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Sex Talk: How Communication Influences a Sexual Relationship.

Sex talk… It influences nearly everything in a relationship. The effects of pure sexual fulfillment span into multiple facets of our lives, from increasing happiness to reducing stress and everything in between, and sex talk is vital in promoting this precise sexual fulfillment.

For on the other end of the spectrum, not being open with communication will lead to just the opposite- internal frustration, resentment, disappointment, to name a few. 

How are you supposed to know everything your partner wants/needs to establish sexual fulfillment, and how are they supposed to know the same for you if you don’t communicate this well enough? Sure, you could go for trial and error, a slight guessing game of figuring out these very sexual idiosyncrasies. But how about we keep it simple, effective, and thoughtful, and use communication to our sheer advantage in discovering the epitome of sex lives with our loved one. 

This is sex talk, how communication influences a sexual relationship, and why it should matter to you/how to better approach sex talk in your love life. So, let’s talk about sex, shall we?

Why is Communication Important in a Relationship

The Best Part: Sex Talk Makes Sex Better

Let’s start with quite possibly the best and rather straightforward part about sex talk- it simply makes sex better! Good sex is the keystone to sexual fulfillment, and caters to those who require forms of sexual intimacy in order to feel loved and connected. 

Every once in a while, check in with your partner with a little conversation surrounding sex talk. Be honest and approachable, and ask them how they have been feeling about the sex lately. 

Ask them:

  1. If the sex has been up to their standards recently
  2. What they do/do not like about your sex lately
  3. How you can improve on your sex
  4. Is the sex missing anything?

And then, of course, tell them about your perceptions of the sex by answering the same. By engaging in this broad communication, you can then begin to zoom further into the sex talk by looking at individual subsets of your sex. 

Perhaps, for example, your partner responds by saying that they feel as though sexy role play would be something interesting to incorporate into your love life. Once established, you can further dive into the conversation surrounding role play and how you can go about experimenting with it. What role playing ideas will you use, will you use role play costumes, will your role play end after the sex or carry on for a day or two at a time?

It’s all about breaking down barriers, opening doors, and then following through with whatever it might be that your sex talk conversation has inspired. 

With this, we are humans, and humans change regularly, so this is why it is essential to engage in this type of conversation consistently throughout life. Just because you checked in six months ago doesn’t necessarily mean your partner is entirely still satisfied!

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Sex Talk Builds Trust

When your partner is able to approach you with complete honestly surrounding a topic as potently influential and powerful as the topic of sex, then this is quite the lovely indication of trust. They trust you to be accepting of their thoughts, they trust you to provide them with insight and direction, and they trust you to work through whatever it might be that is on their mind, positive and negative alike. 

Trust, for a lot of individuals, is everything, from both a romantic and sexual perspective. Without it, it is all too common to find difficulty thriving and attaining the blissful happiness we deserve. 

When you walk up to your partner and say, “Hey, let’s talk about sex”, you are showing them that you feel as though your relationship is strong and mature enough to work through sexual difficulties. The trust alone will help to bring you closer. And even if the sex is the best sex you have ever had, reiterating this to your partner will result in building trust even further, as the best sex is indicative of sincere, trusting love, and by showcasing this fact, they will trust that your passion for them is very much alive. 

Sex Talk Allows for Exploration of Kinks

You will never be able to explore kinks and fetishes that you have never tried before unless you are able to maintain utterly open communication. Sex talk is the only way that you will be able to address these kinks and ideas with your partner, and you will never get anywhere with kinky exploration unless you verbalize your desires aloud to your partner. 

They aren’t mind readers, and they will never know what exists in the kinkiest corners of your imagination unless you express this to them. If you shy away from your kinks, this is guaranteed to lead to frustrations that span into your love life and other areas of life. 

So why is communication important in a relationship? It allows you to feel safe and secure about what is on your mind and will enable you to experience the joys of discovering your kinks and avoid the discontentment of not. 

Beyond allowing you to just explore the different types of kinks, communication is vital in successfully exploring these kinks. You don’t just want to jump into something blind; instead, communication allows you to plan the experience accordingly for the highest chance of personal/shared safety and success. 

So it’s true, if you have a dirty mind, then perhaps you just need to experience a little more, so use communication in your relationship as your driving force to do so and to have fun growing as an individual as well as a couple. 

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Dirty Talk During Sex

If dirty talk during sex isn’t an active aspect of your time spent under the sheets, then we highly suggest utilizing this invigorating means of adding quite the tasty spice to your love life. 

How to talk dirty to a guy? You have to be comfortable with your communication!!

Dirty talking is about saying “screw my fears”, and opening up to the wild side of your imagination by verbalizing all the things that are running through your head for your partner to hear. 

This dirty talk form of communication gives you the ability to tell your partner exactly what you like about what they are doing to you, it allows you to provide direction as to what you wish for them to perform, and it allows you to really dig into your kinky side to express your sexual self in the purest of forms. 

So go ahead, if you’ve been dying for cunnilingus as of late, express this by using some of our examples of dirty talk by saying, “I am dying inside for you to taste me- I crave the touch of your lips”. You are verbalizing your desires, directing the sex in a manner conducive to your pleasure, and making the situation sexy by showcasing comfortability and trust, all because of a little dirty talk.

So why is communication important in a relationship? Communication equals climax, and climax equals happiness, checking off the box to sensational sensuality within your love life.