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The Best Sex Positions For Fitness and Workout Sex Exercises.

Sex and fitness. 

At first glance, the two words seem to be an interesting pair, their meanings separating themselves through different manifestations within life. I mean, unless you’re into some public play, the gym and the bedroom are usually reserved for different things!

However, upon further thought, it soon becomes clear that sex and fitness in fact go very much correlated to one another. After all, the sweatiest and most invigorating of lovemaking can actually burn some serious calories. 

That, and sex in general, can often times act as a form of an outlet for both individuals and couples, a way to burn off the steam of real-life and exit reality through the euphoric adrenal rush that comes with the freedom of physical sexual expression

Although I think we can all agree that sex is a heck of a lot more enjoyable than working out, there are in fact ways to combine the two by incorporating the best sex positions for fitness to both utilize sex as a unique form of working out, and to also act as a means of spicing up your bedroom play

The positions that exercise you the most are usually the ones that add some serious intensity, so get ready for one of those nights that leave you rolling over onto moist sheets as you take a deep breath in.


Sex positions for fitness, workout sex, sex exercises, best sex position for fitness, best sex position for fitness with pictures, sexual fitness

Standing Cowgirl.

This fitness sex position is an amazing workout, especially for the male (or whoever is standing), as it requires both lower and upper body strength to keep yourself vertical and the other individual held up. 

One partner will remain standing, lifting the other partner as he/she wraps their legs around them to meet face to face. The partner in the cowgirl position will have to use their core so that they can remain stable as they ride and thrust. 

The person in charge of holding the other up will feel some pretty good burn in their legs after a while, as you must remain entirely balanced and on your feet regardless of the weight and thrusting momentum from the other. 

That, and the core and arm strength to also hold them up will have your muscles feeling as though they have just worked out, a great way to showcase physical prowess during your sex while building muscle and burning calories. 

Reverse Cowgirl.

Although reverse cowgirl is really only a workout for one of the partners, as the other will joyfully lay back, relax, and watch; for he/she who is on top, it is an incredible sex position that doubles as a workout while allowing for sensational penetration thanks to the open angles and easy riding. 

With one partner laying on their back, the other will mount them facing the opposite direction. The key here, however, especially in regards to a sex workout, is to remain completely and fully in a squatting position. 

Sure, you can take a rest or two by sitting down on your partner, but as you squat and thrust you will begin to feel that wonderful little pain of working your muscles, from your ankles up to your thighs, buttocks, and core. 

Every time you ride is like doing a bodyweight squat, and because it feels so good you will enjoy every minute of it. Next thing you know, you’re 100 squats in, done with your workout, and relaxed from a mind-bending orgasm that the fitness sex position of reverse cowgirl provides. 

Doggy Style.

Sex is incredible when it is slow, intimate, and close. But we cannot hide from the fact that sometimes, all we want is to be pounded (or do the pounding) from behind. Because letting yourself go into a trance of slightly rough and intense sex from behind is a release only uncovered through this blissfully fun act.

And when the doggy style is performed this way, it directly doubles as a workout sex position that can burn some serious calories and help you with those six-pack goals. 

For he/she is doing the thrusting, if you are going to provide your partner with that invigorating experience they are probably looking for, then chances are you will be out of breath in no time. Not only do the back and forth motions work your core muscles, but the extended consistency of it will act as some serious cardio. 

And by the time you are done, the other partner will collapse to the ground because low and behold, they have essentially been in a full workout plank the entire time. 

The Bridge Position.

For this position, he/she who is being penetrated will really feel the muscles in their arm and core being challenged, as it requires you to hold your bodyweight completely up while in this sex position for fitness. 

The partner who is receiving penetration will start by laying on their back. Once on the back, they will place their arms shoulder length apart, just alongside their head, lifting themselves using their arm and leg muscles to enter a classic ‘backbend’ shape. 

Once up, the other can move closer and help with keeping their partner secured in said position by using their arms to hold the butt, but regardless of the help he/she who is facing upwards is going to need some serious feel-good sex to distract them from the extended workout they are performing on their arms and legs. 

Missionary Plank Sex Position.

Missionary is a classic sex position, but with a little adjusting, you can easily turn this into a fitness-oriented sex position that allows one of the partners to burn off some serious internal steam and calories. 

Missionary is simple and we all probably know it well. One partner lays on their back while the other penetrates and thrusts from on top. And that alone is a decent workout, but if your goal with sex at the moment is to double as a workout routine, then all the thrusting partner has to do is lift themselves up using their arms!

By doing so, you enter a classic push-up and plank position, a keystone part of any workout that you can also utilize while making love! Not only are your arms going to really have to work to keep you up, but your core and pelvis muscles will see their day as well, as thrusting from such a position takes a little bit of effort here. 

But to the benefit of everyone, the angle of this workout sex position is one that can easily hit the G-spot and provide a soul-shaking climax to both, and by the end of it, you probably won’t even realize that you have been planking for, well…

However long you can last!