How Sex Can Improve Your Way Of Life?

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Does the idea of getting intimate get you excited? What if so told you that there is more to sex than having a good time? According to various conclusive research, a healthy sex life can vastly improve your daily lifestyle and save you from various life-threatening diseases.


So if you love the idea of getting hot and bothered with your flame, now there are more reasons to indulge! To help you understand better, here are X ways sex improves your way of life. 


Let us begin! Benefits Of Sex Life :


1. Blood Pressure No More!


Did you know that those mind-boggling orgasms your boo gives you help to keep your blood pressure in check? That explains why people fall asleep so quickly after their orgasms!


When you peak into a delightful release, your body releases oxytocin, which calms your nerves and body into blissful slumber. According to Joseph J. Pinzone, MD., sexual intercourse helps reduce pulsating blood pressure.


Various lab tests have also concluded that when oxytocin releases inside the body, it fights off the effects of the stress hormone cortisol. Meaning that the state of euphoria you feel while orgasm is stress leaving your body. 


So next time you feel cozy and sleepy after some intense lovemaking, give yourself snaps for getting healthier!


2. Sex = Exercising!


One of the best perks of healthy sex is that it is as good as working out! Let us say that you missed your morning jog or your evening spinning class. There is no need to worry if you got or have someone especially smouldering to spend the night with.


Sex requires a series of rapid movements that will get you hot and sweaty in no time. It also counts for effective tummy exercising if you consider the many wild and fun moves you make in bed. 


Intercourse involves a lot of stretching, jumping, and lifting. These activities raise your heart rate and work wonders for your body. Moreover, you use various muscles while hooking up that ensure you feel flexible and refreshed after your “happy hours.”


Therefore, healthy sex life has various benefits for physical health. 

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3. Enjoy Amazing Immunity!


Sleazy cures the sneezy! Yes, that sounds goofy, but it is the truth! A Wilkes University findings claim that if you hook up multiples times weekly, your body will produce a large amount of immunoglobulin A (IgA), an antibody.


 And when you have more antibodies, you are more or less immune to bouts of flu and the common cold. Now, the same does not apply to those who have sex maybe once or twice a week. Their antibody count is likely low unless they have other ways to improve immunity. 


Speaking of other ways, you must also adapt to several ways to raise immunity other than sex. This is crucial if your partner lacks sex drive or is busy with projects and tasks.


4. Bad Mood? Never Heard of Her


There is something magical about sex that can lighten up your mood in no time. Those moments of sheer joy, excitement, and intimacy can turn any frown upside down. 


Do you remember how orgasm results in oxytocin production? They make you feel good and happy, especially when you have someone as beautiful as your lover beside you. Coitus’ effects on mental health are positive as it makes you feel satisfied, blissful, and stress-free hours after being together. 


Not to forget, intercourse brings people close. You feel you have someone who understands you, and the moment is cherishable. So enjoy those moments of closeness and use them to rejuvenate your soul!


5. Better Bladder Control


As we discussed before, sex is a fantastic form of working out. It helps you tone down and builds your muscles. And speaking of muscles, if you are a woman, some actions under the sheets are perfect for your kegel muscles.


Maintaining kegel exercises is crucial to strengthen those muscles as they control your urine flow. As many women lose bladder control as they age, it is necessary to work on your pelvic kegel muscles to fortify your bladder’s control. 


And here is the fun part, both thrusting movements and orgasming donate to your kegel muscles! Meaning if you love to top your boo and enjoy heavenly orgasms, you are in luck! Both these actions contract your pelvic muscles, strengthening them.

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6. Menstrual Problems No More!


For all, irregular periods are the worst! They put your schedules in the loop and can even disrupt a sultry date night! Most times, it is due to stress and hectic schedules. Other times, it is PCOS, a condition that affects a vast population of women. 


Thankfully, getting frisky with someone is a possible answer to getting your hormonal issues back on track! A healthy sex life works wonders to improve your menstrual cycle. Moreover, it reduces the painful symptoms of menopause and allows for a smoother period. 


Not to forget, safe and healthy intercourse also promotes shorter but healthier periods. So no need to worry about the last day as it will not be long!


7. A Good Way To Lower Prostate Cancer Risks


According to an Australian study back in 2003, men between the ages of 20 and 50 should ejaculate more often to reduce prostate cancer risks. Doing it once a day at least can help you keep such serious diseases at bay!


So why not indulge in some good times? Both sexual intercourse and masturbation offer the same results. So try anything you like, as long as you get a mind-blowing orgasm. 


Of course, if you love being sexually active, practice safe sex practices and feel yourself slipping into blissful and intimate moments!




To conclude this topic, there are various ways sex can improve your life. And not just for yourself, but for your lover too! Intercourse is an intimate, loving, feisty, and seductive way to take care of yourself.


Remember to practice safe sex so that not a second goes into worrying. So enjoy those tantalizing moments and experience mindblowing bliss for yourself as well as your health!



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