10 Sex Machine Positions.

Feb 8, 2022

Focuses solely on your pleasure? Check.


Always there whenever you’re in the mood? Double-check! 


There’s no denying that sex machines are your best friend. However, so many people think sex machine positions are limited. And boy are they wrong! There are many so many great sex positions that people rarely explore with their machine, and it’s about time to give those best sex machine positions the hype they deserve.


Sex machines do things that your body or smaller sex toys can’t. They pound and vibrate tirelessly for as long as you want. They deliver toe-curling and mind-blowing orgasms that leave you breathless. And buying your machine adds a new layer of anticipation that makes everything hotter – picking out the one you want, waiting for your device to arrive, and the grand unboxing moments. It’s sexy! There are many ways to incorporate a sex machine into your solo session or during sex with your partner.


If you just got yourself a sex machine and you can wait to experiment with it, I have rounded up ten pleasure-guaranteed sex-machine positions you’ll want to add to your checklist. 

sex machine

The Classic Missionary


The missionary is usually portrayed as boring, but bringing a fucking machine into the mix will take things to a whole new level. The speed and intensity of the penetration make up for the lack of human touch if you are going solo. All you need to do is lie in a comfortable position and allow the machine to take you to the world of complete pleasure. 


Start slow and increase the speed as your arousal builds. 


Adjust the machine, spread your legs, and place a pillow under your pelvis to ensure the dildo hits the right spot! If you are doing this with your partner, have your partner stimulate your breasts and other erogenous zones on your body while the machine focuses on your vagina.




For those who enjoy raw and hardcore sex, here is another classic sex machine position but with an improved reputation: the doggy style sex position. Doggy style is one of the best sex machine positions as the powerful penetration from behind allows for direct G-spot stimulation.


Oh, and even men can use it to stimulate their prostate gland.


You no longer have to take a break or cut your sex time short – a fucking machine prioritizes your pleasure all the time. While stimulating your vagina internally, you can increase the sensations coursing through your body by adding a vibrator into the play. Nothing feels as good as dual stimulation and blended orgasms, and doggy gives you a lot of space to play with your clitoris. 


For an explosive result, you can have your partner caress and tease your clitoris with their fingers. Cover the machine with water-based lube for easy access. Position yourself on all fours and let the dildo slide inside. 

sex machine positions



Here is one of the sex machine positions you’ll love to get your juices flowing. Place your machine vertically on a smooth surface. Then, be in a squatting position with the dildo just below your vagina. After, relax and let the machine do all the trusting while you sit on your throne like the queen you are.


Rock it Out


With the cowgirl position, you can milk Your G-Spot and have your erogenous zones stimulated together. While you are enjoying swift strokes from the machine, you can gently touch your breasts or allow your partner to feel all the sensitive areas of your body. 


You don’t have to be stereotypical. Do something out of the box. Have your partner kiss you all over, or pull your hair back and kiss your neck. 


The cowgirl position is excellent for women who enjoy deep penetration and love being watched by their partners. For this sex machine position, you must have a saddle sex machine. Set up the device on a stable surface and slide on top. Don’t forget to hold on tight because the ride is about to get intense.




If you are just using a fucking machine for the first time, it can look complicated and intimidating. These devices are powerful and can get intense. Luckily, spooning allows you to have a fucking machine sex comfortably and under the covers without noise. 


Keep the machine in place with one hand and stimulate your clitoris with your other hand to heighten the sensations. This position will have you moaning so loud that you might need some background music to drown the noise if you don’t want your neighbors to hear. 


Even if you are always quiet during sex, fucking machines offer a different kind of pleasure you’ve never experienced before. Plus, cool music can set things in motion and help you relax.


So lie on your side and insert the machine. Hold it tight to prevent it from falling out. For couples, you can insert the device into your butt and let your partner finger you simultaneously.


Standing Sex


Having standing sex with your machine can also be a hit. You only have to set the right angle and allow your device to do the rest. It is one of those sex machine positions that enable you to hit your cervix and G-spot simultaneously. If you love anal sex, your partner can insert a butt plug into your anus for double penetration. An adjustable machine is best for this position. Just ensure it is easy to extend. Extend and adjust the device, so it points up. Place it in front of a wall and lean gently forward to slide the dildo inside.

anal plug training kit

Blow and Bounce


Give yourself something sweet during oral sex with your sex machine placed on the floor. Get on your knees, with the device placed behind you, and slowly ease it into you while you give your man oral sex. Your partner must be standing for this position. Bounce hard and transfer your passion to your partner with your mouth.


The Hot Seat


If you want to have a fucking machine sex outside the realm of your bed and couch, then this is one of the sex machine positions you must try. You only need a good chair with a backrest and your trusted Sybian saddle. Sit and open your legs wide while you sit on the machine. You can also position yourself in front of a mirror and watch yourself moan in ecstasy.


Live Show


Are you a fan of mutual masturbation? Then you can’t go wrong with this position. You and your partner should sit on opposite sides of the bed. Place the sex machine between you and open your legs wide. Adjust the fucking machine and tilt your bum until the dildo is inside you. As for your partner, they can stimulate other parts of your body or gaze into your eyes as you pleasure yourselves.


Humping Play


If you prefer a laid-back kind of sex, this is a sex position you can do with your machine. Whether on your bed or couch, start by lying on your stomach. Put some pillows under your belly for support. Once you are rightly positioned, place the machine in between your legs and get it ready for penetration.


Whether you are new to fucking machines or you are an experienced user, these sex machine positions will help you explore countless ways to orgasm. What are you waiting for?


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