How to Buy and Use a Sex Swing.

May 26, 2021

Let your imagination run wild and enjoy sex with a sew swing!

The sex toy industry allows a couple to go beyond the routine and experience new and invigorating things, and one of the most pleasure-inducing products is none other than the sex swing. This object will take you to 7th heaven in no time as you explore the capabilities of newfound sensation

What is a Sex Swing?

A sex swing is a type of harness designed for intercourse between a partner suspended by the swing and one who moves freely for a wide range of new and orgasm-inducing positions. The major function of a sex swing is to aid in sexual activity and exploration

While there is considerable variety in design, the most common sex swings have one back support, another for the buttocks, and stirrups for each leg, which can be adjusted while the user is suspended in the air.

Materials for the construction of these devices include nylon webbing, heavy canvas, leather, neoprene, heavy rubber, wood, and steel. 

The designs allow access to the genitals, perineum, buttocks, and anal areas of the passive (receptive) partner, supporting the individual in a comfortable position with the hips flexed to allow the passive partner to relax fully.


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Advice Before Buying

  • Check the number of points according to the sex swing 
  • Check dimensions 
  • Anticipate storage
  • Anticipate customs fees (if sending outside the USA) and delivery as they are often heavy
  • Read reviews and perform diligent research on the types of sex swings that are best suited for your body styles and desires of your sex

The Different Types of Sex Swings

The door sling: Practical and inexpensive; however, be careful to have a “solid” door with the doorframe on the correct side, as the door will hold the weight. It is also necessary to be able to lock the door with a key to avoid unintentional opening.

The central sling or 3 points: Perfect for levitation, but be careful of possible instability; it turns and swings in all directions. Depending on the desired practices and experience, it can be an advantage for some and a big disadvantage for others.

The sling or 4 points : Perfect because it avoids any movements, and is the go-to choice for stability. It is often found in BDSM dungeons or cruising bars.

The “Butterfly” sex chair: It is versatile and, above all, compact! It can be a sling that is set at human height, or it can also be put on a bed or turned into a rimming chair!


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How Does a Sex Swing Work?

One of you takes a position by sitting or lying in the swing. 

A sex swing offers various possibilities – suspended from the ceiling, sitting, lying on your back, or on your stomach. 

Be creative; the sex swing allows you to make your most secret and desirable wishes come true, manifesting directly into your love life. 

The swing allows you to move in many different ways while still providing you a good grip, but it might take a little practice to get the hang of it!

The other partner can now approach you, and you will find yourself in positions where you have never merged before.

Use the momentum of the sex swing for the pushing and thrusting movements, and explore these benefits for oral, vaginal, and even anal sex.  

A sex swing opens up new possibilities, and remember to communicate with one another as you work through what feels best, enjoying the soon-to-find sexual discoveries. 

Depending on your ability to cope with the pressure, you can also take two people on the love swing and ride it with your partner. Give it a try!

Sex Swing Positions

Ready to take the next step? These kinky sex swing positions are sure to put you on the spot. If you’re up for a ride, these new positions will surely get you there.

Flying Carpet: Sit on the swing, hold it, and lean back, just like you will try to swing very high. Your partner should straddle your face and then bend down to please you with their fingers, toys, lips, and tongue. It is essentially a flying 69, and you will love the feeling of weightlessness as the movement of the swing emphasizes whatever you are doing. You can use a door sex swing, a hanging swing, or a freestanding model for this position.

Space dog: Being in the air during doggy style is fantastic, and it provides next-level orgasms. Here’s how to have sex doggy style using the sex swing. The receiving partner should lie down, place their chest on a strap, and their stomach on the seat. The other partner clings to the thighs or hips and slides them back and forth. This way, the receiving partner will have a free hand to play with or simply hang on and enjoy the thrill. You can use a swing door for this position, but the best and most comfortable model is the hammock-type sex swing.

The rotating swing: This swing will allow you to live the epitome of sexual experience. If you get a single hook swing, it will do a 360-degree turn, which opens up a whole new world of possibilities. One of them is this exciting position that will blow your mind. The receiving partner should slide their buttocks back from the seat and place their feet on the seat. Hold on to the straps. Use lots of lube, and then the receiving partner can descend on their partner’s penis. From there, you are on a real adventure!

Flying missionary: Everyone thinks the missionary is boring. Well, not if you do it like this and with a sex swing! The receiving partner should sit in the swing with their legs apart, using the stirrups for support. As the penetrating partner moves, the rocking motion will literally leave you both speechless. With each movement, the thrusts will be stronger and more profound than ever. For this position, you need a swing that can support the weight of each of you, so a solid, freestanding model or a hanging model that is attached to a solid beam is perfect.

These positions are true and reliable, and with the help of the sex swing, they will eliminate any weight, height, and boredom issues you might have in the bedroom. You will have not only fun, but also an epic orgasm!

Why It is so Interesting

G-spot stimulation and devotion: With the use of a sex swing, the woman is in a position that facilitates the elevation of the pelvis. As a result, the man’s penis when he enters has a good angle that greatly stimulates the woman’s G-spot lying in the Sex Swing. The accessory is therefore ideal for women who have difficulty reaching orgasm. You will be surprised to discover the unique sensation. 


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Incredible relaxation and lasting pleasure: In a sex swing, both partners enjoy a relaxed posture that allows them to think of nothing but enjoying the moment and each other. Thus, by having the possibility of looking deeply in the eyes, the pleasure is intense. Likewise, despite being standing, the man enjoys a comfort that allows him to last longer and make the pleasure last, as is the case with the door sex swings. This is because the lower part of the end of the penis is less stimulated, which significantly delays the time of ejaculation and may allow partners to reach orgasm simultaneously. The accessory allows partners to experience a win-win situation. 

We hope so much that the sex swing enriches your sex life (or it already did) for you and contributes to your sexual enjoyment. We especially welcome your feedback – just drop us a line with your comments if you feel like it!



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