Erotic Sex Gifts for Christmas.

Nov 30, 2021

Christmas is almost here! The holidays are a time when everyone can bond, so romance is definitely on the table. If the snow makes you want to get wild with your partner, then it’s time to start thinking of which sex gifts for Christmas you can give your partner. 

You can give your loved many things, but sex gifts for your partner won’t be a bad idea. Think about it: Everyone wants to feel wanted by their significant other. So when your partner unwraps a gift that screams, “I want you so bad,” your sex life is surely going to be as lit as a Christmas tree.

Staples like her favorite makeup or his best cologne that they’ve wanted all year are fine, but whether you just got together or you’ve been together for a long time, adult sex gifts like sex toy gifts, romantic games, blowjobs, and massages all have the potential to spice things up for the both of you. It is a unique way to heat your holiday season when all else is cold, and it requires thoughtfulness and dedication to pleasure. The best part? You will not only see how much these gifts make them happy, but you’ll also be there to join them in the fun!

You must give a gift that makes sparks fly this holiday; if you are looking for ideas that are creative, sexy, and mind-blowing, check out our collection of sex gifts for Christmas that will not only make your partners’ jaw drop but their pants, too!

Sex Game for Couples

We can’t talk about giving sex gifts without including naughty and kinky couples’ sex games. These games are fun, and you get to try out new things.

Skip the regular date and movie nights and opt for a striptease or blindfolds instead. There are plenty of couples games you can play like truth and dare, or you can buy/make dice games. Roll the dice and get your partner to perform a sexual act on you; these seductive challenges will push you and your partner to new limits in your relationship, especially when you need a bit of creativity and spontaneity.

Sex Toy Gifts

Sex toys undoubtedly enhance your sex life, and it is best for couples looking to light up their bedroom. The great thing about sex toy gifts is that your partner can still use them even when you are out. For your woman, a dildo or a vibrator is a fantastic idea. For your man, a cock ring is a gift that will always make him happy. Wrap it up, put a big bow on top, and put it under your Christmas tree. Tip: Don’t forget to add a note telling them exactly how you want them to use it later at night.

aurora dual headed dildo

Erotic Audiobooks

Erotic audiobooks are so popular now. Why not try it and allow your partner to enjoy a world of erotic fantasy. If they love reading books, get them erotic and dark audios that will jingle sleigh bells and curl mistletoes.


Lingerie was made for women to enhance their beauty, accentuate their curves, express their sexuality and be in touch with their feminity. This is also one of the sex gifts for Christmas that can improve your bedroom experience. Choose what suits her skin tone and makes her feel comfortable. For your man, you can get him a lovely pair of underwear, something that is snug and perfectly accentuates his unique features. 

A Surprise Blow Job

Christmas is a special time, and giving your man a surprise sensual blowjob or hand job when he least expects it is a sexy gift that will make him beyond happy. So when next you find your man near the TV or you are both together on the bed, without telling him what you are up to, give him a blowjob or hand job completely out of the blue. Don’t let him know or give him a hint; just go right for it! He will surely be surprised. If you’ve never tried it before, you can always learn. A blowjob is a quick way to give your man toe-curling and back-arching orgasms that will keep him addicted to you.

Santa Strip Tease

Ever tried a Santa strip tease? Wear Santa-themed lingerie and rock your man’s world!  

You can try lighting the room up with incense and scented candles to set things in motion. Play some music and have your partner watch as you slowly tease them and strip down. 


This is one of the sex gifts for Christmas you can either do yourself or pay for. If you like, you can simply book a session for your partner in a massage parlor. But it is more intimate if you are the one giving your partner an erotic massage. All you need to do is to lead them to the bedroom, have them lie down, and move your hands up and down and side to side on different parts of their body. You can even make it more pleasurable by adding a massage oil while doing it.

sex gifts for christmas

Plan a Sexcation

This is a new trend for couples that want to rekindle their intimacy. You can book a hotel room and surprise your partner with a mysterious invite to a secret rendezvous that will keep them guessing what you are up to. Make sure you clear your routine, pack enough supplies and have a load of sexy tricks so you can spend a sweet and uninterrupted time together. You will surely experience more intimacy with your partner after the holiday.

Fireside Spooning

Christmas time is snowy, and there’s nothing cozier than spooning next to open fire. Invite your partner, cuddle and get frisky near the fire after sipping some chilled wine or hard cider together. Cuddling and spooning are best for intimacy, but feel free to try out some holiday sex positions, like Reindeer style, Elf on the Shelf, or Mrs.Clause on Top.

Get Couples Massage

Here is an excellent sex gift for Christmas. It gives you the chance to bond and reconnect in a relaxing place with your partner. Lying in silence while being pampered with an invigorating massage eases tension and reduces your stress levels. It also boosts feelings of affection, and you both can get more intimate after your massage.


Candles add more sensuality to your sex life, and guess what? Almost everyone loves new candles! With scented candles, you improve your mood and set a beautiful ambiance during sex. Burning candles can help your partner enjoy a better night’s sleep, soothe their mind and soul. So if you need an excuse to have more beautiful candles in your home, here’s one.

Date Nights

A sexy date night can be one of your adult sex gifts to your partner. Have a unique plan for the night. It does not have to be the everyday things you do. Be creative. Make it fun and exciting. And what other way to end the date night than some freaky time in bed when you get home?

Picking out the perfect sex gifts for Christmas for your partner is now easier than you think. Just some creativity, a bit of boldness, and a twist from what your partner would normally expect can get their heart pumping. So get started and blow their mind!


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