10 Sex Gifts for Him.

Nov 24, 2021

I know, I know. We’re all saying it- “I can’t believe the holidays are already here!”. And what better way to make the best of them than by utilizing our personal, sexual pleasures as a source of de-stressing and happiness along the way? 

If you’re looking for sex gifts for him, then first of all, congratulations. You are about to give him the absolute best present he could ever ask for. Whether it is a tangible item or a shared, sensual experience, he’s going to be thrilled. The best sex gifts are those that come as a total surprise and that promote a continued discovery of our sexualities and enhance our shared intimacy with our partners. 

Need some inspiration? Check out our list of sex gifts for him that are absolutely guaranteed to make this round of the holidays the most memorable ones yet. 

Sexy Misses Claus

Dressing up in our favorite lingerie might make us feel great, as nothing is more fulfilling than feeling yourself in a sexy outfit, but it will also have your partner’s eyes wide and staring in sheer enchantment. To direct this towards the holidays, a sexy Misses Claus lingerie outfit is an absolute go-to for sex gifts for Christmas. 

Treat your tired Santa to a world of sensual pleasure by surprising him with this enticing and exciting idea, a gift for his eyes and a gift that he can’t wait to finish ‘unwrapping’. 

What will come first, the presents or a little more time in bed? I think you know the answer. 

Add a little holiday-inspired role play into the mix, and you’ll wish it was Christmas all year long. 

A Polaroid Collection

Feel like giving sex gifts for him that he can keep and cherish forever? Then take the time to curate a very special, ultra-sexy collection of polaroids for his eyes only. 

It’s up to you how naughty you’d like to take this. Perhaps take some teasing photos while wearing lingerie, or a step further by leaving the clothing under the tree as you show off his favorite curves of your beautiful body. Use some accessories, like ornaments, lights, or holiday-inspired food, to really get creative with your photos. 

Polaroids are the perfect sex gift, as these retro mini-photos can be kept forever, sure to take place as his favorite photo album of all time. Need some help on how to take the hottest nude photos? Visit the linked article for tips on taking the sexiest polaroids to see the light of day.

sex gifts for him

The Mistletoe

We all know what happens when you stand under a mistletoe. But come on, we’re all adults here, and I think it is quite alright to take the kissing a step further. 

For this sex gift, secretly hang mistletoe over your bed. Once the holiday rush is over, and you can finally share some alone time in your own space, he’ll open the door to see your enticing surprise waiting. 

It’s up to him to realize what you’re insinuating, but I think he’ll get the idea pretty quickly after he tosses you onto the bed, under the mistletoe, to get busy ‘kissing’. 

A Holiday Strip Tease

Although the holidays should be a shared time of enjoyment and relaxation, we all know that there’s a little bit of stress thrown into the mix. Want to de-stress and share a moment alone together? Treat him to the lovely surprise of a holiday-inspired striptease. 

Throw him in a chair, don’t tell him anything, and get the music flowing as you slowly tease him and seductively strip down. Christmas music might not be the sexiest thing in the world, but that sure as hell is about to change, as he’s never seen someone move to “I Caught Mommy Kissing Santa Claus” quite as tantalizing as this before. 

sex gifts for him

12 Days of Christmas or 8 Days of Hanukkah

Want to prolong your delivery of sex gifts for him with a one at a time, slow build-up of kinky surprises that will have him going crazy? Then play on the 12 days of Christmas or 8 days of Hanukkah construct by giving him either 12 or 8 sex gifts that increase intensity each day.

Write down your erotic ideas in cards for him to open, and each day, you can get down and dirty with whatever is outlined in your alluring little surprise. It could be a guarantee to play around in his favorite position, a blowjob at anytime card, a let’s do anal card. Anything that fits your shared realm of comfortability with sex, or even something that allows for a little added exploration into new territories (as long as you are comfortable, of course) are excellent places to begin crafting your very special 12 days of Christmas or 8 days of Hanukkah. 

Food For More Than Eating

How often do we all find ourselves in the kitchen whipping up a collection of baked goods for ourselves, our family, or our neighbors to enjoy? While you’re at it, go ahead and toss a few cookies or cake aside for something even better than eating. 

Leave the cookie tray on the bed, and get ready to indulge in the exciting world of food play. Have him lick the icing off of your body or eat a treat off of your skin. Toss in a bottle of whipped cream to really get wild and fun with it. The whole point is to let go and get messy, so don’t worry about the crumbs. That’s what a washer machine is for anyways, right? 

Who will make the bigger mess of the cookies- you two or Santa?

A Sensual Blowjob

When it comes to sexuality, men are pretty easily satisfied. If you want to keep your sex gifts for him simple and to the point, then there’s quite literally nothing better and more enjoyable for him than a sensual blowjob. 

Because this is a sex gift, you should aim to take your time and deliver a prolonged, slow, and ultra-satisfying blowjob. To promote this sensuality, you should think to cater to all five of his senses. His sight, for example, by wearing a sexy outfit. Or for sound, be a little ‘extra’ with your moans and sloppy sucking. 

We have everything you need to know about “How to Give a Sensual Blowjob” outlined in the linked article, so if this is the sex gift of your liking, a treat he won’t soon forget, then check out our tips contained within the linked article. 

A Sex Toy for You

I know what you’re thinking- “I thought these were sex gifts for him?”. Well, yes, they are but hear me out. Buying yourself a new sex toy for him to unwrap will unlock endless amounts of pleasure and shared enjoyment for both of you!

Take the sex gift a step further by allowing him to watch you play with your new toy, or perhaps change things up and engage in a bit of mutual masturbation. Then, for the star on the tip of the tree, enjoy your new pleasure device together during your moments of intercourse. This is the gift that truly does keep giving! 

He will find unshakeable pleasure in the idea of being able to play with a new toy together, and even more so when that toy is guaranteed to send his partner (aka, you!) into a world of sensational fulfillment.

suction cup dildo

A Card He Won’t Soon Forget.

Spice up your holiday card for your loved one by tossing in a ‘coupon’ to explore any kink he so desires (with your consent, of course). The goal here is to allow him to feel comfortable in expressing sexual activities that he has always wanted to try, and then… To actually try them!

Exploration of our kinks is the key to unlocking the true epitome of sexual fulfillment, and by making it clear that you are here to explore, will allow him to really dig deep into the kinkiest crevices of his imagination. And hopefully, in the end, you both discover a new aspect of sexuality that you simply can’t wait to try again. 

A Sexy Date Night

Take your next sexy date night into your own hands by using a date as the center of one of your sex gifts for him. 

Write down your plans for the date on a cute card, set a date and time, and plan something fun and exciting for you! Men love it when their partner takes a date night into their own hands, and he will relish the fact that you wanted to go the extra mile to spend a night of bliss in his company. And surely, the date night will end with a little surprise in bed when you get home, no?


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