Why Should I take Sex Quizzes?

Apr 21, 2021

Sex quizzes – there are many out there to take and try, but do you know the benefits of participating in these informative and fun quizzes? There are many types of sex quizzes, including sex toy quizzes and couples sex quizzes. These are designed to help you explore new things, find fun things to try in the bedroom, and get to know yourself and your body, as well as your partner, better than you did before in a more intimate way. Plus, it can be kind of thrilling to open up new possibilities for playtime in the bedroom, whether that’s alone or with your partner. Sex quizzes also can potentially increase your libido by creating the opportunity to read about and envision different scenarios with you and your partner. At the end of the day (or night), having a little fun together or with yourself is only a plus in our eyes. 

Sex Knowledge Quizzes 

Sex knowledge quizzes are one of our favorites at V For Vibes. Taking these quizzes allows you to learn about sex in a way you may not have before. You test your knowledge on hormones, sex drive, and sexual attraction, while learning more about the body and how different things can affect your sex drive and sexual pleasure. These help you empower yourself to make better lifestyle and sexual choices, while opening up the brain to know what is and isn’t enjoyable, and what medications or lifestyle changes affect your body. Knowing the fundamentals of sex and the chemicals and physical aspects that affect your body is key to taking charge of your personal sexual pleasure and freedom.

Couples Sex Quizzes

Taking a couples sex quiz can be especially beneficial if you’re bored in the bedroom, or feel the desire to spice things up! Getting to know each other in a way that really has no limits can take out the intimidation of actually asking your partner the questions of what they want, and what they want to try. There are quizzes for positions, quizzes to help you figure out your kinks, and even quizzes to help you explore BDSM in the bedroom with your partner. These fun sex quizzes are no pressure, no holds barred, and let you pick choices freely without worry of judgment. If you’re married, you can take sex quizzes for married couples to be even more specific. Taking a sex quiz for partners can also be a fun-at-home date night activity. Once you get your answer, you can go experiment with the recommendations given to really put the accuracy to the test. 


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Sex Toy Quizzes 

Quizzes that help you identify the best sex toy for you can really help you determine what kind of pleasure you enjoy and what you can focus on in self-love and self-pleasure that may rock your world in ways you haven’t experienced before. Are you wondering what vibrator or dildo you should try? Curious to learn about the many different facets of pleasure that you may experience with a rabbit vibrator, ejaculating vibrator, or glass dildo? Take some of the guesswork out of it by completing a sex toy quiz. There are sex toy quizzes based on your personality, dildo quizzes, and quizzes that are for learning specifically the answer to the age-old question, “what vibrator should I get?”. These sex tests are also great if you’ve tried many different kinds and still haven’t determined exactly what you like the most, or if you’re looking for a new sex toy to add to your collection. If you’re a first-time sex toy buyer, sex-toy-specific questions will really aid you in selecting what works the best for you and what you may enjoy the most. While these quizzes aren’t one hundred percent accurate, they may just steer you in the right direction. 

Wanting to get a confidence boost? Take a quiz to tell you how good at sex or giving head you are. But don’t be mad at us if you aren’t as amazing as you thought you were! These can also be fun to take with a partner. You can compare the answers to see if you got what you expected of each other. This also opens up an internal dialogue where you can both discuss what you’d like to try, and how you can better pleasure each other in bed. There’s no harm or embarrassment in needing to improve on something, and this makes it so that your partner doesn’t have to tell you in a way that may make you feel bad about your skills – or vice versa. You may think you know every move in the book, or give the best blowjobs that have ever existed, but the answer may be a surprising one. However, simple tweaks can make all the difference, and you’ll never know until you take a quiz or sex test. 

Sex Addiction Quizzes

Wondering if you’re addicted to sex? There’s a quiz for that! Type into your search bar “am I a sex addict quiz” and multiple tests will come up. OOf course, we aren’t saying that you shouldn’t be speaking to a counselor or therapist if you are concerned about sex addiction is more important than taking a quiz, but this may ease your mind temporarily. You can also take sex quizzes to determine whether you might just have a high sex drive – which could definitely be the case! There’s absolutely no shame in having a higher sex drive than others you know, or even your own partner.

Moral of the story – if you’re looking for a fun way to learn a little bit more about yourself, your partner, and your pleasure points, taking one of the many sex quizzes that are available to us online now is a great way to satisfy this curiosity. From finding out what sex toy you are based on your personality, to playing a game of what sex position is best for you, sex quizzes are fun, informative, and an overall great way to expand your sexual knowledge and prowess both alone and with a partner. 



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