involved. 

Obviously, each situation is specific, and the therapist will adapt sex therapy for couples exercises and choose the one that best suits the individual who consults and the couple. 

Very often, it will combine several sex therapy exercises (both individual and couples sex therapy exercises to do at home) such as regular aerobic and power exercises that can improve stamina, self-esteem, mood, boost libido, and decrease stress. 

How Sex Therapy is Beneficial for Couples

Therapy is a way to learn to see your partner from a different perspective, no matter how long the relationship is. According to Violaine Gelly, a sex therapist, “couple therapy is interested in the bond that unites the two people. If this bond is abused, by introducing sex therapy for couples exercises to the couple, we will try to understand how it was put in place and what no longer works today. “. It makes it possible to re-engage in dialogue and to listen to one another better. As time goes by, it helps to externalize its buried needs more and to be more attentive to the intimate expectations of the partner.

Sex Therapy Exercises

Common sex Therapy Exercises

After the interview, the therapist can suggest sex therapy exercises leading to healing any blockages or disorders. 

In order to recreate a serene erotic atmosphere in the couple, these exercises will promote sexual communication between them. These exercises are often enough to make up for the lack of knowledge of the other partner and of communication during intercourse, making sexual problems disappear, especially when they are of psychological origin. 

Here are the most common sex therapy exercises for you to try in a manner that doesn’t yet require a sex therapist. 

Daily Gymnastics

First, breathing and body mobilization exercises should be practiced, like daily gymnastics, for ten to fifteen minutes and done slowly to feel them well. 

For example, the patient will first learn the different breathing methods while lying down, then in other postures. Once these are well acquired, they will practice them while during masturbation (another great answer of how to increase sex drive) before introducing them in exchanges with his (her) partner. 

This is the same general path for learning other movements and techniques, pelvis first, then shoulders, and the acquisition of other new skills, which will be repeated hundreds of times before actually transforming the couple’s relationship.

sex therapy exercises - masturbation

A Method That Involves Sex Therapy for Couples Exercises

The body-to-body method requires an average of six to eighteen months of personal effort (eight to twenty sessions) and a small budget. But it carries very good news: sexuality is never set in stone, and it can evolve throughout life through new learning.

And if it is individual therapy, it is desirable to involve the partner in it during a few sessions to ensure that he (she) shares the desire for change and that too much big gap does not settle in the couple.

Sex Therapy Exercise to do at Home

I invite you to try an exercise to better understand it: 

Try to think of a situation in which you felt very sad. Maintaining this emotional state, sex therapy exercises are based on the “body-brain-brain-body” principle. The approach studies the body/emotion during the rise of sexual tension and the discharge of the latter. 

Since emotions are reactions of our positive or negative thoughts that find their resonance in the body (like a mirror), this means that by changing the body in space (e.g. posture), we can change our perception of ourselves, pleasure, and decrease or increase the intensity of our emotions and our sexual loads. 

One influences the other, and vice versa. 

I invite you to walk around a large room for a few minutes. Stop and observe your body: your shoulders are probably forward, your head tilted, your chest crushed, etc.

While keeping this state in your body, I invite you to move again, but this time lift your head, open your shoulders, move your body loosely, and speed up your gait. Again, stop: do you still feel sad?… 

Probably not. The emotional intensity has diminished. It is on this postulate that these sex therapy exercises to do at home approaches are based on guiding the clinical intervention. 

The body (real and felt) becomes the primary tool of clinical work. Thus, this sex therapy exercises approach will assess the modes of sexual arousal concerning the laws of the body (space, rhythm, muscle tension). 

It is important to understand that sexual arousal and orgasmic discharge occur reflexively and involuntarily. On the other hand, you can make voluntary and direct gestures on the sexual arousal curve by playing with the rhythms, the muscular tensions, and the use of space (breathing and body movement). 

By breathing and moving voluntarily, it influences the feeling and the rise of sexual arousal. Thus, by freely managing bodily reactions, you can learn to modulate your sexual arousal.

Do you Need a Sex Therapist?

In our western society, it is common for every problem to consult a specialist. If you have a skin problem, you go to the dermatologist. If you have knee pain, you go to a Doctor. You have sexual dysfunction. Why not consult a sex therapist?

Just like normal therapy, it is advisable to consult as soon as one feels ill; the sooner the better to succeed in relaunching the dynamics of the patient. 

Here are some reasons why you need a sex therapist: 

Should we do Sex Therapy Exercises for Couples even if there is no Disagreement Between the Pair? 

Yes, therapy is always beneficial to the couple. “It’s even very healthy, it allows you to start on a good basis and learn from the start to communicate well.” 

They say if it’s not broken, don’t fix it- but why not work to make the good just that much better?

How Long Does a Treatment in Sexology last?

Generally, this remains in the context of brief therapies: between 10 and 15 sessions. The idea is not to wait for the breaking point within the couple or with yourself.

Sex therapy helps people overcome various sexual difficulties and can be part of individual therapy or couples therapy. 

Sex therapists have specialized training in the area of human sexuality and can teach you specific techniques to overcome any obstacles to satisfying sex life. With their level of expertise and training, you’ll be surprised how comfortable you are when discussing sexual issues with them.

As well as using sex therapy exercises, you might also find great libido-boosting benefits by looking into other sex-enhancing strategies, such s focusing on your food and diet, exercising, taking the right vitamins, and learning how to use confidence as a key to unlocking newfound pleasure. 


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