Sex Meditation: How Meditation and Sex are intertwined.

Oct 23, 2021

You’ve probably heard a lot about meditation on its own and the several benefits of meditating to improve your quality of life, but have you heard of sex meditation? It can be quite interesting to put the two acts – of meditating and sex – together, and it’s no surprise that they work so well as a pair! They are, of course, both processes that include and engage the body and the mind; both of them allow you to connect with yourself deeply. Not only are sex and mediation good or physical health benefits, but they can also help you find mind wellbeing and achieve an improved quality of life. 

So what exactly is sexual meditation, and how do you do it? Well, let’s begin by defining both terms on their own – meditation would be internalizing mindfulness and being more aware of yourself and your surroundings, and of course, the latter which is sex. Putting those two together is not at the same time really, it’s more about how the practices of mindfulness and meditation can be applied, and affect, the way you have sex, the quality of your life, and your sex drive! The process is more about focusing on two aspects of the mind and body – preparing your mind to fully enjoy and experience in the body during sex, and that can be achieved with a little bit of guidance and direction. Here’s why you should consider giving sex meditation a shot: 

Sex and Meditation can reduce stress levels

Both sex and meditation can have several physical health benefits, but did you know that they can lead to very positive outcomes on mental health, too? This is because both sex and meditation allow you to feel intense emotions and sensations in calm and relaxed ways, giving your body time to stay connected and grounded. Along with this, the hormones released during and after sex and those released in your brain after meditation, like endorphins, can be a great way of combating stress and troubling moods. 

Of course, the physical act of building up the tension in the body and feeling the release in the form of an orgasm can lead to your body feeling physically relaxed and less tense. But it doesn’t end there; through meditation, you can hone your ability to mentally let go of stress and allow yourself to feel the “feel good” hormones fully to elevate your moods in day-to-day life.

sex meditation

Sex Meditation can improve the quality of life. 

That brings us to the next reason why you should give sex meditation a shot – this can greatly improve your quality of life! Not only will the “feel good” hormones do half the job for you, but you will also be able to stay more mindful and make more cognizant decisions for yourself throughout your day by meditating and focusing upon yourself! Sex meditation can allow you to feel more caring and gentle towards your body, and with the ability to step back and enjoy the pleasures of sex through meditation, you can begin to improve the quality of your life. 

Sex and meditation can also greatly impact your self-esteem and ideas about yourself to boost sexual confidence. Again, this is tied to the “feel good” hormones and is linked to the conscious decision to take time out for yourself. Think of it as pampering yourself and giving your body the break it deserves! Sex meditations can do wonders for the quality of life. 

Learn how to be present through meditation 

When you begin to meditate, you immediately feel more connected to your own body and to your surroundings. This is because meditation asks us to focus and zoom in on minute details of life and learn how to truly appreciate and cherish what we have. More than that, it can also help you be more present throughout your regular interactions, so when it comes to sex, it will significantly impact the way you experience it, too! 

When you begin to feel more present in your body, you will be able to experience the full intensity of the sensations and emotions sex meditation can spark, and that can really elevate the quality of life. 

With enough mindfulness practiced, you can also feel sensations on a new level; it’s almost like you are opening up your heart, mind, and body to being more present, more here, and more in the moment than it has ever been before. This comes with the acknowledgment that sex meditation is a conscious, deliberate step you are taking towards actualizing the full potential of your life and the experiences you have.

Find a deeper connection with your partner. 

Being more present and connected to your own body can have some great additional benefits, too! Through sex meditation, not only are you able to form a deeper connection with yourself, but you are also able to open up and be vulnerable with your partner fully. This can lead to developing emotional intimacy and finding new ways of connecting with your partner in many different ways. Emotional intimacy is one of the ways of connecting with your partner that allows for stronger and more fulfilling relationships that are good for you and your partner both. The effects sex meditation can have on uplifting your own self-esteem and bringing the positives in your relationship out at the same time are remarkable!

Here are some ways you can begin practicing ways of bringing meditation and sex together: 

  • Set out time every day to practice mindfulness 

Here is a small example of practicing mindfulness every day: before you go to bed, establish a routine where you practice mindfulness. Reflect upon your actions, decisions, choices, and the consequences of those – you can even start with the smallest parts of your day and just think of why something made you feel the way it did. Moving on from there, you can begin to set intentions for yourself and give yourself affirmations, too, so that you are taking good care of your own well-being while being fully present in your relationship to experience all your joy and shared emotions with your partner. 

  • Begin somewhere small 

Like we already said, begin small. Mindfulness can seem like a daunting process, especially if the end goal is a big lifestyle change. Don’t worry about how “well” you’re doing at it or how much progress you’re making, as long as you’re making sure you check in with yourself and your partner regularly and recognize how you can be the best version of yourself! Remember that it is a slow process that takes time and cannot be rushed.

  • Incorporate it into your sex 

Once you begin practicing mindfulness in your everyday life outside of sex, you can slowly begin to incorporate the teachings into your sex life, too. Take time with the process of sexual encounters – let yourself fully feel all the sensations you are experiencing and be open to trying new things that you haven’t done before! In moments where you find yourself struggling, especially during sex, try to remind yourself of the practices you follow for mindfulness to ground you back into your body and to fully enjoy the pleasure that is present in front of you.

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  • Ask your partner to give it a shot, too!

When you’re ready, as your partner if they would like to practice mindfulness with you – or on their own! Once they give it a shot, see if you two can match each other’s rhythm and let your sex life reflect the things you learn from meditation when you combine and apply one to the other!


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