Couples Sex Positions you HAVE to Try.

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Do you lack inspiration with your partner in the bedroom? Do you want to enhance your sex life to newfound experiences of sensual pleasure? 

Well, stick around awhile, because these tips should give you more than one riveting idea to try out when things get steamy under the sheets.

For several reasons, trying new sex positions is an essential aspect of ‘good’ sex and an overall healthy love life: to avoid routine because constantly making love, in the same way, can become boring and because by varying the sexual positions, we obtain different pleasures and feelings.

Indeed, according to the sex position, one can obtain a more or less deep penetration, a different stimulation of erogenous zones, possibilities of caresses or kisses during the romantic relationship, and certain positions can also be practiced to calm the excitement to slow down access to orgasm and promote intimacy. Or conversely, to excite the partner more or less intensely. 

It’s all about feeling and communication within the couple: some prefer to adopt the same position from the beginning to the end of intercourse, and change the position the next time they have sex, while others will like to experiment with the postures during a single round of intercourse. 

There is no right or wrong answer!

Benefits of changing sex positions 

“It’s always the same!”- If this phrase qualifies your sexual relations, it’s time to take action and to change your way of doing things! Oftentimes when sexuality is always the same, it was initially so because the favorite technique was a winner. 

So, since it has worked before, it’s much easier and safer to do the same thing over and over again as a form of ‘sexual reliability’.

On the other hand, there comes a time when this technique becomes too predictable and the desire is thirsty for novelties. Try new positions, change places, change your process!

It is normal to feel reluctant to make these changes because you will inevitably have to step out of your comfort zone, but the brain is made that way. The unhappy stability is much less stressful than the intoxicating novelty! Don’t let anxiety guide your sexuality!

Preference in sexual positions varies significantly between the sexes. This is probably related to the control of the movements and the intensity that the position offers to each of the partners, as well as the regions that it allows one to stimulate. And finally, to the eroticism of what they also show. 

That being said, we’ll give you a few different sex positions that feel the best for her, and sex positions that feel the best for him, to inspire this newfound journey in the best of ways. 

best sex positions

Best Sex Positions For Female

Penetrations from behind

Any position where the woman turns her back on her partner is more conducive to orgasm! 

Why? For several essential reasons.

Firstly, because the anterior wall of the vagina is very sensitive and the penis will come into direct contact with not only it, but also with the G-spot and the clitoris. And, if that wasn’t enough, because these positions leave the hands free (at least one), this allows the woman to touch herself at any time to trigger her orgasm.

turtle position

The Waffle Maker 

Begin with the woman lying on her partner, legs slightly apart. She is in charge of the penetration and its depth is under the woman’s control. This position gives her a certain freedom of movement which allows her to cuddle, kiss passionately or tenderly, or even caress her partner. This is why 57% of women reach orgasm in this position.

wafle maker position

The Octopus

This position is one of the favorites among women, with 52% of women reaching orgasm this way. 

It deserves a little explanation: 

The woman is lying on her back, her knees folded over her stomach. The man, on his knees, places himself between his partner’s thighs and lifts the pelvis. This position is perfect for stimulating the clitoris, as you can use your legs wrapped around your partner to push him against your pelvis. 

octopus sex position

The Bridge 

Start in the missionary position. The man leans back slightly and carries his partner’s pelvis in the air. The latter will use his feet to help him carry the weight of the legs, legs arched like a bridge. Stand at a height that is comfortable for both of them.


bridge position

Zen Mistress

Most of the time, we’re so stuck on orgasm as the ultimate goal of our intercourse that we end up not being relaxed enough to let the magic work. 

To negate this and to help you relax, during the zen mistress, we kneel on our backs, spread our legs, and let your partner penetrate you by touching each other, and focus on what it feels like step by step – rather than projecting the grand finale. Rest assured, the orgasm will come.


Zen Mistress

Best Sex Positions For male

Doggy Style

Offer him a doggy style … This is the most exciting and pleasurable position for the man. “First from a technical point of view, explains sexologist Gérard Leleu, this position allows a greater range of movement for the man.” 

And second, how about that view?!


doggy sex position

The Swimming Position of the Frog

The swimming frog… That doesn’t sound very flattering at first. Still, this position is a good alternative to doggy style, as it allows the man to enjoy your butt while you ladies are lying on your stomach. 


 The Swimming Position of the Frog

The Position of the Drunken Boat

Like a missionary, but needs flexibility. He will hold the ankles of his partner up, and thus access a deeper penetration, increasing the sensations.


The Position of the Drunken Boat

The Position of the Padlock

In this position, the man is standing and you are lying on a table with your legs folded or wrapped around his waist. Thus positioned, the man can increase the enjoyment of his partner by looking at her, and above all, he can manage the rhythm of the penetration.



The Position of the Spoon 

Both sideways, the women in front, the men behind, this position is the height of sensuality because it can mix sweetness with savagery. Plus, it leaves your partner’s hands free to stimulate you or to tightly grab your waist. And some men love the sensuality it provides!

spooning sex

How to guide your partner during a sex position

Guiding your partner can go through sighs, moans, and in short, sound is the manifestation of pleasure (and that’s why faking will kill your sex life slowly). 

But guiding without speaking can also result in physical indications: a light pressure of the hand on the hip to make the other shift, thrusts more spaced apart to ask to slow down.

You can also use your hands to guide your partner’s hands, and clearly show them where to do what. Moving your body is a way to orient your partner, but also to seek your own pleasure. 

It is important to recognize your share of responsibility for your own pleasure. By this, I mean that, in addition to guiding the other person, you can do your own thing by changing the angle of your vagina during penetration, your pelvis during oral sex, etc. 

You still have to know what you like because, again, no one will be able to do it for you. Self-knowledge comes with experience, by exploring, and by masturbating, so help yourself by learning yourself to share this knowledge with your partner. 

Finally, daring to ask what you want during sex is the best advice I can give you. Not only is this your best chance of getting what you want, but whispering your desires in someone else’s ear is also terribly hot.

As you can see, the common point between these fulfilling positions is the exchange, the gift, the sharing, the complicity. Remember that the key to fulfilling sexuality is, first of all, to vibrate in unison, leaving frustrations and any misunderstandings at the door!



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