Sexy Date Night Idea: The Sex Painting.

Dec 22, 2021

I’m with you- it’s hard to think of creative, sexy date night ideas. It seems like everything my mind conjures up is riddled with cliches or out of reach. But the truth of the matter is that any date night is better than no date night, and that there is sheer essentiality in ensuring you continue to build upon your connection with your partner through these shared experiences of fun, love, and intimacy

Some of the best date nights, the ones that forever engrave themselves into our minds fondest memories, are those that think outside of the box. The unique moments shared together where the mind and the body are both fully engaged, and when you share and feel this engagement between one another. And, after some time thinking, I have a little inspiration for you: The Sex Painting. Get ready to make a laughable mess together! Skip the paintbrush, and just bring the paint, a canvas, your favorite sex toys to heat things up, and a partner who is excited to jump into the artistic action.


What is The Sex Painting?


Maybe you stumbled upon a canvas for sale with a scary high price, just because two humans made love upon it with paint to capture and solidify the moment together. Or maybe you’ve never heard of the idea at all. Regardless, it’s a damn good one! 


The sex painting, in this circumstance, isn’t about picking up a brush to paint images of sex and love. Well, it sort of is, but your bodies will act as the paintbrush this time!


It’s rather simple. Your loved one and yourself will make beautiful, intimate love while covered in body-safe paint atop a large, flat canvas or piece of paper. The image left after will act as a representation of the moment shared together, an artistic means of expressing your shared sexual relationship that results in a materialistic embodiment of this experience and this connection.


It’s wild, dirty, erotic, and a hell of a lot of fun. The perfect way to channel your sexual energy into something creative. After all, the best sex is often the messiest, is it not? 


Here’s a rundown on how to create sex on a canvas painting. 

sex painting

How to Create a Sex Painting


You don’t need much in terms of materials. Just bring along and set up:


  • Yourself and a consenting partner
  • A drop cloth
  • A large, flat canvas or a large piece of art paper
  • Body-safe paint in a variety of colors
  • Optional glitter for an added shine
  • Towels and clean-up supplies- wipes, soap, etc. 
  • Your sexual desire, of course!


Set Up the Date and Time


First off, this sexy date night isn’t best for spontaneity. Surprising your partner is great, but for this, you probably want to tell them of your plans so that they can prepare. Plus, this gives you a timeline to purchase all of your supplies and be fully prepared ahead of time. 


Set up a definitive date and time for this sex painting date night, so your plan is set in stone, and move on to the next step. 


Set Up the Environment


When the day to bring your sex painting to life arrives, you want to take plenty of time to set up the environment. One of the best aspects of this idea is the fact that it forces you to make love outside of the bedroom and in a different environment, as changing up the setting of your sex greatly helps to avoid the mundane. 


Take advantage of this opportunity, and make the best of it! Make sure your area is clean and full of clutter. Vacuum and mop the floors, as you will essentially make love right atop of them, and set up some candles or an aromatherapy diffuser to delight the olfactory senses. 


Once clean and free of clutter, lay down your drop cloth. Remember, you’re going to want a drop cloth far larger than the actual canvas, so it’s going to take some floor space. You might have to rearrange the furniture a bit!

ejaculating dildo

Get Comfortable


Before jumping straight into creating your sex on a canvas painting, approach this sexy date night like any other! Take your time with things, and get comfortable together. Chat over a glass of wine, order yourselves some takeout, watch an erotic movie if that’s your vibe. Just be in the moment and extend this moment for as long as possible while the anticipation slowly begins to bubble. 


Move into The Foreplay


Before diving into the paint, you probably want to dive into the foreplay. This is a brand new experience, so it’s going to take a little extra ‘warming up’ before your sexuality can feel entirely at ease. Besides, the paint is cold! Better heat things up, shall we?


Practice your standard foreplay techniques and really extend this session. Kiss, tease, and touch, and move into using your favorite vibrator if you enjoy added stimulation before partner penetration. 


As soon as the clothes come off, it’s time to get wild! 


Lather the Canvas and Your Bodies


You can slap on the paint in one, two, or both ways. Either choose to cover varying areas of the canvas with different colors or have your partner place some paint all around your exposed body. Or do a little bit of both!


The point is to have your bodies naturally do the painting, so once the paint is laid down, you don’t have to focus on the artistic part of things! 


Oh, and this is important!! Please make sure to use entirely body-safe body paint, and try your absolute best to keep the paint off of the genitals. It might be annoying, but it’s worth avoiding the worst-case scenario infection. Before inserting any body part into another, clean it up. 


Make Sweet, Artistic Love!


Ahh, isn’t the final part of this date night the best? I mean, guaranteed sex is a huge win (props to whoever planned it!), and you are guaranteed to feel your connection grow as you use this sex painting as a way to build upon multiple facets of the different types of intimacy. 


Go about your love-making while immersed in beautiful colors atop the once-blank canvas. Move through varying positions as you do so, as each position will add a different touch of texture and blending to your painting. Laugh about it while you do, make jokes, and embody this lighthearted and joyous experience as a way to direct your sex with sheer pleasure and delight. Once climax has been reached, you can call yourself Picasso because low and behold; your painting is complete!


Clean Up!


Unfortunately, you will have to leave the high of sex to clean up, as I really suggest cleaning as soon as possible before any misbehaved drops of paint dry on your floor. And your body, of course. Use towels that you don’t mind throwing away and some baby wipes to clean off your bodies, as well, and then head to the shower. Give your genitals a little extra attention while washing any leftover paint away, and if you’re up for round two, shower sex, anyone?!


Admire Your Work


Once the area and your bodies are clean, you can now admire your masterpiece together. And if you want, hang it up! What good is art if eyes don’t see it? This experience is sure to make its way into your following conversation, so talk about what you enjoyed about it, why you did or didn’t feel like it was a worthy experience, how you feel it brought you closer, etc. Chances are, you’ll be rushing out to buy another canvas sooner than later. 


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