Sex Gifts for Long Distance Relationships.

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Living far away from your partner doesn’t mean sex is off the table. On the contrary, the distance can be a chance to make things more creative and exciting. Sometimes it’s not about touch but about cultivating a sexual bond. Below you’ll find a few examples of sex gifts for long distance relationships that will help you get intimate with your partner and rekindle the flame, regardless of the distance between you!

Time to take your sex life to the next level. Bring it on. 

Sexy Photos

One of the best sex gifts for long distance relationships is a simple reminder that you’re thinking of your partner. The only better way to do it than using words is by sending the message in a visual form. Yes, I’m talking about nudes. Nudes are a sex gift that isn’t for everyone, and there has to be a certain degree of relationship trust between you and your partner, but it can help you strengthen the bond and keep your needs more or less met. Think of what your partner likes in bed and try to use it to your advantage. For example, if your partner is into being dominant, you can take a picture in an outfit that makes you look submissive (just wearing a collar will do). Obviously, a completely nude photo, even if out of context, is always welcome. If you’re not ready to go all the way yet, you can send a picture of a body part that isn’t necessarily sexual and add a playful caption such as ‘Thinking about you’ or ‘I wonder what you’d do to me if you were here’. If you’re quite bold, you can initiate an online stripping game. Send your partner a picture without a shirt and tell them it’s their turn to strip. Surprises always go a long way. Need tips on how to take the hottest nude photos? Visit the linked article, and you’ll be right on your way. 

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Mutual Masturbation Sessions

Whoever says physical closeness doesn’t matter has never had great sex before. Having your needs met might be challenging if your partner lives far away, but it doesn’t mean you have to give up on feeling physically close to them. An excellent way to reestablish a sexual connection with your partner is by engaging in mutual masturbation. A kinky video call is one of the best sex gifts for long distance relationships. It might make you feel vulnerable at first; unless you’re an adult entertainer, having a camera pointed at your private parts is pretty uncomfortable, but once you’ve gotten through the first session, you’ll see that it has many benefits. 

Firstly, you get to please your partner at the same time as they please you, which might not be the same as physical touch, but it still releases the feel-good hormones that strengthen your bond. If you’ve never masturbated together before, you might even find out new things about your partner. Secondly, it adds fun to your sex life. It’s like viewing a private camgirl/boy show, except there’s no time limit, and all requests are welcome. 

Lastly, it will satisfy your needs enough not to obsess over sex but make you desire your partner more at the same time. Think how amazing the sex will be next time you see each other. You’ll just want to rip your partner’s clothes off. You can also get creative and find sex games to play. For example, get a foreplay dice that tells you how to touch yourself. It works exceptionally well if you’ve been doing video calls for a while. And if you’re competitive, the challenge of who’s going to come first can be pretty entertaining.

Remotely Controlled Sex Toy

Calling your partner is one of the best ways to let them know you’re thinking about them, but you know what else can buzz in your pants AND make you feel physically good at the same time? Remotely controlled sex toys. If you wish to feel as if your partner were by your side, it’s time to invest in one. The design is pretty simple; all you have to do is download an app that will connect to the toy and control it even if you’re miles away from each other. One of the best sex toys for long distance couples is remote-controlled vibrators that stay inside even if you’re walking or doing daily tasks. Make sure you buy them from a high-quality brand and let your imagination run wild. Your partner can wear it around the house or even outside – either way; you’ll add spontaneity and excitement to your sex life. 

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DIY gift 

Are you crafty? If not, perhaps it’s time to learn the basics. A sex gift for long distance relationship doesn’t have to be pricey. DIY requires more effort, but that’s why they’re so great; you can tell your partner you love them without using words. And, of course, how much you miss their body and the way they touch you. The options here are endless. 

You can get old-fashioned and write a letter where you describe what you’d like to do with your partner. It might even begin a new tradition, and it’s a lot more exciting than just waiting for a text. You could also write a story that allows you and your partner to fulfill your deepest desires. Think of all the things you want to try in bed, and make sure to include them. Another great sex gift is recording an audiobook or guided masturbation audio. While you can’t be physically present, you can always make your partner feel as if you’re standing right next to them. Find an erotic story online and get down to work. Don’t forget to play to your strengths. If you’re good at drawing, you can gift your partner a picture of you two having sex. If you’re a dancer, you can record yourself moving to a sensual song. As long as the gift is personalized, you can’t go wrong with a bit of creativity. 

Genitals Molding Kit

Sex gifts for long distance relationships can be both thoughtful and humorous. If you miss seeing your partner’s body and they aren’t into sending nudes, you should get them a molding kit. Yes, it’s a kit that allows you to create a replica of your partner’s genitals. As funny as it sounds, it can be pretty useful. Now you can see their special parts every time you wake up and right before falling asleep, which is pretty cute if you think about it. Plus, it will be a great addition to your solo masturbation sessions. Just make sure the product is safe to use on the skin.

A Spa Voucher

 A spa voucher might not be what comes to your mind when you think of a sex gift but hear me out. Stress is a real libido killer, and if your partner can’t rely on you to cuddle them, they’re more prone to its effects. This is why you should make sure they have a relaxing day off – it doesn’t have to be a spa voucher specifically; it can be a massage, a short holiday, or even food delivery. Knowing your partner cares about your wellbeing is extremely sexy and can easily increase their libido. Your partner will be thankful, and so will your sex life.

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