The Best Places to Have Sex Outside.

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Let’s get straight to the point: sex outside is the perfect means to further connect yourself with both your partner and with nature, a relaxing, grounding, and spiritual practice, to say the least. We hit on a few of the best places to have sex outside of the bedroom, as changing up your sexual environment is a keystone element to keeping things spontaneous, different, and exciting, but today we will focus on the literal great outdoors. 

Oh yes, we’re talking about sunshine on the skin, fresh air gently caressing your vulva, the sounds of nature echoing in your ears; that kind of outside. 

Before Having Sex Outside:

Remember that there is the chance of being caught, whether by a passerby or by law enforcement, and this practice is not legal in most places. With this, you must maintain the entire responsibility to any consequences of your actions and be ready for dealing with this situation should it unfortunately follow. You are the one choosing to take risks for your pleasure, and although this might lead to the best sex you’ve ever had, it might also lead to some seriously unnerving consequences, so keep that in mind. 

Also, if you’re questioning why you might want to have sex outside, there are many reasons why this appeals to people. As we said, it is one of the best ways to change up the game of your sex for a unique take on shared sexual intimacy, as well as experiential intimacy, and it’s an extremely enlightening experience. Humans are products of nature, and nature is driven by sexuality, so when you are able to embody this by bringing yourself outside into the great outdoors for your sensual practice, then you are connecting yourself to the natural world, your existence, and your partner. 

Sex outside also caters extensively to exhibitionism, which is a kink where people find pleasure knowing that they have the chance of being caught or are also literally being seen by a stranger, and although again possible legalities may follow, this doesn’t stop your mind from desiring this construct. 

Whatever your reasons may be, it’s normal to want to have sex outside, and if you are willing to take the risk, here are some of our favorite places to get down and dirty in the open air. 

The Best Places to Have Sex Outside

For your inner adventurer, here are some of the best places to have sex outside with your loved one for a never-before-felt take on carnal euphoria and fulfillment. 

Sex on a Hike

A hike in itself is a wonderful experience, and to further promote the bliss of this situation, why not add in a little bit of sexy play? 

Going on a hike is the perfect way to distance yourself from other people, especially on an uncrowded trailhead, and come on; what could be better than shared sensuality on a mountain top?!

It’s easy to stay hidden, it’s easy to become turned on due to your adrenaline and blood flow, and all it takes is a quick pounding in doggy style to create an experience under the shade of the trees that you will remember forever. Go ahead, hiking sex is one of the best places to have sex outside that is far away from people and completely surrounded by mother nature. 

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Sex While Camping

Camping sex is a close second to having sex on a trail. It’s a little bit safer, as you can easily hide away in the protection of your tent, and it’s a little more comfortable, as you can set up all the pillows, blankets, and string lights you so desire to cultivate further a warm and safe environment where it is easy to succumb to the sexuality of the situation.

Camping is a beautiful way to build connection in general- just think about all those sex talks you can have while sipping a warm glass of whiskey by the fire, and this is even further enhanced through a shared experience of sexual intimacy. If no one is around, unzip that tent to make love under the shimmer of the stars, but do be forewarned- you might need some bug spray!

For more tips on how to have camping sex, visit the linked article so that this endeavor is successful, erotic, and as safe as possible. 

Balcony Sex

If you have a balcony or a patio in your backyard, what more could you ask for? Couples having sex outside may do so safely within their own backyard or with a little more risk on the balcony of an apartment or condo. 

You can rush inside if you need to escape quickly, you can keep the clothes somewhat on, and there’s quite the chance of being seen by someone sunbathing at the pool deck below. But do take note, if someone does see you, then there’s a decent chance this might be your neighbor, so if you are not ready to make eye contact with them a day or two after being seen, then perhaps renting a hotel room with only strangers nearby is your best bet. 

If your backyard patio is the place, then you are technically still on your own property, which is a lot safer than other outside sex locations, but you might want to check for holes in the fence if your neighbor is a bit of a peeping tom!

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The Beach, Duhhh!

Of all the best places to have sex outside, the beach absolutely has to make the list. I mean, come on, salt on the skin, sunshine shining, the subtle sounds of waves crashing close by. Could it get any better?

At the suitable, uncrowded beach, you can easily hike far down the shoreline to hide away in an unsuspecting dune or choose to utilize a towel to cover yourself away from wandering eyes. And, of course, a beach tent is an even better means to hide away while still making love in the fresh ocean air. 

Do be wary of sand, however, and sex in the ocean isn’t the best idea, as there is plenty of harmful bacteria that might find their way into your vaginal canals, so try your best to keep it clean and tidy. For even more protection from potential legal consequences, try having sex on a nude beach where swimsuits are totally optional! 

On the Car, Not in It!

We are talking about sex outside, so technically, having sex in the car doesn’t count, right? Although we’ve comprised a list of the best car sex positions, how can you do this while outside? 

It’s called the hood! No, not the clitoral hood; I mean the literal hood of your car. A majority of car models are the perfect height for standing missionary or doggy style, or you can simply open your door and lean into the backseat for a touch of added sight protection. 

You can drive around until you find a nice and quiet, safe space, and the warmth of the hood might just feel nice and relaxing under your exposed skin.  

On a Boat

Sex outside is synonymous with sex on a boat. When on a boat, you can find yourself in the middle of a distant lake, away from people, yet fully immersed in the great outdoors. For the lucky boat owners out there, why not try making love on the deck of your vessel? 

And when you’re done, the sweat dripping from your brows, all it takes is a jump off the side to cool off and refresh in a lovely body of water. 

Other Ways to Have Fun Outside

Sex outside might be a little too risky for some people. If this doesn’t quite fit your persona, there are some other, less risky ways to still have a little bit of erotic fun while outside. 

Visit our article “Public Butt Plug Play” to learn more about how using a butt plug in public can be done entirely discreetly. 

We have also compiled a list of the best places to masturbate in public, and of course, many couples consider using a remote control vibrator in public to be the epitome of outdoor fun. There are so many ways to get creative with outdoor sex, so if you are willing to take on a little risk, then have it and have fun!

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