Sex Shops Near Me.

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If you’re shopping for a fun new sex toy or sexy accessories, chances are you’ve wondered “what sex shops are near me?”. While local sex stores definitely exist, and there are more often than not larger retail chains that are nearby, don’t forget that you may have much easier access to some items you are looking for online. Buying online also takes away the awkwardness of seeing a person during this vulnerable and intimate moment.  

Should I find sex shops near me or shop online?

While shopping for sex toys in a sex shop near you or an adult entertainment store may feel like a good idea to get a hands-on experience, we definitely recommend shopping online instead. Shopping for sex toys can be kind of tricky, and even embarrassing for many people. So many stigmas exist that going in person to your local sex shop near you could lead you to walking out anxious and upset. There are many sex shops around and available for you to walk into and look at items, but shopping online for adult toys and fun accessories can be a way more thrilling, exciting experience. Part of that is because it removes the embarrassment from going to a sex shop near you and potentially seeing someone that you may know.

Whether you are looking for a butt plug, a vibrator, a glass dildo, or whatever floats your boat, online sex shops have just as much (and often even more) selection as your local sex shops near you. Plus, there are a lot more of these rarely thought about benefits when you are shopping online for sex toys. We’ve put together a great list of reasons you should be shopping for your next pleasure toy online.

Purchasing a sex toy or accessory online versus in store is so much easier, at least in our opinion. Most sex stores online offer reviews, online help, or 24-hour concierge service to speak to a person to help you choose the right toy. Just think about it – there are millions of people online at any given time, which means there have to be thousands shopping for their new sex toy at any instance. You’re not the only person browsing these fun things! Also, it’s a little thrilling to realize that there are other people looking at the same item as you, at the same time. Who else is looking at that squirting rabbit vibrator, or the clitoris sucking vibrator? Probably around 100 other people at the same time as you. Everyone likes to experience pleasure! When you purchase in a local sex shop, you have the pressure of people seeing what you are looking at, and the subconscious fear of being judged for what you purchase. 


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When you shop online instead of going into a store, you also have a better chance of educating yourself on the toys you are looking at. Since you don’t have to feel uncomfortable or awkward when you look up these items, it opens up the items that you could possibly purchase as well. If you went in for a rabbit vibrator and saw a set of nipple clamps and bondage items in person, you might hesitate to buy them. However, when you’re searching online, a quick search will tell you all you need to know to figure out if you want to add that to cart or not. There are Youtube videos explaining most every sex toy, there are tutorial guides on the websites, and ample reviews to help you make the best decision for you. This means that you don’t have to shamefully ask the sales associate in front of you how to use something and feel mortified when they explain it. Plus, real-life reviews of products can help you decide whether it has enough power or will please you or your partner in the way you are looking for.  Not everyone knows what is right for them and what they should order, so having these tools at your fingertips can make a huge difference. 

There is no hurry or rush when you shop for sex toys online, unlike when you are browsing through the selection of your local sex toy shop near you. You can take a few minutes, hours, or even days to pick out exactly what you want, and when you are ready, you can just check out! Browsing without the worry of judgment or scrutiny is a liberating feeling, and we definitely understand how important that is. Sex toys, especially high-quality ones, are an investment in both your physical and sexual well-being, and you want to make sure that what you choose is perfect for you. You have the freedom and flexibility to shop at your leisure, and no one is going to push you into purchasing something you don’t want to spend money on.

Shopping online is also extremely discreet when it comes to the purchase and delivery of sex toys.  Most online sex toy retailers deliver their products in discreet packaging that does not say what company the product is from or give any hints as to what it is. There is also no salesperson that you have to deal with, and no chance that someone you know or work with could see your car parked outside! The beauty of online shopping is the ability to control who knows what you purchase. It’s your choice to share or not share, and that power is so sexy. Plus, you could order a 12-inch dildo with balls attached to it, and no one is going to judge you because no one can see it! Sex toy shopping online is judgment-free, pressure-free, and so relaxing. 


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Plus, when you order online, there are typically better policies in the event something is broken or defective. For example, when you order a vibe from our online boutique, V For Vibes, we offer a 60-day replacement policy for a defective product. We make the process to replace super simple, and ship out quickly. When you purchase in your local sex toy shops near you, more often than not they do not offer replacements if a product is defective. Competitive pricing, the ability to use discount codes, and a wide variety of toys to browse online in the comfort of your own home is a win-win situation in our eyes. 

So before you reach for your phone to look up “Adult sex shops near me” or “sex toy stores near me”, try just looking up online sex toys stores! You’ll be pleasantly surprised by the variety of items available, plus, the discretion that shopping for sex toys online actually offers. Now go catch those vibes!


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