A beginners guide to sex shops.

The idea of visiting a sex shop can be daunting for many. Walking in, being seen by sales associates and other customers, and seeing hundreds of penis like objects surrounding you. There’s no reason to be intimidated by these places though! Sex shops can be very informative and fun to go to. Here’s what you need to know before your first visit.


Sex toys are expensive – and yes, they’re cheaper online.However, when visiting a sex store, you aren’t just paying for the toy. You’re paying for the knowledge of the workers. If you’re a novice, a sex store employee will be able to point you down the right path for the toy that fits your needs the most just by having a conversation with you. Sure, there’s tons of blog posts available, but face to face conversation can be a game changer. You also get the ability to compare a lot of brands, with similar products, and find the one that best suits you. You also get the ability to ask any question under the sun, and not feel embarrassed by googling it. 


Don’t go in just to ogle. For every customer that is embarrassed to go to a store, the customer that makes fun of the toys is the one causing the others discomfort. Would you like to be looking at an anal plug, and overhear someone say “someone actually uses that?”? You wouldn’t; and you probably wouldn’t buy it after that. Be respectful and kind, and remember that there are always different strokes for different folks.


Go in with an idea of what you may be interested in. Look online at some toys you think would be intriguing, and have that list ready! The sales associate may be able to suggest a toy similar, or better than the one you have in mind. Maybe the rabbit vibrator you like is a great option, but they have one with 10 speeds and 15 modes versus 5 and 7. These are things you may not think about, but having those extra functions can add some spice.


Hit up the samples! Have you been intrigued by lubricants, or just wanted to try a new one? Most sex shops sell single use packets of tons of brands of lubricants! From flavored lube to silicone, to water based, it’s all there. Self warming lube? Chances are, there’s a single use of that too. This is one of the best parts of going – you don’t have to commit to an entire bottle of something that you may not like, and you may discover 3 different formulations that each work wonders in different ways.


Another key tip: Don’t be ashamed to go! Sex shops can open your eyes to the possibilities and endless play available. From lingerie, dildos, vibrators, and bondage accessories, walking in to one of these stores can add a flare you never knew you needed or wanted. Plus, many sex stores are locally owned, so you get the benefit of supporting a locally owned business! If you’re nervous about being seen by someone you may know, go to a town over. Remember, no one enters a store like that with no knowledge of what it is. You may be pleasantly surprised by what you walk out with.


Remember, you deserve a great sex life. Treat yourself to some new toys or lubes, or invest in some bondage gear! There’s always next week to go back.